Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

** LAST EDIT -> Sept. 24 2013 **

Finally at Idgames! -->

Sadly, people have no sense of humor (and can't read the description or the text file) and they're giving it awful reviews! haha oh well, let's all be serious and boring and sophisticated.

Much love,

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Hey Doomworld!

I just want to thank you all for your support, and help, and guidance, and awesomeness, and patience, and grace.

I wasn't expecting a cacoward really. Hahaha but yeah, thank you again Doomworld, I know I'm very intense asking questions and without your super help, and comments, and reviews, and patience, and grace the 'Extreme Weapon Pack' wouldn't have been what it is.

Lots of love!

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Congrats on the mockaward. This wad is brilliant and totally deserved it.

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Is the secret weapon supposed to kill you when you use it?

I took one shot and died.

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Created an account just for this comment, and to possibly inspire others to try an even more frustrating doom game. Run For It! + Extreme Weapons Pack. Go.






It's hell.


(Update.) I beat level 1 of a doom 1 mod and collapsed.

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Update after trying it for a prolonged period.

Posted (edited)

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