Are you a Wolfenstein fan who also owns DOOM II?
Here's your opportunity to get the best of both worlds!

As some of you undoubtedly know, Wolfenstein was the first widely successful 3D computer game ever released. Since its release, many other 3D first-person shooters with improved engines have followed, including Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Unreal. Such has been the progress in creating better and more realistic 3D environments in computer games over the last few years that today, Wolfenstein seems primitive and outdated by comparison. But it still has managed to maintain a loyal following, especially on the Mac, because of its storyline and fever-pitch action, and it continues to enjoy its reputation as the grand-daddy of all 3D computer games.

Still, Wolfenstein fans who've played Levels 31 and 32 of DOOM II have probably wondered once or twice what Wolfenstein would be like if it could be updated to the DOOM engine. They've probably downloaded and played the few PC format DOOM WADS which add some of the Wolfenstein sprites to the game, creating a partial Wolfenstein experience. But that's all these patch WADS do, partially create the Wolfenstein experience, and what the player is experiencing is still DOOM with a few changes.

Until now.


I have ported the Wolfenstein missions to DOOM II, creating what is essentially an improved and updated Wolfenstein. Each scenario is painstakingly recreated as a DOOM II WAD, complete with all the Wolfenstein textures, objects, sounds, and enemies. The result is a total conversion, a complete Wolfenstein experience which takes full advantage of the DOOM engine. There are even ambient sounds.

In addition to recreating the original missions, I have also created brand new scenarios which go beyond the original scope and concept of Wolfenstein. Scenarios such as Operation: Arctic Wolf, Operation: Rheingold, and the Astrostein Trilogy take the Wolfenstein fan where no Wolfenstein has gone before, immersing the player in adventures not possible with the original Wolfenstein.

So click on any of the links on the left and play Wolfenstein the way you've never played it before!

--Laz Rojas, creator and maintainer of WolfenDOOM

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