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[Released][BOOM/DOOM II] Travelling to the moon - Idgames available [LECACY RELEASE]

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Preview vid (more screens included):


Travelling to the moon is a boom compatible map that was designed in about 5 months (maybe a bit more) and it is a rather large map (it was intended to be short/medium at first though). It is a map I made as a breather from my "fortress of misery" map and well, let's just say that it took the forground rather quickly.

In terms of difficulty, I'd say it is rather hard yet manageable. Though, so far, little to no difficulty settings have been implemented (aside from a few here and there). It is fairly non linear as you can grab the keys in any order you like though, the progression is rather standard. It has some exploration elements to it (about 8 secrets) and a fair number of foes to fight. This is not, however, a pure slaughtermap. There may be some few slaughterous sections but that is about it.

Hope you like it and without firther due, here is the link to it:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/x2eq3ad0irt24aq/MAP01.wad - OUTDATED

EDIT: RC2 Available

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ux7u2g29p5bgce8/TRAVMOON+-+RC2.wad - OUTDATED



NOTE: You will need the cc4 texture pack alongside it



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Coucou Chaos de Doomfrance. :P

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Thanks for the replies both of you :D

And hehe roufi: Bonjour à toi aussi :D

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I am liking the look of this so far! It's a shame there's no download at the moment. The second shot and onwards are great and it reminds me a lot of Lunatic. Good job, sunshine.

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Springy said:

I am liking the look of this so far! It's a shame there's no download at the moment. The second shot and onwards are great and it reminds me a lot of Lunatic. Good job, sunshine.

Lunatic huh? Well, I'll take that as a compliment ^^

For real though, that's kinda the fell I'm trying to get with this map all the while making it look different of course (we don't want no rip off of lunatic or any wads for that reason).

Glad that you like it ^^

Yeah, as I said, this is still WIP. I'd say it is maybe 60% complete, I still have some encounters to do and of course, some of the map to draw lol

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So uhm, this is not dead heh. I've just been busy with irl errands lately. It's still coming along quite well and it will definitely be released before the end of the year (at least a first version of it) so yeah, stay tuned I guess.

Still have not changed the title yet though but heh, that's quite trivial and should be the least of my worries xD

The album I shared in the first post has been updated quite frequently though so, if anyone wants to take a look at some newer shots, here you go:


Now, with cheasy legends as well xD

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Finally, I managed to get an RC1 ready so, here you go.


Map needs CC4 tex and is playable in prboom+, cl9.

Difficulty settings are minimal for now (some are implemented but I kinda lost track along the way). COOP starts are implemented but the map has not been tested in multiplayer yet.

Map is quite long (hopefully not TOO long) but heh, that's the way I make them I guess heh.


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First off, what I played has bursts of excellence, but part of why no one has replied is that your presentation is sloppy: a rambly tl;dr text in the OP; an URL with a link to screenshots buried in that OP instead of a few select embeds. I even had to rename the file because I already had one with the informative name "MAP01.wad" in my Doom folder!

But yeah, the action is (mostly) really fun so far. I liked the new zombie, and the barrel-centricism of the early combat. it seems intentionally tailored for visceral enjoyment. The problem now, however, is that I quickly (as in, right after tackling the start building) made it to the big arena with lots of resources and those warping archviles. But I have no rocket launcher. The archviles are kind of bad, I think -- it became clear that it would be hard to kill them, so I decided to camp out on the periphery, and the fight isn't engaging at all that way. The main thing is the monster composition would be perfect for a rambo run-and-gun fight. Except for those viles! They keep me pinned down to the exterior, where I'm under no danger from the roaming monsters (density is very low -- the space is so big) but I can't play at a fast pace, either. I'm not sure if the player returns here, which would make the supplies useful at some point, but I'd strongly prefer a version with a LOT of the health and armor removed, and the archviles too.

Edit: Okay, the exit opened up and I don't have to stay and kill those viles. Thank goodness.

Okay, I'll just liveblog the rest of my feedback here, because the map is long enough that I'll forget a lot of what I want to stay if I wait until the end:

1) I'm not really sure why the RK path confines you to that path with a barrier. It looks crude and the drop-off shortly afterwards does a much more natural job of that anyway.

2) The timed nature of this two-stage fight (low-tier monsters --> AVs) doesn't really work when I have 50 rockets from the yellow key path. I spammed rockets at the fodder, and then there was silence. Feels kind of like a misfire, in terms of staging.

3) Powerups and armor are really generous so far. I guess the megasphere is secret, but I got that impression from the YK area more than anything.

4) The map has weapon redundancies with the SSG, so I'm not sure why a RL was omitted from the YK area.

5) I found the RL for the YK path in a secret, though I forget if it was accessible before entering that area. If so, I think weapons that are the bare minimum requirement to have fun shouldn't be in secrets.

6) The BK fight was the highlight of the map so far. Very well done. Does seem a bit weird that some of the cylindrical waterfalls are blocking (for the AVs, of course), and some aren't. Also, I got there with a full rocket capacity, so I had to make the assumption that the fight would be triggered by the rocket launcher that I had no reason to pick up. A bit crude, imo. Pickups that the player might see no reason to pick up at a certain point (powerups especially) usually don't make great triggers. Design a switch or something, imo. :)

7) You outdid that one with the last fight. That was great, particularly the cinematic sequence leading up to it!

8) I went back to kill the viles in the RK area and seems like it would have been annoyingly slow early on even with the RL -- have to wait until they stop to target you at a location you can actually hit at the time.

