10 MUS PAK  Filename:10mus.zip
10 mus files to go along with my 10- PAK wad. It will also work with the regular DooM 2 levels or any other D2 pwads you may load. Made to match the 10-PAK levels however as the speed of the song is matched to the size of the level being played. Most...Date:10/15/95
Size:78 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

2 Music Videos  Filename:2musvids.zip
This is just another one of those cool ideas I came up with. It's not perfect, but in it's own way still cool. This is 2 different music videos converted to the Doom engine the best way I could do it. The first one is fanmade and the second one is...Date:03/02/13
Size:58985 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

30 Mus Wad  Filename:30mus.zip
Size:234 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

30 Levels of Doom2 Music  Filename:30tunes1.zip
This is 30 levels of fairly interesting music for Doom 2. I downloaded about 100 midi files with cool filenames and chose about 25 to compile into one big Doom2 wad. I'm planning to make a 30TUNES2 pretty soon. To this end, I have downloaded about ...Date:07/31/95
Size:365 KB
Author:Dave Gates

5 Song WAD 1  Filename:5nmus.zip
5 songs that I composed or arranged for midi. The songs in order of level are: "Dam Top" from Borderlands 2, "Inbound" by me, "SickOfGuitarsYet" by me, "Danger" by me, and "Percussion Build Up" by me...Date:06/09/13
Size:5 KB

70's Rock Wad  Filename:70srock.zip
This WAD is a compilation of 70's ROCK AND ROCK music I acquired on the web....Date:09/03/98
Size:443 KB

Music for "All for One", the first Co-op only Episode for Doom  Filename:a41_mus.zip
This is a set of replacement background music for all of E1 and three missions of E2 of Doom. It was originally intended to be be included in a41_coop.wad, but that's already mighty big and I've come to reconsider the dubious value of new music. St...Date:05/26/95
Size:55 KB

Access Denied's Music WAD for DOOM, DOOM 2, and HERETIC  Filename:admusic2.zip
THIS IS MY FIRST INTERNET RELEASE! Feedback will be greatly appreciated! My update to the !MUSIC1.WAD I released earlier on a couple of BBSes. To learn about any updates from then, see the Miscellaneous section below. And now, from the !MUSIC1.TXT ...Date:04/04/96
Size:580 KB
Author:Access Denied, and the many people out there who graciously upload there MIDI files to FTPs, WWWs, a

Andrew Hood's Midi Wad  Filename:ah-mids.zip
These midi orchrastations were created using a demo version of GUITAR PRO. That's why they are so short. If anyone can point me in the direction of a different program I can Download I can create longer midi files. All of these are origional Except T...Date:04/08/02
Size:9 KB

All New Music for Doom  Filename:allnew.zip
The list of songs are bellow...Date:09/15/96
Size:238 KB
Author:Devin Keyes

"Anime Music" and "A real rude one"  Filename:animrude.zip
Hell yeah! This is my 2nd release, and it's a music wad! The first WAD, how the title suggest, it's a mine selection of various ja panese music not comes only from anime series (contains also italian them es!), but also from videogames and other sour...Date:05/19/05
Size:1592 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

New DOOM ][ Music :)  Filename:an_music.zip
9 NEW Music for DOOM ][ :) I got tired of the SAME OLD music in DOOM ][ everytime I played, so I decided to put in some new music :-)...Date:06/05/96
Size:155 KB
Author:Anton Baranov AKA Quake/\/\an (CoSysOp ArVid, Quake & DooM Spb BBS!!!)

assorted.zip  Filename:assorted.zip
Size:189 KB

Scr. -"Zombie": The Cranberries Inter. -"My Wave": Soundgarden Messages -"When I Come Around": Green  Filename:awesomus.zip
Size:195 KB

bands.zip  Filename:bands.zip
Size:834 KB

BATMUS.WAD  Filename:batmus.zip
Danny Elfman's Batman theme. Completely without permission. If you want to sue me, you won't get much out of me. This wad is MUSIC ONLY....Date:07/24/94
Size:3 KB
Author:Tim McCune

Beatles Music for Doom2  Filename:beatles.zip
A beatles wads for Doom2 that replaces all songs in the enitire game, intermissions, levels, end of the game, game introduction, EVERYTHING. I originally had 56 beatles midi files and will release the other 22 .MUS files in a wad upon request....Date:01/15/96
Size:196 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

