Hello everybody! A couple of years back I released an 8-level episode doom wad. Some people liked it, some people didn't. However now, I'm back with something new and hopefully creative. And most of all, a great challenge that should be fun to play! I'm working on a wad with several levels, and for my second map I wanted to make a containership. But as I worked on it, the project seemed to become bigger and bigger, so now that I am FINALLY done with the containership level, I decided to share it here on doomworld, to get something out of my hard work!

The boring but nessesary information:

Download link: http://www.megafileupload.com/997i/Containership.wad
Requires textures from Doom II
Requires to be run from "zDoom in Hexen Format"
Requires the player to jump from platform to platform. Therefore, it's only suitable for zDoom

You and your friend finally got away from hell in a boat, and now you're sailing on the open sea. However, as you tried to escape, a containership full of monsters caught up on you, and from the distance, they managed to kill your friend, who now lies dead on your boat. It's time to get your revenge!

This level gives you a 'Berserk' from the beginning, which you will have to use against all the imps that is onboard the ship. You could also use the pistol, but how effective is that? As you progress you will find better weapons to use, but most of them are hard to find, and the ammo will easily run low, if you don't use your fists effectively. All three keycards is required to get to the exit, unless you manage to find the secret exit that leads to level 31!

There is also a BFG9000 hidden in the map. But you have to be clever to find that! Don't cheat! Don't search for it in Doom Builder ;-)

You also have to go under the deck where you will find a bunch of different cargoboxes, the yellow keycard, and of course, more imps.

This position was accessed via "fly" mode.

...Best played on hard difficulty for the greatest challenge.

I hope you like it! Feel free to post anything you liked or not liked about it. If you spot a bug, please let me know

One last thing: It would be pretty cool if one of you wanted to record yourself playing the level with commentary. I'm really curious about hearing which reactions I get hehe :-)