Good map overall, some major flaws worth fixing. The powerups in many places seemed excessive because the fights themselves tend not to apply much pressure, unlike I suppose the skillsaw fights you are emulating. The last fight was the only one in which the powerups didn't seem coddling, due to the possibility of eating a cyber rocket or a few vile blasts or something.

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Thanks alot rdwpa for this. I redisigned the OP following what you told me.

There are 2 points that i dont really understand though:

-what barrier are you talking about when you mention that the RK path confines you.

-in the last point, did you mean the RK or the YK section cause im pretty sure the viles appear in a more confined space in the RK fight. I would understand if you were talking bout the YK viles though.

Glad that you still enjoyed the map. Thank god that the last fight was good for you lol, i really wasn't sure what people would think of it. Will try and see what i can do with the YK fight since it seems to not be very fun heh. What can i replace the viles with though?

Anyhow, i already added a switch in the bk section following yout feedback. You were right ;)

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There was a barrier (tagged 63) that raised up along that path.

And yeah, I meant the YK area.

The YK fight would be fun as is if there was a way to conveniently kill the viles. One alternative is to move the current teleport lines in the six archvile cylinders back a bit, and then add another set of lines inside of them. These new lines should have a destination in a location in the main arena that is initially blocked. I'm imagining a cool-looking cylinder that has a floor height = to the ceiling height at first, and that lowers at some point via a voodoo doll action. So, at first, the viles will warp around as they currently do, and then later, preferably before the player can leave, they will join the main battle where they can be dealt with more efficiently. Also, the pressure is substantially lower in this area than in any of the other key fights -- a function of the sheer amount of space -- so I'd recommend either removing a soulsphere and armor, or adding some additional monsters.

Also, something I forgot: very early on, the progression requires you to take a lift onto one of the ledges in the very first room, which allows you to leave the starting building. At first I didn't see any reason at all to step onto that ledge (it seemed like a purely optional thing that I might want to check out later), so I was confused about how to make progress for a couple of minutes. I finally went there because I didn't know what else to do. It was a bit strange that mandatory progression was triggered by such a minor-seeming action.

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Following rdwpa's and others' feedback, an RC2 is currently on the way. You should get it this weekend if all goes well.

Major changes will include a rather reworked version of the YK fight (no more annoyingly teleporting viles + a few surprises) and also, a somewhat reworked RK fight. Can't say what it is to not spoil but you will see.

Other minor changes will be implemented also (the player will for example, need to activate a switch in the BK fight instead of just crossing a line).

Anyhow, stay tuned.

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Here is an RC2 of the map:


What's new?

Major change(s):

-Redone YK fight, viles no longer teleport at random but instead teleport to a new location so that they are released later in the fight. Some monsters were added also. There is also a small change that I don't wanna spoil.

-Redone (slightly) RK fight. Basically, 2 additional teleport pads were added so that monsters spawn in from additional directions.

Minor changes:

-Added a swith in the BK fight so that the player doesn't necessarilly have to grab the RL (especially if he already has it from other fights).

-Added an RL in the YK fight (forgot to mention it earlier)

-Added some coop monsters (not alot) but I guess it's a start

-Added a bit more difficulty settings too.

Oh yeah and, the file is no longer called "MAP01.WAD".

Anyhow, enjoy (again).

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Here's an FDA for RC2, rather lengthy because I'm real bad at navigation and took my sweet time sniffing out hidden nooks and crannies and appreciating the sights in general.
A bunch of the meatier encounters felt a bit underwhelming in a sense that they had loads of everything to stop worrying about running out or taking too many hits and allowed me to be the king of the hill a bit too easily perhaps, I wouldn't have mentioned that should the whole map be like this, but there are more threatening encounters that force the player to move around and fight for his space while also placing some of the key supplies behind enemy lines, so reaching them requires a bit more effort tied together with definite risk. Not a dealbreaker, however, felt like pointing that out but that doesn't mean that I wasn't having fun with what's on the table atm.
All in all - I've got a pretty strong an_mutt meets skillsaw vibe from this map, I guess the two teaming up would've cooked up something like this, heh. Nice hybrid of adventurous/exploratory style with some more setpiece-oriented bits to spice things up, neat visual theme and well-established mood to make things even more engaging. Good work, thanks for sharing!

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Thank's alot demonologist. I never thought I'd get an FDA from you hehe. You made this look so easy but then again, you are a good player so.

I could never complete either one of your maps xD

Anyhow, watching your run made me realise that maybe I should tweak the powerups a little (remove some, etc...) so thank you, that was very useful :)

I'm not however aiming for ammo starvation or something, that is something I don't like in maps myself so the ammo will pretty much stay as is (well, as I say that, I did remove or swapped some) and well, I'm not aiming for down right slaughter either xD

Anyhow, I think the RC3 will be the final release, as in the idgames ready release.

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Here is the RC3 and this is pretty much the one you will see on idgames.



-Balanced the health/ammo a bit more

-Added some foes in coop as well as some ammo

-Other small tweaks here and there (difficulty settings, etc...)

Anyhow, the link for idgames should follow shortly so, stay tuned i guess ;)

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Woohoo, final version means demos! Grats on getting it finalized and all man, can't wait to get on it! :D

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Hi, just beat this. Had a blast, thank you for this map! Is fortress of misery going to be longer than this? This map is kinda big for a breather map...

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Hahah, thx. Fortress of misery is gonna be quite big heh. This map did indeed start off as a breather but i got carried away as i went on lol

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