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aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

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** V6 **
- bunch of flats
- cool set of AQSECT textures
- computers!


old posts:




I started a new tex/map today, but spent too long getting the textures made, so instead I'm releasing the textures that I made.


download and enjoy!

All textures made from scratch by myself. Paletted and in doom graphic format.


Edited by jmickle66666666 : fixed broken link again

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Some nice things! Lacking in flats but some lovely textures here! Should really continue this into a bigger pack for sure!

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These remind me of a more vibrant Doom 64 techbase texture set, quite nice actually.

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hey jmickle, any chance you want to allow some of this textures in freedoom? we are looking to extend the texture count beyond the original vanilla set

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In looking at the liquid flat shots you posted above, it strikes me that the yellow and lava flats have enough black in them that you could re-color and make a decent Doom-paletted purple liquid. Not sure how useful it would be, but you can't have too much purple in Doom.

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