BEATLES2.WAD  Filename:beatles2.zip
The original BEATLES.WAD got some feedback to release the other 20 beatles songs in a wad so, here they are. I just HAD to put the DRVCAR.MID in there again so I did....Date:02/01/96
Size:101 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

bestmus.zip  Filename:bestmus.zip
Size:71 KB

bestmus.wad  Filename:bestmus2.zip
A music wad that makes me proud (cuz all other music wads suck in my opinion. Except the NIN.wad) Don't know if it will work for D2. I tried to go for a dark and eerie theme hear, but, had to through in some cool and upbeat tracks to. Alot of the mus...Date:07/18/98
Size:640 KB
Author:Justin White

Brad&co  Filename:bradco.zip
This is a wad with 32 different songs in it. My next project will include a wad with new graphics and sounds. It will follow along in the soon-to-be Brad&co series. So keep an eye out for it. You also might want to check out my Diehard.wad which is a...Date:11/08/95
Size:339 KB
Author:Brad Edgeworth

Brutal Mix Up  Filename:brumixup.zip
A compilation of songs for both Doom games composed of tunes from my Rock It! series and various megawads found on /idgames/...Date:07/31/13
Size:388 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Change All! (changall.wad)  Filename:changall.zip
This wad does'nt change just level 1... it changes ALL of the music... hence the name. I was getting tired of the normal Doom music. It's not bad or anything ... it's just getting boring. And all I could find were the usual changes to the music for m...Date:07/06/95
Size:273 KB
Author:Thomas Evans (WiErDo)

Chiptune Doom 2  Filename:chipdm2.zip
All the original Doom 2 tunes remixed into chiptunes via Impulse Tracker (IT) format. If you don't know what a chiptune is, basically it emulates the sound of the NES, Commodore64, etc. music engines in the form of tracker-based music (MOD, XM, S3M, ...Date:05/11/03
Size:1461 KB
Author:Bloodshedder (Bill Koch)

Chiptune Doom  Filename:chipdoom.zip
All the original Doom tunes remixed into chiptunes via Impulse Tracker (IT) format. If you don't know what a chiptune is, basically it emulates the sound of the NES, Commodore64, etc. music engines in the form of tracker-based music (MOD, XM, S3M, IT...Date:11/21/02
Size:1341 KB
Author:Bloodshedder (Bill Koch)

Heretic Chiptunes  Filename:chiphtic.zip
heretic original tunes remastered in chiptune style. File are god damn huge but it's ok, i guess....Date:06/05/09
Size:33186 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

classic1.zip  Filename:classic1.zip
Size:94 KB

classic2.zip  Filename:classic2.zip
Size:266 KB

Classic Doom Music  Filename:clsdmmus.zip
I just made this wad/pk3 to replace the boring old music in Ultimate doom. However, this only works for episode 1. You can find the whole soundtrack at this link.. http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Classic_DOOM_3_Original_Mod_Soundtrack;52796 You c...Date:02/02/09
Size:38703 KB
Author:Devil Hunter

clsmusic.zip  Filename:clsmusic.zip
Size:96 KB

Coolmus.wad  Filename:coolmusi.zip
The wad changes every music file in DOOM to a theme...Date:11/27/95
Size:170 KB
Author:Seth Stanton & Joe Seifert

Dark/Hard music  Filename:darkhard.zip
Just a set of music for your listening pleasure...Date:08/19/03
Size:272 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

DEEPRED.WAD  Filename:deepred.zip
Size:8 KB

default dot wad  Filename:default.zip
Bunch of midi music i downloaed trougth the time i waste in the world wide web 2.0, all stored inside a wad file. this one works for all doom, heretic, hexen and strife megawad. Some of this midis are also used in some other projects, released or WIP...Date:10/21/09
Size:937 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Death/Hard/Industrial/Goth/etc music WAD for both Doom and Doom2  Filename:dethmetl.zip
Replaces _all_ music in doom and doom2...Date:08/22/99
Size:364 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk

Gravis Ultrasound patches  Filename:dgguspat.zip
This is the standard set of patch files that were originally distributed with the Gravis Ultrasound (GUS) driver. If you want to play a modern source port and have it sound like a GUS, you'll find these helpful. The GUS patches have long been distr...Date:03/09/13
Size:5184 KB
Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)

Doom 2 Variations by Dimaension X  Filename:dimxmus.zip
With the release of Dimaension X's "Doom 2 Variations" tribute to Bobby Prince's compositions for Doom 2, I quickly assembled a workable PWAD using the songs to be used in the game using a ZDoom source port. : Note I used 16bit mono in order to reduc...Date:05/03/09
Size:39133 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Doom II Enhanced Music: Volume I  Filename:dm2mus1.zip
Tired of hearing the same old music? Hate the low-quality music WADs? Want music WADs that contain all kinds of music fitted to each level instead of one style of music thrown into the game without regard for the level's "personality?" The Enhanced M...Date:01/21/96
Size:223 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

