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Tarnsman said:

...but that's still a square.

I'm not sure if you've missed the point or are being obtuse. Notice anything unusual about the flats in the rotated squares?

Katamori said:

Okay, I made a simple layout in the style I plan for this project. Of course, I may add some features such as streets which are running on a higher height, etc.

What do you think about it? =)

Reminds me of Melbourne - flat and featureless. If you don't mind, I'm working on an alternative layout with slopes for ZDoom - might toss in some non-orthogonal angles while I'm about it.

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What we need is someone to sketch out some road map concepts, big K kinda has the idea with this layout but need more angle variations. Also I know people will want it in Boom but that will look pretty ugly and flat I would think, with ZDoom we could do some gradual sloping of streets and terrain and also as I mentioned earlier rotate and align.

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Guys, I wouldn't mind the ZDoom version instead of Boom, but in that case, I'm not sure that I could organize it well, because I'm f*cking dumb for ZDoom.

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Needs some curves in there too, like crescent roads and such.

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Yeah, curves aren't easy to get right, particularly with road markings adding more linedefs to the problem. When I got a camera a few years back, I started playing with the idea of a real world map, but didn't get very far. There's some textures for roads and pavements that converted reasonably well to the Doom palette, though. Feel free to steal if needed: http://www.teamhellspawn.com/citytex2.zip

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