A ZDooM GL conversion for DooM 2

The ZanZan is a Total Conversion for ZDOOMGL. In this TC you are one of the gods of a place nothing like earth, named ZanZan. The plot takes place at your own ancient fortress, where a rebellion is taking place against you.

ZanZan is a three levels TC (it's not called TC for the number of levels :), but it uses entirely new 3D monsters, weapons and dehacked. The game is very different from DOOM, there is a lot of use of melee weapons, it is only for solo play, and the story develops during the action.

I made a 4 page comic showing some of the backstory of the game, you can also view pics of the models.

View a pic of the ZanZan player model   

   View a pic of the ancient Avedusa!

  View a title screenshot   

   View an in-game screenshot

Comic page 1   

   Comic page 2

Comic page 3   

   Comic page 4

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