Doom II Enhanced Music: Volume II  Filename:dm2mus2.zip
Tired of hearing the same old music? Hate the low-quality music WADs? Want music WADs that contain all kinds of music fitted to each level instead of one style of music thrown into the game without regard for the level's "personality?" The Enhanced M...Date:01/21/96
Size:305 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

Doom II Enhanced Music: Volume III  Filename:dm2mus3.zip
Tired of hearing the same old music? Hate the low-quality music WADs? Want music WADs that contain all kinds of music fitted to each level instead of one style of music thrown into the game without regard for the level's "personality?" The Enhanced M...Date:01/21/96
Size:185 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

dm2music.zip  Filename:dm2music.zip
Has 2 WADs that has different music for each level. The third wad replaces some music too, but only like five of them. I picked out all the songs that I knew and I also picked some songs that I like but never heard of them before (only like 5 of them...Date:11/13/95
Size:535 KB

Doom Music Inversion  Filename:dminvert.zip
Changes the notes in all the music so they are inverted, so low notes are high and vice versa. Makes for some weird, wacky or awkward sounding tunes....Date:10/26/13
Size:462 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Rick's New Music For Doom  Filename:dmrkmus.zip
This wad contains new music for e1m1-4, e2m4, and the interlude between levels and the victory screen....Date:06/16/94
Size:49 KB
Author:Rick Kelly

80's Horror Soundtrack  Filename:doom80.zip
Replaces the default music with a variety of .OGG tracks that could have appeared in the original game if it had been released in the 80's. That might sound weird, but fans of the original midis might actually like this....Date:12/13/12
Size:117631 KB

doommidi.zip  Filename:doommidi.zip
Size:210 KB

doomsong.zip  Filename:doomsong.zip
Size:3201 KB

Dps Music for Doom II (11/97)  Filename:dps.zip
/Story This WAD file contains all new music for Doom II. This even includes the title screens! The Doom Preservation Society has a hard time figuring which MUS files are the best for its projects. So we make a lot of them here available. The music ra...Date:11/06/97
Size:313 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

12oz Draft Music for DOOM1 v1.0  Filename:draft1_1.zip
This is new original music for DOOM1 based on songs by a heavy metal/thrash band I used to be in named 12oz Draft. Credits for individual songs are listed below in order of play. Names with an "*" next to them are author of the guitar solo for that s...Date:02/20/97
Size:82 KB
Author:John Wolanski

12oz Draft Music for DOOM2 v1.0  Filename:draft2_1.zip
This is original music for DOOM2 based on songs of a Cleveland heavy metal/thrash band I used to be in way back in '92. The WAD was completed on Feb. 16, 1997 at 12:00AM. Following is a list of the songs and their respective author(s). For those curi...Date:02/15/97
Size:94 KB
Author:John Wolanski

e1mus.zip  Filename:e1mus.zip
Size:27 KB

e2music1.zip  Filename:e2music1.zip
Size:52 KB

edgarmst.zip  Filename:edgarmst.zip
Size:2117 KB

Alternate late game music replacement  Filename:endmus.zip
I always thought the late game music for both Doom and Doom2 were off so I replaced MAP21 through MAP29 and E3M1-E3M9 with more string based MIDI files since I believe they would fit the hellish atmosphere better than the ones provided with the games...Date:03/24/09
Size:355 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Music Collection. Version 1.0  Filename:evamus.zip
Updated your DOOM2 music. MAP01 MAP02 MAP03 MAP04 MAP05 MAP06 NEON GENESIS EVANGELION world....Date:01/19/97
Size:51 KB
Author:Yukio Ide(JAPAN) My stage name is WAIZU. :)

Fatal Cure's Doom Music  Filename:fcmus.zip
This is a wad I threw together with some midi filz...Date:05/10/96
Size:47 KB
Author:Fatal Cure

Final Fantasy III for DOOM II  Filename:ff3.zip
DOOM II with elements from Final Fantasy III...Date:07/09/96
Size:27 KB
Author:Mark LaCroix

ffmus.zip  Filename:ffmus.zip
Size:93 KB

foreve.zip  Filename:foreve.zip
Size:3 KB

Gilbert and Sullivan DOOM2!  Filename:gands.zip
ALL, and I do mean ALL, of Doom2's music has bee replaced by Glibert and Sullivan music...Date:12/08/95
Size:157 KB

