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Last updated: 07 March 2015

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Welcome to the Doomworld forums. This FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions and will educate you about the forum rules. On Doomworld, we discuss id Software's first person shooter game Doom, plus games related to it, such as Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Doom 3, and Doom 4. We also have forums for off-topic discussion, stories and artwork, and blogs about your personal life.

New users sometimes have a tough time when joining a forum because they don't know the rules. This document provides you with them, plus helpful tips so that your entrance into these forums can be an enjoyable one. The rules stated here are very important; not following them can result in you being banned from the forums. We hope you enjoy the forums as much as we do!

-- The Staff

Important Things to Remember

  • This forum has a strict policy against copyright infringement. Do not link to or request full or leaked versions of games or game content, magazine scans, ROMs, commercial software, "abandonware", or copyrighted media (such as music or movies).
  • Please try to find an answer for your question before posting a new thread. Consider, "Could this question have been answered before?" Check recent threads, use the forum search function, or even try Google to get an answer to your question. If your question is too broad, vague, obscure, or not worded clearly, it may not get a response.
  • If no one is responding to your post or thread, don't post it again. They see it; unnecessary double posting is a crime punishable by flagellation.
  • Please do not post a thread saying you are new here. While you might think it's a great idea, the best way to start participating is to put your two cents in on existing threads. Posting an "I'm new here" thread can bring negative attention to yourself.
  • Please do not bump threads older than a month or two. The significance of the bump needs to be proportionate to the age of the thread. If it is not, you may feel the wrath of the moderators.
  • Please use the appropriate sub-forum when creating a new thread so that it does not have to be moved later.
  • Please do not post the same thread in multiple sub-forums. Choose the most appropriate sub-forum for your topic and post there only. The majority of our users read most or all of the sub-forums, not just one or two.
  • Please have the decency to break down large posts into paragraphs. If it's one humongous block of text, very few people will bother reading it.
  • Please do not quote posts unnecessarily. It's not necessary to quote the first post of a thread or the post directly above yours if you are responding to the entire post. Don't quote the whole post if you are only responding to one point: cut out irrelevant parts. Also, please don't just quote someone else's post and not add any of your own thoughts below it. "Quoted for truth" is absolutely unnecessary (not to mention it looks stupid).
  • Please do not post in a thread just to say that you don't care about the subject or discussion at hand; doing so creates utterly pointless flamebait. Posts like these will likely be deleted or looked harshly upon. Voice your dislike by not participating in the thread at all.
  • Spamming so that your username shows up as the last poster on all the threads in a sub-forum or in all the sub-forums is a big no-no. Actually, just don't spam at all.
  • Please do not post useless one-word replies such as "heh", "rofl", "lol", or the like. Such posts are usually interpreted as spam, and will be deleted.
  • Please do not be a jerk. If you go around flaming everyone and generally being a prick, you're likely to get in trouble. Remember, respect permeates outward. If you want to be treated well, then treat others well. In other words, "Fuck you" will not create a good first impression.
  • Please do not create new threads addressing a specific person in order to communicate with them. Use private messaging, e-mail, IRC, instant messaging, or social networking sites instead.
  • Please try to spell properly, and do not post in ghetto talk, h4><0r lingo, ALLCAPS, or CrAZy CApS. Doing so makes your posts unnecessarily hard to read, and it is inconsiderate toward (and may confuse) users who do not speak English as their first language. It also makes you look like a moron.
  • Please do not troll or spam other sites or forums to promote Doomworld - it gives us a bad reputation.
  • Please ensure your signature contains nothing deemed unacceptable by the forum rules regarding post content. Also, make sure your signature isn't excessively long (more than 6 lines), as it clogs up the forums if you choose to display it in every post.
  • Please do not exploit any forum bugs you come across, but feel free to report them to the staff.
  • The Doomworld Links Page contains many links for Doom, Doom 3, and Heretic/Hexen/Strife. If you're looking for a site, you might find it there. You can also submit new links for review and eventual inclusion.
  • If you have some Doom news, read this forum thread.

Common Classic Doom Questions

  1. Where can I get Doom or one of the Doom engine games?

    The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, and Hexen can be purchased on Steam or Good Old Games, and so can Strife. You can also get HacX for free legally from here.

  2. But I don't want to pay for it, so... where can I get it?

    Quit being a cheapskate and buy the games! You can get the shareware copies from here. If you ask for copies of the full games in the forums, expect a warning or a ban.

