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Hi hi again doomworld! a few days ago i was cleaning up a broom closet full of boxes from my move and i can by some treasures. old plans for levels years ago when i was younger and made pretty awful maps. i could draw the plans pretty good but at that time i couldn't really make them come out in the editor. so what i did was tidy them up and i am quite happy with the results!

i used zdoom doom in doom format for now and a pack of quake textures. the idea is a very old one that seems more appealing now more than ever so i sat down and just mucked about.

i came up with some basic theme rules that should give it a little slice of character.

tech bases will be the only levels with fast doors, lifts, and exploding barrels.

all the other levels will have the slow doors and lifts. sort of like a new technology versus old fantasy medieval technology.

light decorations like tall techno floor lamp will only be used in tech base maps while torches will be used in every other map.

tech base levels will be more human or real world inspired by design while the others will be random and strange designs.
with it being inspired by quake i thought those few little things and maybe more in the future would give it character.

so just one map is done so far but i have already been working on the second one. i plan to make it split into four episodes. 7 levels each plus 1 secret level and after each episode you go to a new tech base and have to get all your guns over again.
i spent the last two days mucking about with the map and all day today working on things like replacing sounds music and some graphics.
i know the download might seem a little large at 6.5MB but if you don't mind that i value your feedback.
i had this idea for years after playing quake 64 so much with family and finally the computer version. i am having a blast with all the plans and such for these levels!
sorry about the holy wall of text. too much coffee i feel!


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Good luck on it!

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I love the detailing on most of these (Quake textures FTW), but I must voice one niggling concern: the red window dead center in that last image is clearly getting cut off on the bottom, which is kinda ugly.

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Is it the end of Crusades?

A shell, an imp.

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shadowhog i agree! i will be taking that texture out if i cannot get it to look right and will be replaced it with something else. happy i am not the only one that noticed. got up this morning and played it through with more sleep and i saw some textures i forgot to align too.

ducon hehe not sure. fun idea for a castle though. i am surprised at myself for taking as much time with the story as i am. kind of makes me feel nerdy not that there is anything bad about that!

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Muuuuch better.

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i started work on map 3 yesterday. i call it mausoleum and drawing the plans for it was great. i could picture it all in my head and usually it comes out much better in the game. i confess though that even though planning out the map is filled with joy there are times i want to do something i know i can not because of the 2.5D nature of the engine. when i think about it being forced to 2.5D is a blessing in a way. it forces me to be more creative i think.
will be posting screenshots when it is finished.
my plan for episodes themes is much like quake but i want it to really show so it is easy to tell each part of the game from the other.

episode 1 that is maps 1 through 8 will be medieval earth inspired. caverns. mausoleum. castle keeps. a lot of brown.

episode 2 that is maps 9 through 16 will be using lots of the wizard theme textures. more blue. it will have fortresses and cathedrals and a crypt. a small departure from e1

episode 3 that is maps 17 through 24 will be rune based more dungeon based maps. no out door areas. i am taking inspiration from RPG dungeon crawlers for it. i know it sounds bad and cramped when i say dungeon but i do not plan that at all

episode 4 that is maps 25 through 32 will be using elder texture themes much like the last episode of quake. it will have a palace and a hellish level. the out door places will not be as vast as e1 and e2 but they will exist unlike e3.

when e1 is done i will be happy to up load it so everyone can tell me what they think so far. if i am to sick of it by the time i am done i can upload a beta if i am to lazy to look for bugs myself if every one would be up to that

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i finally finished up map03 The Mausoleum last night and balanced the health out today. spend a hour or there arounds working on a little story a few days ago that i will post here


Part i: Beginnings

For years the mega corporation Xairgate has been developing secret slipgate technology. Technology that can transport people and things to different places in a matter of seconds.
The project began itís first stages of development in the year 2184 and was finally completed in March of 2196.
To begin, the corporation built four new facilities specifically for the slipgate project in 2186. Facility 1 would be the future slipgate testing complex where the first two prototypes of the technology would be housed and tested. Together these prototypes would share power with the storage control room, the main entrance terminals and the toxic waste chamber.
Facility 2 would house the future mainframe computers, power routing to the other three bases and a hanger for arriving and departing planes loaded with cargo, supplies and personal. This complexís slipgates would be added later after additional testing of the technology.

The third facility would be the zoneís water control complex. In addition to sending water to the other three buildings, it would also house a garden for plantation and fresh food for the personal. Itís two slipgates would be added six hours after successful testing.

The fourth and final facility would become the central slipgate control complex. It would house cores of vital tech and the main slipgate. Upon completion the device was coined as the Mother Slipgate. The downside to such a massive complex was itís large power draw. The large power draw meant poor lighting conditions and frequent power failures.

Part ii: The tests

In the summer of 2196, testing of the slipgates began. To start, personal placed empty shipping crates on slipgate 1 and watched it them appear on slipgate 2. Everything checked out so it was on to the next step.
The first living test subject was a toad. It landed on the pad of slipgate 2 with a thud. Once more, everything checked out and by August they were deemed safe for human use and regularly used as such with the only known side effect being a second or two of slight dizziness.
For a time the use of the slipgates were made in small leaps. Four slipgates were added at the main gate of the buildingís reception centers. Each one transported to one of the four complexes and it sure made getting about much easier. This was only a fraction of the technologiesí capabilities.