GOBLIN.WAD ( for doom2 )  Filename:goblin.zip
Music by Goblin ( not THE GOBLINS ) for maps 1,2, and 3. Some great horror flicks Goblin has done music for are: Deepred Suspira Buried Alive Demons Dawn of the Dead...Date:05/11/97
Size:27 KB

goldeney.zip  Filename:goldeney.zip
Size:173 KB

Goodmus.wad  Filename:goodmus.zip
Replaces ALL music with other creations. (All 32 levels, Opening screen, Story screens)...Date:08/24/95
Size:283 KB
Author:John Rosencutter

Great NEW Music for Doom2 only.  Filename:greatmus.zip
This has all new music for all 32 levels, AND for between levels, intro, end, ect. It has ALL kinds of music: some theme songs from some movies, 9" Nails, Green Day, Metallica, Alonis Morset, and some other places that I can't remember....Date:02/10/96
Size:156 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

Great NEW Music for Doom2 only.  Filename:greenmus.zip
This has all new music for the first 7 levels, and they are ALL Green Day. If you don't like Green Day, forget this wad! All midis were patched from Mike Fisher's great GREATMUS.WAD. Check it out, it's on FTP.CDROM.COM. I also added some of my favour...Date:04/02/96
Size:88 KB
Author:Pete Tomlinson (ptomlins@icis.on.ca)

gus-tlr.zip  Filename:gus-tlr.zip
Size:5 KB
Author:of IIE, DEATHEB and GUS1M-II

gus1m-ii.zip  Filename:gus1m-ii.zip
Size:4 KB
Author:may use this optimized GUS1M-II WAD in their own WAD files,

gus1mIId.zip  Filename:gus1mIId.zip
Size:4 KB
Author:may use this optimized Gus1mIId WAD in their own WAD files,

Harmony MIDI Pack  Filename:harmmidi.zip
An add-on for Harmony that adds 11 unique MIDI tracks to the levels, and an extra 3 for the title, intermission and ending. Simply run this with the Harmony IWAD....Date:09/25/11
Size:91 KB
Author:James "Jimmy" Paddock

The Cure for Doom  Filename:heaven.zip
/Story This WAD file is the song "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure for Doom Only! This WAD file WILL NOT work for Doom II....Date:11/06/97
Size:5 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

HEAVY.WAD  Filename:heavy.zip
Musics only! Doom does not (unfortunately) allow you to simply insert your favorite CD in cdrom drive, so you have to use midi files. This is a heavy metal tune collection carefully selected to suit the atmosphere of the game. The tracks are mostly b...Date:05/20/97
Size:300 KB
Author:Mr Topi Ylinen

Hell's Games Music  Filename:hg_music.zip
O.k., Hell's Games sucked. But the music was great! Probably because of the GENMIDI resource. Well, here's the music-only version of it....Date:07/14/97
Size:123 KB
Author:Joe Veldhuis

highend.zip  Filename:highend.zip
Size:147 KB

Hotel de Vu  Filename:hotel_vu.zip
Here's a dark, creepy hotel for deathmatch. Set to the tune of an old Eagles tune about a certain hotel......Date:04/14/95
Size:38 KB
Author:Vu Q. Le

Iron Maiden tunes for Awe64 (Doom95)  Filename:im64.zip
I decided to spice up doom by making a Maiden tune collection to use as doom background music. Nobody knows when Melt is out, but with this and doom you should have something of a substitute. (I actually made this wad a couple of weeks ago trying to ...Date:03/16/98
Size:270 KB
Author:Topi Ylinen

jaydmx.wad  Filename:jaydmx.zip
Improved DOOM II instrument mapping for 1-meg Gravis Ultrasound board ....Date:07/07/97
Size:3 KB
Author:/Address jay_dee@usa.net

jaymus.zip  Filename:jaymus.zip
Size:363 KB

Jazz Doom  Filename:jazzdoom.zip
A collection of jazz MIDI files I have in my collection. I suggest merging it with the main IWAD if you like it. DeuSF included. To merge, copy DeuSF.exe and jazzdoom.wad to your Doom II dir, and at the MS-DOS prompt type: deusf -merge jazzdoom.wad T...Date:05/14/99
Size:459 KB
Author:Bill Koch

jalla_xmus  Filename:ja_xmus.zip
HiFi music for ja_xmas.wad :O :O :O...Date:11/29/05
Size:1290 KB
Author:Ivar "jallamann" Remøy

JJs-Jams.WAD  Filename:jjs-jams.zip
This is my own hacked together music file that I first put together to see if I could. It eventually evolved into something alot bigger than I first expected. I've ended up replacing all the music for all levels of all episodes. Some of my selections...Date:09/15/94
Size:273 KB
Author:J. J. "Rocket In The Face" Franzen

