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Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

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+1 to NOVA.

I was bored, so I tallied all the votes. Aren't I handy?

Regular Cacowards

PSX Doom: The Lost Levels(UNFINISHED) - 9
Doom II In Name Only - 4
TNT2: Devilution(UNFINISHED) - 1
Plasmaplant - 1
Visions of Eternity - 3
Doom 64 for Doom II(UNFINISHED) - 2
Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter - 2
Doomworld Megaproject 2013 - 1
5 Rooms of Doom(UNFINISHED?) - 1
Flashback to Hell - 4
Countdown to Extinction - 1
20 Years of Doom - 1
NOVA: The Birth - 3
MAYhem 2048 - 1
Shadows of Cronos - 1
Favillesco Alpha Episode: Apostasy on Amalthea - 1
Doom Gaiden - 1
Sunlust(UNFINISHED) - 1
Rush - 1


32in24-13 - 1


The Space Pirate - 2
Metroid Dreadnought - 1
Lizard Squad - 1
Smooth Doom - 1
Doom Roguelike Arsenal - 1
Doom RPG Mod - 1

Espi Award

Graf Zahl and Randi - 2
Kim Andre Malde - 1
Ty Halderman - 6
Mancubus II - 2
Linguica - 1

So far the wad with the most votes is unfinished. Go figure. Also there haven't been any MoTY, Mordeth or Mockaward nominations, so get voting! :P

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Scuba Steve said:
It's too bad the tallies don't mean anything. People seem to think there is a "voting" process for the Cacowards.

Tallies are probable speculation based on community enthusiasm. It's true that the Cacoward judges ultimately pick what will and will not get Cacowards, but individuals (including the judges) can use a tally to get a pulse on where the community as a whole is at. I would argue that if the selections of the Cacowards don't generally reflect what the community likes then the Cacowards fail to be relevant. In that regard tallies could be considered helpful, but by no means final.

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PSX conversion deserves an award - It's incredibly meticulous in it's authenticity to the source material. Dead of Winter does too, for obvious reasons.

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My heretical kingdom for Rush.

Mayhem2048 seems to be a worthy contender at least for honorable mention, there are some real gems and solid maps, and the overall setting is a rare thing to be seen in modern megawad.

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I want to nominate Obsidian for Mapper of the Year.

Obsidian is the host of the Abyssal Speedmapping sessions, which was designed to bump up some interest in mapping by lesser known mappers from the Abyss forums. It's advocated by Tango TV, and is done on a pretty regular bi or tri weekly basis, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

While he doesn't have a huge resume of major (well-known) releases, his work is quite remarkable and well-versed a variety of areas. From vanilla tricks, dehacked work, detailing, (Project: Hydra) challenging gameplay, mapping speed, puzzle creation, (Countdown to Extinction) and more, he still flexes himself at all angles, with a share in almost every doomworld community project that pops up, helpful advice in the Doom Editing subforum, writing heartfelt /newstuff reviews, and enduring enthusiasm for new map projects, with nothing but encouraging and motivating things to say, with a side of witty humor, and not even the smallest inkling of snide remarks or ill feelings towards anyone or their mapping styles. (which is a lot more than I can say for myself when I won a MOTY award)

His mapping output is so high and scattered in so many different areas, I'm sure I didn't even list half his work, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't even made the time to play all of his maps. However, I'm very much looking forward to his upcoming project Maskim Xul and I hope he can get it out the door before this year's cacowards and really gets his name out there.

I've always had good experiences talking with him, and working with him. He's very reliable, speedy, and an extraordinary team player, and I think with the right partner or small group, he could certainly deliver something revolutionary. He's got what it takes and I think his skills need to be recognized.

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I haven't thought about it much yet, but D2INO should have the award of "The WAD the Community Swept Most Over".

Hopefully I'll be able to release my WAD before the Cacowards...

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