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    • Phade102

      Apparently i'm a bad person for using cc4-tex O.o but its such a useful and massive amount of textures. Sadly, it means I'll need to upload my wad to mediafire or something noww, because its too big for doomworld, haha.
      · 3 replies
    • Sky

      Since the website software has been updated I was wondering if it is possible to shut down/delete Doomworld accounts if requested by the user? I'm thinking about shutting down my account and I was wondering if it's possible and who I should contact with to do so. 
      If not, are there any other means of locking up an account other than intentionally changing the password to something ridiculous/unmemorable?
      Sorry if these questions are answered in the FAQ page, I didn't bother to look there.
      · 1 reply
    • Slimz

      Why I haven't posted stuff like days?
      Cause I working on mod.
      · 0 replies
    • Kapanyo

      Oh geez I just turned off "square Things" in DB2
      oH geez I'm getting a nostalgia-esque feeling of having opened up DB2 for the first time
      OH GEEz I'm now working on a level that ignores all the "do's-and-don'ts" of mapping I've picked up
      · 8 replies
    • geo

      The last time I helped someone move was last year around this time. It was my aunt's elderly friend, a 74 year old ex coworker. My aunt is a farmer with a giant trailer that makes things easy to move so she offered to save the woman money.
      However, my aunt needed help. Her husband just had back surgery, so he was unavailable. Lucky for us, we weren't the only movers, there was a small army of four others making six total and the woman we were moving.
      People knew how to carry stuff, they just were unsure how to pack it. Since I've helped one person per year move for the past 20 years, I know how to pack like Tetris pieces. The initial packing went slow as the location was an apartment high over the ground. We had the ability to use the freight elevator which is always fun... unless you don't have the key. Then you need to wait for the person that has the key.
      It was a dull and routine move with no issues, which made me happy.  The woman being moved did her part and had everything packed. That's the biggest thing... people moving just don't pack everything until the day of.
      I was asked if I would be okay to drive the woman's car that was packed to the brim with plants. Sure thing, no one else can drive her, its best that I drive an elderly woman 4+ hours than let her drive. My aunt drove the trailer and a third mover drove his giant truck and followed us. We lost 3 movers, which was fine. Supposedly we had more movers at the destination.
      With the elderly woman in the vehicle with me she had her maps all ready! She was going to be the navigator. I didn't want to say I have phone with GPS. If she wants to be a map, so be it.
      It took us maybe half an hour to find construction that the map could never warn us about. So we were off the correct path. It was time for the GPS. She had never used a GPS. Turns out she too has one on her large phone. Large like it could have been an iPad sort of thing. She ended up enjoying the fact that there was a GPS and it talked to us! Its so perfect!
      We were back on our way again. Driving 80 mph in a major city, we were making awesome time. We were in the fast lane of an 8 lane highway. That's when something happened and there was a banging on the side of the vehicle. Just constant banging. Since we had a lot of stuff in her vehicle, I thought maybe something was falling out of a window, but to fall out, we'd also be cabin pressure. When I looked back there was some black tentacle banging on the side of the car.
      Here's the thing about driving 80 mph in a fast lane and something goes wrong. There's a break down lane in the center, but the catch is since its the fast lane, chances are you'll never get out unless someone lets you out and good luck getting someone to stop at 60 - 80 mph.
      I chose to carefully and calmly drop speed and move one lane at a time to the right side. Lucky for us the truck was following with anther mover.
      As it turns out the trim on her vehicle had ripped off partially and began to whip in the wind banging on the side of the vehicle. What she failed to tell me is the vehicle had recently scraped a wall a few days prior. So I assume that dug up some of the trim.
      It could have been worse and the truck following behind had duct tape. Know what color duct tape? Red... because it was a red truck. Know what color her vehicle was? Aquatic blue. It beats having to rip trim off the side of a vehicle during the height of city highway traffic.
      When we arrived at the new location it was so late there was only one extra mover and she was just as elderly as the woman we were moving. She was still a great help though. My energy was gone at that point.
      To make things worse for myself, just before we left, I was exiting the trailer and it was a tight enough fit where I must have scratched my leg. During the drive it itched, but standing up again, moving, sweating all over again caused it to hurt a lot. So I hid in the bathroom to discover oh ... I was gushing blood from my thigh to my sock. The gash was scrape, but the blood mixed with sweat made it look far worse.
      After cleaning up the blood and taping the scrape shut, my body realized it was sick or something. I assume part of heat stroke is getting sick... in the near summer. So I got sick. Three toilet flushes later, I confirmed the new toilet worked.
      When we finished getting everything out, it was 11 pm. It was typical move time. Intend to start early, start not so early, end at 11 pm. It happens most every time.
      Oh but here's the thing we still had to do the 4 hour drive back. However, my aunt's daughter has a cabin in the woods that was only 2 hours in the correct direction. Its in the middle of no where as most cabins are and my cousin just so happened to be there. At 1 am there are no lights and no town to guide the way. We passed by it and realized once we had found a town that we had overshot it.
      There is poor cell phone reception in the middle of no where, but after 15 minutes of hanging out we finally go through. My cousin and her husband had to go out, stand at the sides of the driveway and guide us in with cell phones as if we were a plane landing on a runway. Here's the thing about the driveway and the darkness, the ditches off to the side are the type of thing that if a vehicle falls into, they need a tow truck to get out of. So it was good to have the two people holding lights, because without them it might be quite the task.
      So that time capsules everything noteworthy about the last move. The only reason I bring it up is digging through my previous blogs, I found the previous move and that inspired me to archive this before poor memory makes me forget.
      · 0 replies
    • Voros

