Last year around a month ago (which was really two years ago in the most technical sense), you may recall Doomworld's 10 Years of Doom extravaganza. It was a pretty big success, and myself and Ling broke our backs putting it together. We reviewed literally 100 wads (110 if you count the ten bad ones we made fun of), got people to write articles, and managed to get the whole thing up in time for Doom's big ten despite the planning not starting until about a month before.

The big irony there was that the thing that ended up being the most popular was the now famous Doom comic. That idea took around ten seconds to come up with, and even less time to get up and running. We already had the scans, so the hard part was done. So that which took the least effort and was really a last-second addition was the most popular. However, we still enjoyed doing it and the end results were pretty cool, though looking back at that logo I made, man, it's pretty terrible.

Anyway, this year, rather than go insane again (and also because we're lazy) we recruited everyone's favorite artist Scuba Steve. Actually, he recruited us. We had some vague plans to make a list of WADs that may or may not have been good or something like that, but nothing much came of it. Scuba did all the work, and Doomworld now humbly hosts it.

Also a big huge thanks go out to Manc of (who also happens to be DW's newest newsie) who provided lots of input, hosting for forums so that people could vote on the wads, and he also made the spiffy logo above this intro text.

All that said, please enjoy the 11th Annual Cacowards, and don't try to figure out what happened to the previous ten.

- Cyb

2004 Cacowards

  • Action Doom
  • Decade
  • RTC-3057
  • Grove
  • Tremor
  • Chosen
  • Phobos Revisited
  • Hell Revealed 2
  • Community Chest 2
  • Zdoom Community Map
  • Best DM
  • Worst
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mockaward
  • Mapper of the Year

Honorable Mentions
  • Super Sonic Doom
  • Deus Vult
  • Massmouthmas
  • Daedalus
The 11th Anual Cacowards was written by Scuba Steve.