Wad Editor
Latest Version: 1.16 (2009.05.05)
Developed by Csabo
XWE Script

"XWE Script" is what puts the eXtendable into XWE. I'd like to say that it's like WadC combined into an editor, but WadC is actually good (respects to Aardappel). My idea was to make all the wad editing functions available through a scripting language. This way very complex structures can be added to a map instantly (kind of like an ultimate prefab). What really makes it powerful are the parameters. With a simple script, it's also possible to mirror or enlarge a whole map, etc. At this time XWE Script can already be used, but it's incomplete and buggy (not to mention undocumented, following the XWE tradition). You have been warned. If you still want to play with it, take a look at the sample files in Scripts.ZIP. To run a script from the map editor, press Shift + R.