Knee Deep In ZDoom Soundtrack  Filename:kdizdmus.zip
This is just a simple music wad for Knee Deep in Zdoom, as a soundtrack for KDIZD was promised but not delivered. All tracks are remixes of standard Doom music, and are freely available on the author's website: http://kinkiness.de...Date:06/02/07
Size:60569 KB
Author:Joseph Ritter/"dethtoll" for the wad, kinkiness for the music

Some Funky .MUS replacements  Filename:kewlmus1.zip
Screwing with DeuTex for the first time......Date:12/22/94
Size:282 KB
Author:Brad Robbins

KISS DOOM for DOOM2 v2.0  Filename:kiss_dm2.zip
"Do you believe in Rock 'n Roll? Then standup for what you believe in!" A DOOM2 wad featuring the music of KISS. Some graphics have been added (new menus and title/help/end screens), but you'll have to wait for the PHANTOM partial conversion wad wh...Date:08/16/99
Size:258 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

korn.zip  Filename:korn.zip
Size:35 KB

The Call Of Ktulu  Filename:ktulu.zip
The Call Of Ktulu by Metallica, inspired by HP Lovecraft's Call Of Cthulu, and supposed to be a call to a malignant god. Appropriate huh!...Date:05/24/97
Size:20 KB
Author:Stephen Patterson

Lithium's Movie Score PWAD  Filename:lithmovi.zip
I'm bored tonight so I thought I'd make myself a music PWAD and share it with the Internet community. :) This wad contains 9 .MIDs of songs from famous movies. I just threw this together to have something to listen to during modoom so if it doesn't f...Date:10/29/94
Size:46 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

lithmusi.zip  Filename:lithmusi.zip
Size:187 KB

madmanplus.wad  Filename:madmnpls.zip
Well, I made madman.wad, then I thought there should be some new sounds, so that`s the only difference between this one and the old madman.wad. It changes all the music of doom2 to better stuff like alice in chains, silverchair, korn, metallica, tool...Date:03/19/98
Size:489 KB
Author:John Adams

Madonna Music  Filename:madonna.zip
This is a collection of Madonna midis from her debut album all the way up to American Life, also includes a couple of remixes. For those curious on what the songs are, I have included a track list. This WAD replaces all of the stock Doom and Doom II ...Date:12/07/12
Size:361 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Iron Maiden music for DOOM][  Filename:maiden.zip
As the title says, its Iron Maiden music for DOOM][...Date:02/01/98
Size:136 KB
Author:Stephen Patterson

markmu11.zip  Filename:markmu11.zip
Size:40 KB

markmu12.zip  Filename:markmu12.zip
Size:39 KB

Mark's Music For DOOM 1  Filename:markmus1.zip
Listen to silly music, well, silly for DOOM, anyway. Perfect for DEATHMATCH!!...Date:04/09/97
Size:92 KB
Author:Mark Moore

markmus2.zip  Filename:markmus2.zip
Size:90 KB

metal.zip  Filename:metal.zip
Size:91 KB

Metallica Doom II  Filename:metalica.zip
Music for all 32 levels of Doom II!...Date:06/14/98
Size:748 KB

DooMetallicA (METALMUS.WAD)  Filename:metalmus.zip
This wad contains no new levels, no graphics, not even sound effects. It contains only MUSIC. It replaces *all* Doom2 music tracks with Metallica songs in Midi format! There are about 30 different songs, some of them duplicated in two different arran...Date:12/09/96
Size:287 KB
Author:Topi Ylinen

Metallica DOOM and Metallica DOOM II  Filename:metldoom.zip
Here are some Metallica music for DOOM and DOOM II. Have fun....Date:01/01/97
Size:437 KB
Author:Ian Chipman

(title of your masterpiece)  Filename:mkmusic.zip
Mortal Kombat music for DooM II...Date:11/16/06
Size:115 KB
Author:Alejandro Santomé

Size:349 KB

MovieMusic  Filename:movmusic.zip
A ton of music for DOOM, all themes from movies...Date:06/28/96
Size:266 KB
Author:Seth Stanton & Nick Hendricks

MP2 Music Definitions for JDoom  Filename:mp2music.zip
Okay, so you've downloaded all the Doom/Doom2 .mp2 files from Doomworld (www.doomworld.com) or Bobby Prince's site (before he moved only some of them to www.mp3.com). But how can you use them in a source port without creating a massive 60MB wad? Th...Date:10/13/02
Size:3 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

Metallica for Doom 2  Filename:mtca.zip
A total music replacement WAD for Doom 2 and the best part is, it's all Metallica!...Date:06/14/98
Size:463 KB
Author:Phil Clark

