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Temple of spider

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The first impression on me was: very, very good. You have multiple paths too choose at the start, many of them include taking a radiation suit and quickly passing lava passages. Blue key and SSG are relatively close to the starting area. Plenty of room/paths to explore, great atmosphere.

The problems I had, however, were numerous, and the level started to annoy me (played with PrBoom+ -complevel 2)

Known Bugs : None Known
May Not Run With : Engines/exes known to have a problem with it

Which ones?


Tested With : GZDoom v.1-5-06

=> almost guaranteed you'll have issues in ports other than GZDoom

- Things 2,3,4,5 (infinitely tall firesticks) are blocking the player if he wants to jump to health bonuses in sector 21. The jump is possible, but feels awkward.
- Extremely steep staircases with hell knights on flights of the stairs? (things 548,551). Not a good idea.
- Things 303-306 - infitely tall, caused several deaths as I was strafing left-right against mancubus fireballs. Ouch.
- Sector 929 right behind the YK door, I look left (north on the map) and I'm greeted by a Hall of Mirrors effect.
- Too many dark areas.

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I tested the level of GZDoom but but the wad you can go in in other ports. I have always enjoyed mouselook.

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