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Errors While Merging Wads

I used the latest beta and, starting with a resource wad, intended to merge several maps into it. XWE asked me for deusf.exe and I pointed XWE to the file on my computer. The first error message I got was when XWE went into an endless loop and had to be shut down. [I believe it may have been after I tried to merge the final map.] The message was as follows:

"Access violation @ address 00403E26 in module 'xwe.exe'. Read of address 000002F8"

After I closed down XWE I got a Windows error as follows:

"Exception EAccess violation in module xwe.exe @ 00003DB0"

The maps appeared to be in the wad, so I tried to load up the first map. ZDooM could not load it up, and the error message was:

LineID 105 is undefined"

This error did not occur before, and if I ran the map independently with the resource wad they both ran just fine.

In the end I ditched the plan to merge the maps using XWE. Any ideas what the problem may be?

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i dont know... but just copying and pasting would work fine id assume.

at least it does for me.

and in slumped........

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