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Anyone else played The Hotel? Just recently found it, and it scares the everliving fuck out of me. Maybe I'm a wuss, but its genuinely creepy for me... don't have a way of linking cause I don't know where I got it unfortunately, but it's for Skulltag and I found it on my external a month back. I just played it yesterday and... it made me sweat (not even kidding). The texturing isn't phenomenal, and there isn't any significant detail in the level that I could see (in fact it's kind of meant to be a maze from what I saw). However, it some spectacular sprites that can seemingly go in and out of the level and stand out in the distance (in darkness), which is a really eerie effect that I haven't seen done very much (if at all).

I was just wondering if anyone else had played this WAD and what they thought of it if they had, because until yesterday, I didn't even know about this WAD (probably because I never saw anyone talk about it here on the forums).

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Oh, this. A novelty horror WAD that was created during the short-lived 'craze' for scary shit following The Ghoul's Forest III.

It was alright for a couple of attempts (if just to see how far through the maze-like halls you can get), but nothing else is really worth mentioning.

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I played it online once with someone. It had some Yuri like monster was okay for about 20 minutes but got a bit boring after that.

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