All WolfenDOOM wads, like most TCs which have new sprites, need to be inflated with a program called DEUSF. In addition, the .deh patch files included with the wads are absolutely necessary to run the wads properly, and you need to use a program called DeHackEd to create a new exe with the patch. However, all of this is a hassle, and you may experience problems if you don't use DeHackEd or DEUSF correctly. Fortunately, there's a way to get around having to do all of this.

The easiest and best way to run WolfenDOOM and avoid fiddling with DeHacked and DEUSF is to use one of the source port engines instead of the regular doom2.exe. These engines load DeHackEd patches directly and can use sprite wads without prior inflation with DEUSF. With a source port engine, all you need to do is run the engine and load the wad and .deh patch.

The source port engine you should use depends on what operating system you're running and which features you wish to have. Until now, I have recommended two particular engines for WolfenDOOM: Legacy for DOS, and PrBoom for Windows 95/98. However, it has been brought to my attention that Legacy users sometimes have problems with WolfenDOOM, so Joel Murdoch recommends that both DOS and Windows users use the MBF engine (Marine's Best Friend) for WolfenDOOM. MBF is the most stable and best all-around engine for running WolfenDOOM wads. You can download it from Doomworld.

After you've downloaded MBF, place all of its files in your Doom2 directory, because the engine needs to access the Doom2 iwad (doom2.wad). Also place the WolfenDOOM wads and patches there. Then use the proper command line parameter for loading wads and DeHackEd patches. For example, to run Operation: Eisenmann, you would use the following parameter:

mbf.exe -file eisen.wad -deh eisen.deh

Win95/98 users must restart with DOS in order to run MBF.

In summary: DO NOT use the doom2.exe for running WolfenDOOM scenarios. Use MBF. Should you encounter any problems, you can email me or Joel Murdoch for further help.