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You are B. J. Blazkowicz, the greatest spy and biggest risk-taker the Allied forces have ever known. The Second World War has been raging for two years, and your mission was to infiltrate the Nazi fortress Castle Hollehammer and retrieve Hitler's twisted plans for building the perfect army. Rumors have it that one of Hitler's most maniacal scientists, Dr. Schabbs, has perfected a technique for building fierce armies from the bodies of the dead. As bizzarre and unreal as it sounds, you've been sent to investigate.

You failed. Captured as you attempted to grab the plans, you were taken to the Nazi prison, Castle Wolfenstein, for questioning and certain execution. You've been held here for twelve long days, deep in the dungeons beneath the castle. Just beyond your cell door sits a single brutish Nazi guard, who helped torture you a few hours ago with a cattle prod.

You can't take it anymore! Quivering pathetically in the corner, you beg for medical care in exchange for information. The guard smugly grins and reaches for his keys. He opens the cell door, the tumblers in the lock grinding noisily, the sound echoing down the dark corridors. The door squeaks open... the guard comes through...

A quick blow to the knee takes him down. You grab his knife and finish him quietly. Standing over him, you quickly take his gun. Trapped in the bowels of the Nazi prison, you must escape. If you fail, you will surely die.

Despite claims by others, this is the first Mac-made 32-level replacement, originally released in the summer of 1996. All 30 levels of the original Second Encounter have been meticulously and painstakingly recreated, complete with all the Wolfenstein textures, objects, sounds, and enemies. They've also been greatly improved to take advantage of the superior features of the DOOM engine. Elevators, stairs, dark spooky corridors, outdoor courtyards, automatic machine guns, hand grenades, fireball-shooting mutants and chaingun-packing officers are just some of the enhancements I've made to the original Wolfenstein levels. And to top it all off, I've added new twists to many of the levels. There are lots of new secret areas, and once you kill Hitler, you still have to actually get out of the castle, fight your way to a shipyard and steal a boat to escape.

In addition to these enhancements, my WolfenDOOM port of Second Encounter also includes two new levels: Toter Hund and Hollehammer. Toter Hund is a secret level in which you'll face off against Hitler at his worst. Hollehammer is a prelude to the Second Encounter adventure in which you'll experience B.J.'s attempt to escape from Castle Hollehammer with the plans for Operation Eisenfaust and his subsequent capture.

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