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Cacoward predictions

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Quick question:

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere before, but as I can't find it, I will just ask here.

Are the 2012 Cacowards still gonna take place? Last I heard a small group of tenacious individuals were still gonna try and put something together on the 21st (maybe).

I just haven't heard any news since then, and was just wondering.



Thank You!

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Somewhere beyond the bustling confines of the internet, Tango bolts upright in a cold sweat. The Eye is indeed Mouldy's first ever release for Doom, adding an additional dimension of amazement to its already considerable quality... but I could not in good conscience have written this blurb without the noting of another distinguished individual. Who can it be, now?

Another wee thing, as mentioned by Memfis.

But, to put all other things aside, these Cacowards was an excellent Christmas gift (considering I didn't get anything) this year. Thanks to all the writers (poor, poor fellows) and mappers for an amazing year.

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For the record, the link Memfis posted is a temp. mirror, but I've linked it a bit before so it's an "official" leak as far as anyone's concerned. Note that it will probably go down once the DW Cacowards go up (give Bloodshedder some time, though -- he's fixifying the site right now, and it's friggin' Christmas Day to boot), though I guess I could be nice and put up redirect pages for a short while at least.

tl;dr: Those are the legit Cacowards. ;)

Also, whoops re: Mouldy's not-so-first release of The Eye. Still doesn't lessen the impact, though, since first or second still means he's pretty much done things out-of-nowhere in either regard. Could use an Editor's note at least. :P

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