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Yet another first time wad

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I've recently felt like making a few Doom maps, so I'm currently trying to make a wad, aiming for anything between 7 to 10 maps. As I've never really done stuff like this, except for one really short and awful map when I was a kid, years ago, I'm looking for some feedback, if possible.
Currently, maps 1 through 3 are done and I'm really not sure of much. Are they too easy, too hard? Interesting enough? I dont want the player to simply stick to one single weapon, so I try to not have too much of the same type of ammo laying around. But am I starving the player of ammo?
I've only tested it on PrBoom (comp level 2), but since it's entirely vanilla Doom 2 it should work on pretty much everything else.
You can get the Wad here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47274016/Doom/InProgress.wad
Anyway, here's some random screens and thanks again for any feedback.

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Played through them, really cute set of maps that actually have a fair bit of bite to them considering they don't look or feel too intimidating. Though they felt a little cramped particularly that the main focus was on surrounding the player with enemies in thin hallways.

The layouts were nicely intertwined with each other (exluding map03) and architecturally weren't too bad considering these were your first maps. Decent lighting effects were implemented though I felt for the most part things were a little too bright.

Ammo balance was fine, as was the health balance. I think the real problem is more so with the traps, it's fine to surround the player with enemies but this typically works better in open spaces not 64-unit wide hallways. The mancubus trap was pretty dickish in my opinion and the only reason I got passed it the second time was due to luck with how they overlapped one another. Then I died in the YK room, im sure I could have cleared it after a few tries but wasn't really feeling it.

Overall it was a fun map set, quite cute visually and had some challenging moments. Good work man!

FDA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0s1vgm70kcj12cm/Crunchynut%20IP%20FDA.lmp?dl=0

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Yeah, I know what you mean about the traps. I already felt I relied a bit too much on that kind of stuff. I was also thinking about toning down that Mancubus trap, so I guess it's for the best.
Also, what did you think of the map length? Not too short, not too long?
Many thanks for the feedback!

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I thought they were at a really good length, they were by no means short and yet they weren't over staying their welcome nor became sloggish. You hit the sweet spot :)

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