  3. Where can I get tips on PC or console versions of Doom? is a good repository of information. You might also try Game FAQs or Game Winners.

  4. The copy of Doom I have is old. Where can I get patches to update it?

    You can get the patches from Doomworld's Patches Section.

  5. Where can I download some cool levels and add-ons?

    The /idgames Archive database allows you to search, browse, and download from the /idgames Archive, a public repository of WAD files.

  6. How do I upload to the /idgames Archive and have my creation featured in The /newstuff Chronicles?

    Check out the /newstuff FAQ, which is in the WADs and Mods forum.

  7. I want to make my own levels. Where do I start?

    Check out some editors and utilities; Doom Builder is probably the most popular map editor these days. Then check out some editing tutorials.

  8. I'm having problems with Doom. Where can I get some information on how to fix them?

    There are many FAQs that deal with Doom and related games, which can be found here and here.

  9. I like the music from Doom. Where can I download it?

    The Doom Depot has the tracks from all the Doom games you can imagine! Also try visiting Doomworld's Music page, which includes a listing of Doom music remixes.

  10. Why have I heard several sound effects from Doom used somewhere else?

    Many of the sounds in Doom were not created by Bobby Prince, but came from a sound library. Sound libraries are often used in various industries, including film, television, advertising, and video games. So if you heard the Imp death sound in Lawrence of Arabia, or the Icon of Sin cube firing sound in every single action movie trailer ever, don't feel like you have to make a new forum thread to point it out. These sounds haven't been taken from Doom without permission: those who purchase sound libraries have full rights to use the sound effects from them however they please, and the same sounds are often present in many different libraries.

  11. Why doesn't Doom work with Windows XP/Vista/7/8?

    Look at this forum thread. Windows XP and later versions have limited DOS support, so doom(2).exe may or may not work. Disabling sound effects and/or music may solve the problem. Instead, we recommend you use one of the following source ports (in alphabetical order): Boom, Chocolate Doom, EDGE, Eternity, GZDoom, jDoom, Legacy, prBoom+, Zandronum, or ZDoom.

  12. I want to play Doom online. How do I get started?

    Check out Doomworld's Multiplayer FAQ or DoomKid's Multiplayer DOOM Online Tutorial.

Doom 3 Questions

Most any common question you might ask about Doom 3 can be found in our Doom 3 Forum's FAQ, which can be found here. Please read this before posting anything in the Doom 3 forum!

Doomworld Questions

  1. How do I submit news to Doomworld?

    Read this forum thread to learn how to submit news directly, or just send an e-mail to DO NOT send attachments. Read the Contact Info page for more information.

  2. Hey you jerks, did the front page of Doomworld just give me spyware? SpyBot/Ad-Aware/HijackThis/etc. shows all sorts of stuff!

    This is unlikely. In the past we used to get various reports of popups from the front page giving people spyware, but nothing definitive or verifiable.

    Spyware and related things are easily preventable. There are many decent web pages that give tips on how to avoid getting a spyware infection when using Internet Explorer and Windows. Setting IE's security settings to High, keeping Windows up-to-date with the latest patches, and using a firewall are the most basic steps. Additionally, SpywareBlaster is a useful free program that will block most known harmful sites and IE exploits.

    Alternately, you can use one of the many popular alternative browsers instead of Internet Explorer. They are generally more secure (not being tied into the OS helps), as well as offering more features and various useful extensions. The most popular are FireFox, Google Chrome, and Opera, all of which are free.

    There are also various popular freeware programs that contain spyware or other potentially unwanted programs. To get rid of spyware, using Ad-aware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, SUPER Anti-Spyware, or Microsoft Security Essentials (even some or all of these in conjunction) is highly recommended. When using one of these programs, before scanning, be sure to update the definitions using the program's built-in update feature.

Doomworld Forums Basic Questions

  1. What are each of the forums for?

    There are four sections of the Classic Doom area:

    • Doom General is for general Doom discussion that does not fit into any of the other Classic Doom forums.
    • Doom Editing is for your Doom editing questions or tips.
    • WADs & Mods is the forum where you can discuss your projects or your favorite Doom levels and add-ons. You can also post polls here.
    • Source Ports is for questions or comments regarding the vast array of engines available to play Doom with.

