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Can u guys give me a link to a guide to XWE as i have only just downloaded it and i have no idea how to use the programme. I'm using this to make my own textures for my wad. Thanks

Dragon Master :)

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There isn't much documentation available. A fellow wrote a guide, I don't remember the URL, but you can find it somewhere on this forum.

You want to import your own textures? The actual texture images are called patches in doom. In XWE, double click PATCHES from the toolbar, select your files and you're done. This will import your patches, add them to the list of textures in one step. If you want to do fancier stuff, just play around with it, as long as you know about doom editing itself, you should be able to figure out how to get around in XWE. If not, ask me.

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XWE is mainly about inserting stuff into a wad, not actually creating the sounds and images and stuff.

Usually you create that stuff with some other program like say Paint.NET for images and Audacity for sound.

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XWE actually has a little sucky pixel-based image editor built in. It's dangerously underdocumented though. I used it to draw up some fonts for doom, for that it was good enough.

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