Part iii: Expedition

By the time September arrived work was completed on the slipgate technologiesí main function. That function was the ability to pick up radio signals and transport things and people to that exact location. Quick travels around the globe were made throughout three weeks as a final leg in the testing process.
It wasnít until October 1st that a strange discovery was made. Late at night a scientist received a different type of signal. Itís location was unknown and not like the rest. The others couldnít wait to see where they might pop up but the head brass was hesitant and instead it was suggested to call a nearby marine team and have them accompany the eager researchers through the slipgate in case they landed in a hostile war zone.

Within an hour a medium sized marine team arrived and went through the dimensional gateway along with the egg heads. With a swoosh of the transporters the expedition officially began.

Part iv: The strange new world

When the adventurers came back they were overjoyed with what had been found. Within a week and two trips later they had placed four of their own slipgates in the other dimension. The first was placed at the entrance to a mysterious old castle after finding a way in. The second was placed inside a dark cave near a river where a tall stone wall stood behind it. The third was placed in what was thought to be some kind of stone hall of vaults and the last was hoisted atop a titanic tower.
With those slipgates in the exact places the radio signal dropped them, they could return to that world if said radio signal suddenly died out and within a week both scientists and marines had returned, focusing most of their attention on the castle.
It was described as a deserted medieval structure with most of itís haunting beauty still intact. The world it resided in was hard to explain. The sky looming above was an orange tint and though it was bright, the ground had a constant dark shadow about it. The air seemed odorless and almost all of the water was filled with brown earth. There seemed to be no sign of life and if some species did live there long ago, they had long left. It was hard to pin point if the dimension was of their time as the flashlights and many radio communicators quit working upon stepping off the slipgate.
Everyone knew there was more and within days they gathered the largest team and sent them to explore the vast and unfamiliar landscapes.

Part v: The attack

The team hadnít been heard from in days. The date was now October 31st and people began to grow worried. Another team of marines were called to the complex and their they waited. Late that very night there was a thud from deep within the slipgate testing complex. A single marine appeared from the shadows of the testing chamber corridor. He was bloodied and bashed and looked as if he had seen the devil himself.
Quickly he was rushed to emergency where he finally calmed and told a story of horror.
Three hours after they left the slipgate landing pad and ventured deep into the castle they were attacked by an unknown force. The air quickly became filled with the stench of brimstone and death. They were led away by the unseen force to what was described as a mausoleum where a voice spoke. The egg heads were slaughter and turned into giblets where they stood. The marines were given a choice. Join or await death. He refused as did many of his fellow soldiers but, the ones who didnít were quickly turned into zombified killing machines. For days he was held deep within the castleís torture chambers. He claimed to have escaped by way of a secret passage leading to the hallway of the castle. In the shadows he crept from the balcony of the castleís courtyard and somehow managed to escape. His fellow men who had refused to join saw him again. Only they were twitching and bleeding to death. They had been hauled off one by one from within the torture chamber and impaled on rough wooden stakes. They were than left in the castle courtyards to die. He than informed everyone that the voice spoke to the marines, telling them that he had a message for earth. He will attack our world and rob it of life and create a living hell for all of mankind.
Another batch of marines were called to the facilities and upon further investigation, they learned that the control panels fitted to the back of the slipgates in the dimensional world had been removed. Before the slipgates could go into shutdown, the panels had to be found. A plan was arranged and when the lost slipgate panels had been located they would shoot them and cause heavy damage. An emergency exit panel would than open so the person could be transported back to the base. Than within ten seconds the slipgate would close and stop an invasion.
Just as everything had been agreed on, the enemy had already carried out their attack. Zombified former soldiers and massive demons with razor sharp teeth plowed through the complex by way of the slipgates. Within an hour, everyone was dead. The last man alive hid in a compartment in the complex and sent the entire report to marine HQ minutes before he was dragged off and slowly murdered.

part vi: The Mission

You receive the report in the control tower a mile away from the base installation. Quickly you put the pieces together in your head as you drive to the main gate. Your commanding officer has put you in charge of infiltrating the facilities in an attempt to finish what little was started of the mission. You are the best man for the job and your commander assures you backup will follow shortly.
You clinch your teeth and step onto slipgate 1 landing softly at the entrance to the Slipgate testing Complex. As you slide a clip of ammo into your pistol you can hear the deathly breathing of the zombified soldiers just around the corner leading to the main terminal room.
The fate of the world rests on your shoulders...

yeah i know it is kind of long but i had fun with it. here are screen shots for the mausoleum!
one of the coffin rooms in the entrance chambers
view of the king's burial chamber
view of the tomb room next to the kings burial chamber
the king's coffin
front view of II mausoleum
front view of I mausoleum
main chamber of II mausoleum
courtyard one on the left of II mausoleum
courtyard two with the giblet dome in view
another shot of the tomb room inside I mausoleum
the dome filled with the giblets of the scientists
another angle of courtyard one
another angle of courtyard two with III mausoleum to the left

i have not uploaded the level yet because i am not sure if people want to wait for the first episode to be finished before bothering to play it. so enjoy the screenshots
i had to cut out image tags because there is to many images

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