    There are two forums in the Newfangled Doom area:

    There are the Miscellaneous forums:

    • Everything Else is the place to bitch and moan about everything (except your personal life; see Blogs below). You can also post polls here.
    • Doomworld News is the forum where you can comment on news items found on the main page of Doomworld. This forum is considered part of the main site, and thus thread bumping is more tolerated.
    • News Submissions is a place to submit Doom-related news. Your news might just end up on the front page of Doomworld. Read this thread to learn how to submit news.
    • Blogs is the place to make "blog" posts. It is NOT on the main forum listing because it would interfere with the "view new posts" option. This forum has its own set of rules, which you should read, here.

    There is also the Special Interest section, which contains project-related, hosted site, and other forums:

    • Doom Speed Demos is the place to discuss anything and everything related to recording and watching demos for Doom-engine games.
    • Creative Works is the place to post stories, artwork, music, or videos you have created.
    • Community Chest 4 is the sequel to a sequel to a sequel of the collaborative community map project.
    • Eternity is all about the source port Eternity. You can ask questions about the Eternity Engine, report bugs, or suggest features.
    • Freedoom, the project to replace everything in the Doom 2 IWAD, has its own forum as well. You can ask questions about this project or offer your services.

    Finally, there is the Morons section:

    • Losers is the forum where trolls and troublemakers are banished to. This forum is not viewable until you are banished to it, and at that point, no other forums will be viewable.
    • Post Hell is the forum where bad posts go to die. You cannot post in Post Hell, obviously. Reading the threads there will give you a good idea of what not to do on these forums.

  2. How do I post attachments?

    Attachments are only allowed in the Demos Forum. The option to attach a file to a post is located below the standard posting options on the "Post New Thread" / "Post Reply" page. You can only attach ZIP files. The maximum attachment size is 200K. Abuse of this feature will result in an immediate ban.

  3. What must I do to become a moderator?

    Try to stand out in a positive way as best you can: make intelligent posts, be respectful to other people and the forum rules, help people out, things like that. It is a very bad idea to ask outright if you can become a moderator.

  4. Who are the forum leaders, and what do they do?

    • Staffers:

      A staffer is a member who maintains the actual site, but is not active in forum moderation of any kind.

    • Moderators:

      A moderator looks after a one or more sub-forums at Doomworld. Their job is to enforce the rules of the forums. For instance, if a member posts an offensive or pointless thread, the moderator can choose to delete or Post Hell it. If a member posts a thread which should ideally be in a different forum, the moderator can move it there. If a moderator encounters a trouble-making user in his/her forum, they can refer to them in the administrative forum for inspection by the executive staff who can take further action. Moderators can choose their own custom titles, post attachments, delete their own posts, and view the profiles of other users. Some of them can ban members.

    • Super Moderators:

      A super moderator is a member who looks after all of the forums at Doomworld. Their job is basically the same as the moderators, except their powers extend to all the sub-forums. They have all the powers of moderators, plus executive powers, meaning that if a user persistently breaks the rules, they can ban the user from the forums.

    • Administrators:

      An administrator is a member who oversees the management of the forums and forum staff. They have all the abilities of the moderators and super moderators, plus complete executive powers. They can appoint and remove staff from the staff list. They can add new forums and close forums. They can ban users by IP addresses. They can implement new features and generally change the site as they see fit. They also have the final decision in any debate over a member's future on Doomworld.

  5. I see people using cool stuff in their posts, like clickable links to sites and bold text. How do I do this?

    Click this link and find out!

  6. This guy has something under his nickname that nobody else has. How do I get one?

    These are called custom titles. They can be earned by doing something good or something incredibly stupid. Sometimes you can get one by asking a forum administrator nicely, but don't bet on it.

  7. How can I see my postcount?

    Check your profile or highlight under your avatar.

  8. What is an avatar?

    The picture that is used for your posts, like this one:

  9. Where are the smilies?

    They're disabled for Great Justice™.

  10. What else is disabled?

    Posting file attachments in any forum other than Demos, using colored text, changing the size of your text, using HTML in posts, and sending e-mails to users via the forum software.

  11. What is Private Messaging?

    Private Messaging is sending a message to a user and to that user only. Threads or posts made addressing a specific user will be deleted or Post Helled. Instead of creating a thread or post for a specific member that you wish to contact, send them a private message.

  12. How do I see images posted by other users?

    You must enable this in your user options in the User Control Panel. There are rules for posting images, which you must abide by.

