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Let's make a MAD megawad.

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I checked out the stuff.

obake - Experiment in Monsters is very... obake-ish. Which turned out pretty well here. Added.

Nixot - Dezert (and a bunch of midis) - The dezert is very... deserted. Might be. The midis are unusual but listenable, i like them. Added.

Jimmy - The Floor Is Lava - This is probably the best submission so far. Incredibly frustrating, but fun - and that's rare. Added.

years - Unwanted. Unexpectable. Heck, I'm adding it just for the sake of that. But there's a missing sky and a non-repeatable door in shotgun room.

Pcorf - Chong. Cute. My favourite architectural theme. It's time to chew asses and kick bubblegum. Added.

schwerpunk - MAD 2. Plays well, looks well and the secret exit is definitely going to come in handy. Added.

Magnetick - coddoom1. Not much stuff. I dunno, maybe you could make that map slightly bigger?

Phendrena - Satan's Hot Jam. Well, like the above, it's barely anything. Maybe make use of these 3d floors and make it multi-story or something. I like the custom textures, but would be better without the cc4 stuff.

Cacowad - unblessed/unzombie This unblessed unxploding undead unzombie is definitely uncool... I mean, cool. I'd love to see it in some maps. Added.

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not everithing in hell want to kill you, someone only want to scare you to death.

link updated with 3 brand new things, sure they meet the hight level standard imposed by the op.


avabile actors (use the command summon to spawn):
unzombie, unguy, unimp, unspectre

bonus actors:
revvie, unzombie2, zead1

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pcorf said:

Here is a Boom compatible joke map named Chong which was uploaded to my website but not released to idgames. Feel free to use it.


Uses the music from E1M1 (Stalker) of Duke Nukem 3D but the music is 1 semitone lower. Its pretty crazy, freaky, and a bit abusive.

Very good. The tortured Mancubus in the cage was cool. And crushing the Cyber.

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neubejiita said:

Very good. The tortured Mancubus in the cage was cool. And crushing the Cyber.

Doom for all the wrong reasons. Also the 20 secrets, the big F You and the shape of a penis near the Cyberdemon.

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