DooM Music  Filename:music.zip
Ever wish that you could have different music to play Doom by. Here ya go!...Date:07/25/95
Size:190 KB
Author:Dean Ragan

music.wad  Filename:music1.zip
This Nifty Little wad changes the music in levels e1m1-e1m3....Date:09/02/97
Size:25 KB
Author:Tory Wheelwright

Pcorf's Music Rejects  Filename:musrej1.zip
A music only wad containing some of the rejects from 2002ado and several other of my past projects. All songs are original and composed by me. Feel free to use any of these songs in your wad, level, etc. Music replaces all 32 levels, plus title, inte...Date:05/02/08
Size:93 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

NIRVANA BLEACH (doom2)  Filename:nbleach.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off the album bleach)...Date:07/24/98
Size:72 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

Not Even Doom Music  Filename:nedm.zip
It's not even doom music ALSO! it's not even doom2 music or heretic music or hexen music i recommend playing this wad with those megawads that don't add anything new to sound or music oh btw, this wad does not have the usual shty trent reznor and...Date:07/01/06
Size:1609 KB

Doom NES Music  Filename:nesmus.zip
All the original Doom tunes remixed into NES- style chiptunes via Impulse Tracker (IT) format. If you don't know what a chiptune is, basically it emulates the sound of the NES, Commodore 64, etc. music engines in the form of tracker-based music (MOD,...Date:06/22/04
Size:201 KB
Author:Bloodshedder (Bill Koch)

New DOOM ][ Music :-)  Filename:newd2mus.zip
10 NEW Songs for DOOM ][ :-) I got tired of the SAME OLD music in DOOM ][ everytime I played, so I decided to put in some new music :-)...Date:03/18/95
Size:113 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

newmus1.zip  Filename:newmus1.zip
Size:272 KB

New Music For DooM][  Filename:newmusic.zip
Complete Music Replacement For DooM][ (My first DooM][ wad - comments please)...Date:07/04/96
Size:183 KB
Author:Scott Langstaff

nin.zip  Filename:nin.zip
Size:200 KB

NIRVANA INCESTICIDE (doom2)  Filename:nincest.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off the album incesticide)...Date:07/24/98
Size:65 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

nindoom.zip  Filename:nindoom.zip
Size:162 KB

NIRVANA IN UTERO (doom2)  Filename:ninutero.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off the album in utero) (sorry i didnt put gallons of rubbing alcohol flow though the strip on.)...Date:07/24/98
Size:132 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

NIRVANA MUSIC  Filename:nirvana.zip
Music addon for DOOM][...Date:05/03/96
Size:52 KB

Music WAD  Filename:nmusic.zip
i have changed all the music for doom2 so that (and southpark sounds)...Date:07/18/98
Size:294 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

Music2 WAD  Filename:nmusicv2.zip
(part 2)I changed some of the music that i didn't like. heres the list again....Date:07/22/98
Size:292 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

NIRVANA NEVERMIND (doom2)  Filename:nneverm.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off the album nevermind) (sorry i didnt put endless nameless on.but its on nrare.wad)...Date:07/24/98
Size:74 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

NIRVANA RARE SONGS (doom2)  Filename:nrare.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off rare albums)...Date:07/24/98
Size:54 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

Nti. Groove  Filename:ntigroov.zip
Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but anyway there's a pop band called Aikakone (in English: The Time Machine). It is quite popular in Finland, the radio stations are always (or at least nearly) playing their songs. This song is one of the worst, it w...Date:01/19/97
Size:6 KB
Author:J. Simola (artist formerly known as Faidros / POCD)

NIRVANA UNPLUGGED IN NEW YORK (doom2)  Filename:nunplug.zip
ive changed all the music in doom2. (all by nirvana.off the album unplugged in new york) (sorry i didnt put oh me on it.)...Date:07/24/98
Size:96 KB
Author:Jordan Barington

PHIL COLLINS MUSIC for Doom II  Filename:pcollins.zip
Who wouldn't like Phil Collins? This artist is well-known for hits like One More Night, In The Air Tonight, and Against All Odds, to name a few. This music WAD pays homage to Phil Collins' career retrospective as a musician; from his days with Genesi...Date:09/14/98
Size:376 KB
Author:Jason Wainman

Pink Floyd for Doom  Filename:pink.zip
/Story This WAD file is the song "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd for Doom Only! This WAD file WILL NOT work for Doom II....Date:11/05/97
Size:14 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

