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join/merge wads no worky

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i have two wads

big.wad with 100s of sprites textures and maps in

small.wad with 8 patches (replacing original doom2 patches so the texture lump is unchanged), 12 sprites and 1 map. none of which exist in big.wad

i load big.wad into xwe press merge, select small.wad and wait, save, reload, big.wad is the same as before, no new map, no new sprites etc.


edit: "join" seemed to work, but that brought up two alert boxes warning about file corruption. though it seems to look ok now, me is scared!

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gave up and just exported all the patches, sprites and the map from my small.wad and manually imported them into big.wad. was a good exersise anyway as i found two sprite lumps with two complete sets of monster sprites repeated. must have been something i did months (if not years!) ago!

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Merge was added hastily to the latest version, so it's possible that there's something wrong with it in some cases (although it works here). It does the same thing as WinTex, just calls DEUSF.exe with the two WADs.

Did it ask for the location of the DEUSF.exe file the first time you ran it? (I guess it did, and you pointed it to the right place.) It could be a folder name issue. (Since DEUSF is a DOS program.) Can you try copying the two WADs to the same folder?

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yeah it tried to find deusf and assume it did, though i've no idea if i actually have it anyway

and yeah, they were in the same folder, which will have been something like

c:documents and settings\users\ric\my documents\doom\you get the\point.

so it might not have liked that

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Grab the latest beta.

I fixed the warning about file corruption. I also changed the Merge call, it will pass the 8.3 style filenames, so hopefully it should work now. If it still doesn't, run XWE from the command line with "-debug", e.g. type "xwe.exe -debug" and try the Merge. This will create the file c:\xwedebug.txt, you can look in there and examine the command it's trying to execute.

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thanks will give it a try, i sometimes edit individual maps from the wad on different pcs but the whole wad no longer fits on one floppy (i have to rar it into two 1.4mb chunks!) so i'm sure i'll be merging again fairly sooonly

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