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Mogor's Winter

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I present you a small wad for boom, 11 maps. Prboom-plus with "-complevel 9" is recommended.
The story is short: Once, a winter night, Mogor appeared in our world and all're mogorred. Mogor stole New Year and your task is to return the New Year celebration before the clock strikes midnight!

The wad was created during the period from December 2015 to December 2016. It also includes several maps from my earlier unfinished wads. These maps have been modified in graphics and gameplay.
The wad was put in 'incoming' directory.


Direct link:
Alternative link:

Have a nice game!

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Wow, are you still alive?? Glad to see you again!

About the WAD: I have to admit, sometimes it felt repetitive both thematically (you've already done this city-concept very similarly in Hellfire series) and architecturally (I found some proof of copy-paste details), but overall, it's amazing.

Very nice job!

(Also: I missed Mogor him(her?)self from the final map - which has beautiful music, by the way)

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Fdas for all the maps.

It was pretty cool, and surprisingly hard. I recognized that MAP01 is really similar to MAP01 of Hellfire. MAP04 could have some more ammo, I kinda panicked when I opened the red key door and found all those monsters. Also more rockets would be helpful for the revenants after you press the blue switch. On MAP06 I died (like an idiot) at the baron in the tower, it's in a really awkward position to kill without a SSG, maybe just a hell knight would be enough there.

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"Wow, are you still alive?? Glad to see you again!"
Thanks! I live again ))
Hope to release English version of "The Inquisitor 3" this summer...

"final map - which has beautiful music"
It's "Gashok" - a track from "Realms of Arcania 2".

Thanks for demos. But you shoot a lot of bullets into the void. The balance in this wad isn't so hard as in other "Hellfire"-series.

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Hello, always nice to see something new come out of the Russian scene, you lot certainly have a unique way of going about things. Anyway, since that cheeky bastard Mogor is back and I wasn't doing anything this morning, I figured I'd better go and put him in his place again. Here is the pack of FDAs (skill 4) which resulted from my trip.

Despite consistently poor play on my part (definitely having an 'off' day) I did manage to clear all of the levels without dying, but it wasn't easy, I agree with gaspe that it's deceptively tough. I wasn't taking it very seriously at first, but the farther I got I found I was being held more and more immediately accountable for my myriad of dumb mistakes, as both ammo and health are very tightly balanced. The combat doesn't feature much in the way of setpieces, choreographed fights, or large numbers of enemies attacking in unison, instead relying on small numbers of monsters keenly placed to test alertness and awareness (the firefights in the midst of the trees in map 06 can be particularly disorienting) as well as occasional jarring close-quarters traps which can be surprisingly scary when you're walking around wounded all the time. I did find the final fight against "Mogor" to be quite anticlimactic, I might suggest having a whole bunch of revenants teleport in farther down the street from him rather than the measly two that appear currently, to add a little bit of cinematic flair to the fight and introduce a 'clever' way of solving it (i.e. stir up infighting and cheapshot everybody while they're preoccupied).

The scenery is generally pleasant enough (if a mite blocky), and map 05 was one of the better Doom-trains I've seen (though the silent warp back to the beginning was really disorienting and strange) but given the intrinsically mundane nature of the theme it's probably better the set didn't go on any longer than six maps, and I was sort of hoping for a theme shift to come out of left field that never arrived. It definitely struck me that this is probably a mapset that really does feel more 'complete' playing with carryovers rather than from pistol-starts, as well, since the larger weapons are almost always hidden in secrets and often near the ends of maps, so pistol-starters will be doing a loooooooot of shotgun/chaingun work throughout. I liked the inclusion of cat-burglar/parkour bits as a mandatory means of progression at various points in the town/streets levels, although I found the leap to the key in the frozen fountain in map 03 surprisingly bothersome--the height differential there is really unwieldy, the sort of thing where playing without mouselook suddenly becomes a real nuisance.

I encountered very little in the way of bugs or concourse errors, although by the grace of the PrBoom+ automap I did notice that the 'red' switch which unleashes Mogor at the end of map 06 actually requires a blue key. This is of course completely irrelevant to normal progression (since you can't get the red key without already having the blue), but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

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Kind of rebumping an old thread; sory, but I had time only tonight to play through the mod.

I wouldn't even discuss the first 5 maps now, since they (be honest) kind of lack original concepts; most were already done in Hellfire, or in other WADs by you or others. Of course, it doesn't mean they're bad as all were lovely, and a great prelude to Zero Town, but what I want to explain now is THAT map.

And god damnit, that final map...!

Honestly, I haven't finished many projects from you (Cheogsh, Inquisitor, that map with the Hell Fruit, and maybe Khorus was also your work?), but were aware of your skills, your famous works and in fact, your reputation as well. However, that you've put all of them into MAP06 actually surprised me, as this hasn't become a long expected and groundbraking release, and as I said, MAP01-05 were only partially able to set up the atmosphere.

Gosh...where to start?


Not too surprising, details are perfect: snow layersíon streets, curtains in every single apartment (even if just copy-paste), trucks, railroad, outskirts, and so on.


But these aren't only details of a linear map: the ideas, buildings, shapes and others are so amazingly and originally created that I can't describe. I loved, for example, the windows on the face on the railway station at the entrance. They were so immersive: imagining that some kind of housing is established there was just amazing.


Not even talking about the different parts of the city: the canals, the slums near the railroad track, the proper city parts next to them, and in general, the scenery around the track,..breathtaking, perfect!

I felt every portions of the city alive. I also discovered influence from Lainos' city maps (or vica versa?), but this was different. The winter feeling, combined with the fantasy music...I just can't describe, somehow, you've mixed that calm fantasy atmosphere and music with a regular hell-invaded town scene. Kind of like Call of Juarez, where 1&2 took place in the old Wild West, and the third made this atmosphere to the modern world of drug cartels.

Your fantasy experiences have appeared perfectly here. I just loved this city, and made the entire Mogor concept alive, even without seeing said entity.


The map uses a lot of height differences and exterior-interior changes, to which the environment is perfectly adjusted. Jumping out of windows, the crates on which you jump to a whouse to another, the walking on the top of slum buildings' top, and the various parts of the station...great!


I was surprised that some small play-aiding touches were also added: in the building where you unlock the way to the blue key, in the kitchen there's an amazing scenery of the entire slum, with the other side of the station and the station itself. I safely assume you did this to make the blue key visible on the roof nearby. It was built into the atmosphere and still aided me. I'm speechless.

Overall, it was one of the best levels I've recently played! Amazing and precise work with great atmosphere! I have to admit, I got lost several times, but the paths themselves were still great!


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I was watching a bit of this on youtube and it looks really good. Your crate textures look too tan and washed out. They need to be more brown and a little bit darker. I think that would look really good in contrast to the brightness of the snow.

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Katamori said:

Where did you find videos about it on Youtube?

Here are the videos that I found. I hope you enjoy them. They are in Russian so I don’t understand what the heck he is saying though…





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Katamori said:

Oh, got it! My mistake, was not searching in Youtube properly. Thanks!

No problem, I originally found them using the Google myself.

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The wad was updated, added another 5 maps. So, it contains 11 maps now. Links and screenshots in the first post have been updated too.
The wad was put in 'incoming' directory.
New maps are: maps 4,5, 9-11.
Have a nice game!

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