Plutonia MIDI Pack  Filename:plutmidi.zip
One thing that separates the two halves of Final Doom is that TeamTNT composed many original tracks for Evilution, and I think that this added greatly to its originality and charm, even if some of the MIDIs were really short and/or just not that grea...Date:10/08/13
Size:224 KB
Author:Jimmy & various

pop.zip  Filename:pop.zip
Size:160 KB

Project: Doom (Final)  Filename:prjdoom.zip
This is a remix project I finished recently. Fifty-seven MIDI tracks of remixed/enhanced Doom music, for use in-game. This version is considered the final version, and includes the Final Doom soundtrack....Date:08/16/07
Size:100 KB
Author:Jay Reichard

PSX Music wad  Filename:psxdoom.zip
This is a wad that replaces the music in Doom1 with the music from PSX Doom. To prevent the file size from becoming huge i had to decrease the quality of the music. The ingame music still sounds ok but the music during the stats screen is somewhat hu...Date:08/09/07
Size:20972 KB

Requiem for Modplug.com  Filename:r4modp.zip
A finnest Modular musics selection brought from my own collection and from CDs i have, listen it and told me what do you think about this thing......Date:11/25/05
Size:8303 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

s appear are available for $15 post-paid from:

Ragtime Press Post Office Box 40554 Staten I
Size:400 KB

Revalvicate  Filename:revlvic8.zip
Revalvicate - A complete Episode 1 music replacement wad with mostly original music from me. Covers E1M1 - E1M9, introduction, intermission and end victory. The majority of Revalvicate is simple but powerful. Not many instruments but they are used we...Date:07/14/02
Size:1567 KB
Author:Josef Griffiths (Scragadelic)

Rock It!  Filename:rockit.zip
Complete music replacement for both Doom and Doom 2 with original compositions found on the internet. Mostly heavy rock with some techno and electronic tracks scoured around....Date:03/23/09
Size:362 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Rock It! v2.5 Final  Filename:rockit25.zip
Complete music replacement for both Doom and Doom 2 with original compositions found on the internet. Mostly heavy rock with a few techno and electronic tracks scoured around. : With v2.5, this replaces almost all songs that were present in v1 have b...Date:07/17/13
Size:354 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Sun and Steel -- Iron Maiden Victory: Where Eagles Dare -- Iron Maiden Level End: Revalations -- Iro  Filename:rockmus.zip
Size:365 KB

Rock It! Electronic Edition  Filename:rokeleko.zip
A music compilation set to more energetic electronic(a) and techno tunes for both Doom and Doom 2. Version 1.01 replaces a few of the "dud" songs....Date:02/13/14
Size:315 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Rise Of The Triad Music WAD  Filename:rottmus.zip
ROTT music for all 32 levels of Doom 2....Date:07/07/01
Size:940 KB
Author:Tavish Misra

rush_mus.zip  Filename:rush_mus.zip
Size:190 KB

Black Sabbath Music WAD for Doom II  Filename:sabbath2.zip
Well, it's a music PWAD for Doom II, including War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man, After Forever, Supernaut & Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Use IDMUS01-06 to switch. Politicians hide themselves away they only started the war Why should they go...Date:06/24/98
Size:32 KB

Sisters of Mercy Doom v1.0b  Filename:sisters.zip
I really like the Sisters and when I found that there were no Doom WADs for them I set out to make my own! And here it is!!! I searched the Net for MIDI files, so far I've only found 4, if you have any that I could add then please e-mail them to me!!...Date:01/24/97
Size:24 KB
Author:Nick Giles

Ultimate Doom Episode Midis  Filename:skunkmus.zip
An entire episode of midis free use. If you'd like music for your project you can use these. Rename as you see fit. If you'd like more music or if you'd like me to create music for your project then please don't fret to ask. Email: ohnoitskyleg@catt....Date:02/01/08
Size:7 KB
Author:Kyle "Skunk" Guthrie

smmusic.zip  Filename:smmusic.zip
Size:366 KB

Sailor Moon Music PWAD. Music Collection.  Filename:smoon.zip
Updated your DOOM2 music. MAP01 - MAP10...Date:01/19/97
Size:138 KB
Author:Yukio Ide(JAPAN) My stage name is WAIZU. :)

.SPC to .IT Example.  Filename:spcexmpl.zip
This is a simple wad containing an Impulse Tracker module dumped from a music file from a Super Nintendo game, or a SPC file. I used a program called OpenSPC (Google it) to dump it, then used ModPlug Tracker to clean it up and format it. Then, I put ...Date:11/21/08
Size:104 KB

starmid.zip  Filename:starmid.zip
Size:176 KB

A very strange music conversion  Filename:strange2.zip
Size:563 KB
Author:Ben Childers and a buncha people who made the Music. Let's not forget the little people! :-) Look fo

