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Night-time maps

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Hi, yeah it's me looking for maps again, I know.

So I'm looking for maps that take place at night, y'know a lot of glowing lights and tall buildings, stuff like that. Also, big space station maps.

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although it's ancient, HELLRUN.wad and NIGHT.wad are meant to be played together, and it's a long 'skilltester' map, you may enjoy it. Not much in the way of lighting effects but it's a map thats nearly 20 years old and it still holds up.

EDIT: make sure it's the hellrun from "the DOOM wall", it's just 1 map for doom2. There's a hellrun for doom1 that's not very good at all.

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You can always play on NIGHTmare.

EDIT: Also, most of TNT: Evilution apparently takes place at night (or at least that's what I think when I see that sky).

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I was about to pimp my own shit, but it doesn't actually fit the expanded description, so, if you want big space station maps, go on /idgames and look up the vrack series. The first isn't too special, but is fairly tight on health and therefore provides a challenge. Second is a nearly 900 monster detailed slaughter map of sorts and the third tones down the kill count a bit (until the end) in favour of more impressive visuals and some pretty clever mapping.

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