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Gary Gritness

[MUSIC] Gary Gritness - Doom Remix

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Hey y'all

I'm Gary Gritness. I'm an electro-funk artist and Doom fanatic.

As a love letter to the game and its community, I made complete
reworking Bobby Prince's music with my Roland Juno-60 and TR-606,
that is released as Cassete Tape, and of course, .WAD file.

It adds a cool, powerful early 80s sound to it, while staying as true
to the original spirit and coherence of the OST and blending just right in-game.


For those interested, there's an ultra-limited, 36-unit run DIY Cassette Tapes issued on my Slikk Tapes label.

Each booklet is unique and contains a map of one of the original 36 Ultimate Doom levels.


Coming back the .WAD, on top of the original Ultimate Doom, I like to play some of these
fantastic Doom I megawads that are a good fit to this remade music:

- Doom The Way iD Did - Classic Episode - Knee Deep in Zdoom
- Phobos: Anomaly Reborn - Eternal Torture - Invasion

And finally for how I like to play Doom and my favorite WADS:

- I use Zdoom.
- I play either on HMP or UV, always Pistol Start.
- For eye candy, the combination of Smooth Doom and Nashgore.
- Sound Caulking's PC sounds add just the right detail.
- My weapon of choice is the SSG (surprise, surprise.)
- My favorite Megawads are:
Requiem, Speed Of Doom, Simplicity, Congestion 1024,
Scythe 2, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Eternal Doom.
- For gameplay mods, I like DoomRL Arsenal and DoomRPG.

A huge THANK YOU to the whole Doom community,

Tear on,
-Gary G

Released September 10th, 2016


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Haven't listened to all of them yet, but it's pretty cool so far. Thanks for this. :)

walter confalonieri said:

Damn, is this the rise of Synthwave Doom?
I highly approve of this!


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If you can rename the WAD and TXT file to 8 characters (IE garysynt.wad/txt), you can upload it to /idgames/ and get further exposure.

That and reformatting the text file so it fits the prerequisites. Ask around and you'll get help you need.

PS: I'm not into synthwave but this sounds pretty badass by listening to some of the tracks so far.

Are you going to do Doom 2's soundtrack in the future by any chance?

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The files are in OGG format it seems, I didn't poke around for the MP3 versions on the site before he did stuff on there.

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