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    • By printz · Posted
      Nice teleport puzzle map.
    • By printz · Posted
      Pretty fun and rewarding for a level advertised as deathmatch. But I couldn't find the exit…
    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      Short bite-sized maps, each of varying quality, although never to anything below average, at least for 1994. The first map is rather short, with a bit of rooms to go around in but otherwise can be beaten in less than 10 seconds. The second level is longer although still short, does have a few tricks up its sleeve but nothing too engaging. The third and last level is the longest and packs the most action and exploration out of the three levels, such as a small maze of Lost Souls and a way to a secret exit switch to enter E1M9, even though there isn't any secret level included in the WAD.   Texture variation is pretty low and on Ultra-Violence is pretty alright, if a little standard. Ammo for the first two maps is pretty strict but manageable, whereas the third map gives you more than enough, even Cell Ammo which might be a bit of an overkill given the low-tier enemies you'll be facing. Map layouts are simple despite the attempts to keep things refreshing and overall the WAD is pretty average. Flaws aside, it is a decent time killer so it may be worth playing for a quick set of levels to blaze through.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      an excellent continuation of Shadows of Destiny, felt very much like a WSJ set in how it played, very difficult but fun.
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done on UV/continuous/saves.   This is a fine story-telling megawad. Aesthetically, I don't have much to complain, the new textures, while not being the best looking, succeed in their context, and I was more fond of the second episode (newer maps) where I noticed an advance in terms of visuals. Tons of eye candies, such as frozen or burning marines, waving flags, boxes on false conveyors, portraits of monsters, and much more. All these little details are rarely seen in other wads, one just doesn't see a machine that produces cacodemons every day, that's one the funniest things I've ever seen in a Doom wad. About light variation, the author played a lot with darkness, most if not all the maps have various sections where it's quite dark to see what's going on. This can be a disadvantage against enemies, particularly hitscanners, caution is suggested in these cases, or gamma correction. However, darkness in caves was visually pleasing, personally speaking, and you'll probably deal with it better than the poor marines that hold the candles. The music selection is generally cool, but some midis are way too loud.    On a gameplay side, unless you check the release date, this could totally pass as a wad from the 90s. What I mean is, there's clearly a focus on adventure+action, and while I'm not very familiar with old FPS games, this felt at times like playing a total conversion. Your objective is to punish the scientist for bringing hell into earth, so this guy is the new enemy, which you'll meet at many points and will teleport out of the place upon killing him. The combat is mostly incidental, a great portion are hitscanners of all sizes, plus a few traps here and there, either with monsters or things. The thing is the pistol starts, more often you'll start with shotgunners or chaingunners in front of you, which you'll have to trade guns with first, something very common in old wads. It's not always easy to find important resources, like armor or blur spheres, and ranged weapons usage is limited overall. I had no issues with grinding through tanky monsters with only hitscan weapons, but that may not be suitable for other people. About the weapons, I mostly liked the flamethrower and crossbow (plasma rifle and rocket launcher respectively), the AK47 was cool too, but the sound was kinda annoying at times. Double shotguns were awkward to use, due to the sprite frames being mirrored shotguns. Last but not least, the flamegrenades, these weren't as bad as others implied, I found them powerful, much like rockets but faster and effective at close range, perhaps they should have been way more potent, to one-shot barons or archviles for example, given they occupy the seventh slot... Anyway, the maps are built so progression goes on par with the story, there's linearity above all, but an interesting side of it is how the layouts lead the player to previously explored territories, nothing about going from one extreme to the other, except one or two maps. The rest is to recognize the switches and doors, which aren't always so obvious.   The secrets are very important, like I said before, when there are tons of hitscanners, the best shield is a blur sphere. Unfortunately, it's hard to spot a single secret in this mapset. Some are hidden behind random non-hinted walls, others via crossing certain linedefs, which then have you backtracking all the way to the start. A few maps have unreachable sectors marked as secrets for whatever reason. Whatever, no favourite maps this time, since I liked and disliked them all pretty much the same way.    Overall, not too exciting, or recommended to everyone. I had fun probably because of playing on continuous, which made the starts more bearable against hitscan attrition. So, if anything I said above sounds good for you then try it. My rate is 6/10. 
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