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32 Over 32 [RELEASED!] Now on Idgames

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It absolutely was. The closest thing to a genuine sequel to Rise of the Triad that we ever got. (The new RotT is more of a remake.)

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New Version (v.1.2.4) Out!
- Fixed some Coop Spawn Glitches (Thanks to edward850 and his crew)
- Blood Mod Added to "Revenge of the Triad"
- Fixed some mis-texturing
- some more balancing tweaks!

The FINAL version is right around the corner guys! Keep an eye out for more updates.

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This is the Final Beta version of 32 over 32 before the Final Version!

32 over 32 will be released mid January (Around January 17-20)! and Will go to Idgames a few days(maybe weeks) later.

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