Strife Music Wad  Filename:strifmus.zip
Well, ever played Strife? This wad contains 9 best tunes from this great game....Date:03/12/00
Size:89 KB

Doom Surfin  Filename:surftune.zip
Replaces all music from Episode 1 with hard drivin' jams, some of them familiar tunes. We'll start you off with Wipeout....Date:03/22/99
Size:104 KB
Author:Douglas A. Campbell

Sycraft Doom soundtrack  Filename:syd1mus.zip
This is a WAD containing the music created by Sycraft but at a reduced size for convenience. The music files inside the file are 80kbps stereo MP3, so if you wish to listen to the original files, check the very bottom of this text file....Date:09/30/09
Size:33730 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Sycraft Doom 2 soundtrack  Filename:syd2mus.zip
This is a WAD containing the music created by Sycraft but at a reduced size for convenience. The music files inside the file are 80kbps stereo MP3, so if you wish to listen to the original files, check the very bottom of this text file....Date:09/29/09
Size:45077 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

t2mus.zip  Filename:t2mus.zip
Size:4 KB

DOOM HIP MUSIC v0.8  Filename:thehip.zip
This wad is brought to you by "The Tragically Hip on the NET" and me. It has 8 Hip songs. There will be future versions as more Hip midis show up on the internet....Date:12/16/96
Size:46 KB
Author:Dave Richardson

DOOM2 HIP MUSIC v0.8  Filename:thehip2.zip
This wad is brought to you by "The Tragically Hip on the NET" and me. It has 8 Hip songs. There will be future versions as more Hip midis show up on the internet....Date:12/16/96
Size:46 KB
Author:Dave Richardson

titanic.zip  Filename:titanic.zip
Size:44 KB

TvMusic  Filename:tvmusic.zip
A ton of music for DOOM, all themes from TV shows...Date:06/28/96
Size:133 KB
Author:Seth Stanton & Nick Hendricks

Tyler's Music  Filename:tylermus.zip
This wad is a collection of midi files I found on the Internet...I was tired of the same ol' DOOM music, so I decided to put my own in! If I could have found more rap midi's on the internet, I would've used them. Instead I (unknowingly) created the...Date:01/03/96
Size:237 KB
Author:Tyler Blohm

UAC Resurrection soundtrack (18/04/01)  Filename:uacmusic.zip
Check them out in Wintex. These are the songs that will be in UAC Resurrection sometime....Date:04/21/01
Size:60 KB

Unused Doom Music Replacement  Filename:udmr.zip
This WAD replaces all music found in Ultimate Doom. From the title screen to the bunny screen. The music isn't necessarily better but was an interesting experiment I conducted....Date:12/19/13
Size:103 KB

Ultimate Music Patch WAD for DOOM and DOOM II, v6.1  Filename:udmusp61.zip
Replacement for all musics. Covers both DOOM and DOOM II....Date:01/29/97
Size:473 KB
Author:Patrick Kalinauskas

ULTIMATE MUSICS  Filename:umusic.zip
Music addon for DOOM...Date:10/30/96
Size:28 KB

Various Artists Music Wad  Filename:vamus1.zip
Music from Various Artists. I got these from midi files I have downloaded from all over the internet. These midifiles are excellent reproductions of the actual recorded versions of the songs. Songs From: Nirvana, The Who, Seal, U2, Queen and others...Date:07/01/94
Size:188 KB
Author:Angelito So

vw.zip  Filename:vw.zip
Size:458 KB
Author:Nicholas Hall

WakaMusic (Pronounce: Walk-Uh Mu-zic)  Filename:wakamus.zip
Size:201 KB
Author:Michael Karikas and a buncha people who made the Music. Let's not forget the little people! :-) Look

Size:107 KB

The Zodiac Deathmach, Music wad  Filename:zod2emus.zip
This wad contains the music for my Deathmatch wad "The Zodiac Deathmatch" (zodiac2e.wad). By loading it along with zodiac2e.wad, the MIDI-music will be replaced by arranged versions....Date:02/26/06
Size:18092 KB

zsound.wad  Filename:zsound2.zip
some new sounds plasma gun, item pickup, pain, and death spider death, and many, many more READ THIS BEFORE USING there is new music on every level I have tried to include a varity I am 14 years old which means that whatever I have created was easy t...Date:10/05/96
Size:565 KB
Author:Zach Anderson

zsound3.wad  Filename:zsound3.zip
tons of new music most of the music in this wad can be downloaded from my web site at http://pages.prodigy.com/ZACH42 the zach 42 part must be capitilized...Date:10/12/96
Size:171 KB
Author:Zach Anderson

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