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Support Request: Future Shock/SkyNET

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As of this moment I've been ripping the weapons from Future Shock by means of DOSbox screenshots - but unfortunately, this method is cumbersome and unreliable for the animations (for some unknown reason, it tends to cut parts of the weapon graphics off and I don't know why). It is for this reason that I request that support be added for either Future Shock or its pseudo-sequel SkyNET (they're the same engine, but SkyNET has high-res graphics which may be in a different format - I haven't looked into it much).

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Added some support, grab the latest beta: http://ca.geocities.com/xwe@rogers.com/xwe_beta.zip. It's for Future Shock, haven't tested the other game you mentioned. Open SHOCK.COL, click Palette|Use Current. Then open some of the TEXTURE.### files. A lot of them will work, some won't. Hope you find something useful.

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