    • MAXIMUM image dimensions are 800x600. This means that image can be no more than 800 pixels wide AND the image can be no more than 600 pixels high.
    • MAXIMUM file size is 200 kilobytes. If you link images larger than this, you may fear the wrath of the mods.
    • Please use discretion when linking images that are not hosted on your own personal webspace. We do not want to get complaints from someone about how an image that was linked in a Doomworld post has used up all of their bandwidth.
    • No images that you would not want your grandmother to see. This includes pornography, "tasteful nudity," images of ultra-violence, seizure-inducing animated GIFs, etc. If you break this rule you WILL be banned IMMEDIATELY.

    Follow these rules when posting images and you'll get along fine. By the way, do NOT quote images. This is incredibly irritating. Feel free to change the quoted image into a hyperlink, though.

  13. Can I delete my own posts?

    No. If you double-posted by accident, edit one of the posts saying so. A moderator will come along eventually and delete the extraneous post.

  14. What do people mean when they say BTW, IIRC, and so on?

    A comprehensive listing of common Internet acronyms can be found here.

  15. All the avatars suck. I have my own kickass one. How do I use it?

    When you reach 50 posts, you will be able to upload your own custom avatar, either from your hard drive or from another website. It must be smaller than 50 kilobytes in size, and less than 64 pixels in each dimension.

  16. I want to talk to some Doomers on IRC. Where do I go?

    Get an IRC client and connect to the server(s) of your choice:

      • #zdoom
      • #odamex (Odamex development channel)
      • #noteternityenginerelated (Eternity Engine development channel)
      • #chocolate-doom (Chocolate Doom development channel)
      • #doom-tech (Doom technical discussion)
      • #doomtwid (Doomworld mapping elitists club)
      • #unidoom (totally awesome Doom clan and game development team)
      • #odamex (Odamex community channel)
      • #altdeath (multiplayer Doom: respawned)
      • #zdoom (official ZDoom channel)
      • #zandronum (main Zandronum channel)


    Losers is the forum where idiots go. You did something stupid. You never know, maybe you will get unlosered. If you do, try harder next time.

  18. This FAQ didn't answer my question. What now?

    Feel free to contact any Moderator, Super Moderator, Administrator, or any of the persons who maintains this FAQ with your question.

Doomworld Forums Posting Guidelines

  1. ME ME ME! First off, blogs info for the uninformed.

    The Doomworld Forums Blogs are personal web logs that use a hidden postcount-disabled forum as the vessel through which users make blog entries and comments. They exist so that the worthless highlights of everyone's personal life and flamebait soapbox rants stay out of the main forums. Thank Linguica for them. Learn how to use them by reading their section of this FAQ, and learn what is and isn't blog-appropriate by reading the Blogs Forum Rules.

  2. I'M LEAVING AND NEVER COMING BACK! Well, thanks for the dramatics. Enjoy your life.

    Please, nobody cares. If you make a retarded post about how much you hate Doomworld and its members and the mods and your parents made you switch rooms with your sister and everyone hates you and you're leaving for good, then do us all a favor and just leave and don't come back. Nobody cares about the stupid drama you've created in your demented little brain. Also, history shows that 90% of the people who say they're leaving and never coming back do, in fact, come back, so spare us. You're not going to make a bunch of people on the Internet say "Hey, you know what, we really are dicks. We'd better clean up our acts!" That said, if you make one of these stupid and oh so dramatic posts, you'll be banned, because hey, you're leaving and never coming back anyway, right?

  3. Hurrr time to paint this thread red and yellow! Cool kids aren't backseat mods.

    While the staff appreciates your thorough understanding of the forum rules, posting in a thread just to call for its fiery death or swift relocation to a more appropriate forum neither speeds a moderator's arrival nor does it influence their decision as to the offending thread's fate.

  4. [DUMB] Yay!
    ..."Yay" what? New Game released? Cure for cancer found? Britney Spears touring in your hometown? Make thread titles informative.

    Are half of the posts on the Doomworld Forums that "dumb"? Yes, but let's pretend otherwise and make better use of the thread tags.

  5. MY COUNTERSTRIKE DOESN'T WORK! There are forums on the net better suited for your tech-help inquiries.

    The Doomworld Forums have a decently sized user base of people with a variety of interests and hobbies. If you're having hardware or software issues, there's a good chance that someone on the forums may be able to help you.

    That said, there's an even better chance of you finding help elsewhere.

    Hardware issues? Head on over to or
    Problems with a specific game? Try, where one Gamespy ID will let you access all the boards. If there is no forum dedicated to your game (or if you have a knee-jerk negative reaction to Gamespy), you can try Googling.
    A nasty spyware/virus infestation or PC security concerns? Try Malware Removal, Bleeping Computer, or Tech Support Forum

    Often, the regulars at these forums have already covered your question, and a simple search of their forums will reveal an answer. You can also Google for your question. As a general rule, post tech help threads in Everything Else only when the rest of the Internet has failed you.

  6. Will an admin change my username? I don't want to reregister and lose my registration date from three months ago. Keep username/title change requests off the forums.

    If you wish to have a new username or title, do not post your request on the forums. Instead, look at the forum leaders list. Now, choose which of the eight administrators you are most friendly with and contact them privately, either with a private message, e-mail, or any other contact info found in their profile.

  7. [DUMB] Freak plays piano with his five erect penises (vid)! Before you show us any hilarious websites/movies/flash animations, please take precautions to not get "timelined".

    So you were rummaging around in some ass-backwards corner of the World Wide Web and found something so funny or so strange you feel that you must share it with your Doomer buddies at the forums? Ok, but keep a few things in mind:

    Firstly, we've all been to YouTube, Reddit, imgur, LiveLeak, and all the most popular Internet humor sites around. If it's featured on one of those sites, chances are most of everyone who cares has already seen it.

    Secondly, this sort of thing is not uncommon at the Doomworld Forums. We may have already had a thread about your little gem. Before you post, do a forum search. And even if that turns up negative, ask a few of your Doomworld e-friends if they've seen it using your e-communication e-method of e-choice, as some of the forums are not searchable.

    Now, if you're sure you have something new to most of the regulars, go ahead and post. We could all use a laugh now and then. Just make sure to warn us about any content not safe for work.

  8. The Amerikkkans are the new Nazis. Same shit different asshole lol. Doomworld debate 101: Conducting yourself in a political or religious shitfest.

    Most threads about touchy or controversial issues quickly turn into an argument between two or more people with differing views. These debates are probably the most stressful use the regulars will ever make of their brains while on the Doomworld Forums. Often, decency, logic, and the forum FAQ are disregarded entirely by enraged members trying to show each other the "right" way to think. Please lessen the headache for everyone and follow a few basic rules:

    • Address fully all relevant points made by another poster. Use the quote function. Do not make your "opponent" (as it were) think that they are talking to a brick wall.
    • Always state your source when necessary or when asked.
    • Stick to the topic.
    • Avoid stereotypes/generalizations and the rumor mill.
    • Be civil. Someone is not asking for flames when they express an opinion you do not share, no matter how crazy it is. Flaming makes you hard to take seriously, and it speeds the death of the thread. And if you are flamed, you are not required to flame back.

Blog Questions

  1. What is a blog?

    "Blog" is short for "web log". Blogs are akin to online diaries, except they are open to the public, and often provide mechanisms for readers to comment on entries.

  2. How do I get a blog?

    If you sign up for the Doomworld Forums, you automagically have a blog in your name at

  3. How do I update my blog?

    Click on the "New Blog" link (next to the "User Profile" and "FAQ" links) on the link bar on the main forum index. Then simply enter your blog post like any other forum post.

  4. How do I edit a blog post?

    Go to your blog page, click on the comment link under the blog post you wish to modify, and simply edit your post. Another solution is to go to the Blogs forum and search for the blog post in the list there.

  5. How do I change the look of my blog?

    The first thing you'll want to do is download the blog.css that determines the style of the blog. This is the Cascading Style Sheet definition of the basic style. If you don't know anything about CSS, this would be a good time to learn, although the format is fairly straightforward. Then, send a private message to user blog, make the subject css, and in the body paste your modified CSS code. This will enable you to change the look of your blog using whatever CSS tomfoolery you wish. The changes will stay as long as the private message stays in your "Sent Items" folder, so if you want to change the style of your blog again, just delete the CSS private message and send a new one to blog.

  6. How do I see a list of recently updated blogs? will show you all of the recently updated blogs.

  7. What is acceptable material in blogs?

    Here are the official Blogs forum rules. Though a blog is your personal opinions and feelings, the same standards of conduct required in the standard forums apply. Therefore, if it is against the rules in the regular forums, it is against the rules in your blog as well. Blogs is NOT the place for random spam. Expect blatant and useless spam to be deleted or Post Helled.


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