      I finished Strife today!
      (Read more)
      When I found out that I don't have to deal with the scanning crew/team of Acolytes that appear upon breaking the power coupling, I loaded up Strife again. After successfully finishing the power coupling mission, it felt like I just took a breath of fresh of air. All the other missions were much more easier to handle.
      I love how the the levels get more and more difficult, while leading up to the bosses, which were just as cool and well-played. 
      Things that made me go "fuck":
      Meeting the Templar: When I met this guy and charged, the Templar fired its Mauler and I died right there. I never expected that and assumed they would be my worst nightmare throughout the game. They weren't. The Stalkers: Everytime I see 'em, my mind sets off a bunch of alarms in my head. These things are small and have low health, sure, but they're so damn good at ambushing you. The moment they touch you, you lose health. Keep touching them, and you're dead in seconds. It's like the perfect version of the Pinky. I despise them. Macil's "info" on the Programmer: When I told Macil to lay it on me, I thought there would be more text describing the Programmer and stuff. Instead, I'm greeted with a picture of a cloaked guy ripping off the skin off his face and with eyes that suggests he's crazy. I was genuinely surprised by that. The other images were gruesome too (but not as much). The INQUISITOR: People have said before how they stared in awe as the Cyberdemon appeared, but holy shit, this thing looks a lot more menacing. You can't hide from it very well. It walks, flys over walls, shoots some kind of rocket/grenade-like projectile that instakills (from my experience) and who knows what melee attack it has? Never went near those things. With nothing to lose, I showed no mercy and brought out the Sigil. And still died. A lot. But its death sequence is really enjoyable to watch, to see it flailing around then explode. The Castle takeover: Really fun battle. Rebels beside me, robots and acolytes ahead, my assault gun in my hand.  The Mauler: During my hunt for the Richter, I never thought about getting the Mauler or even trying. So, I ran back to the area where the Warehouse was (pretty far if you think about) and descended into the Warehouse, and kept roaming around inside, looking for it. I spent way too much time in there, but I got my hands on it. Now that felt great.  
      I admit I "cheated" two times, one for my blindness, the other for the map's damn puzzle. I didn't notice a switch in the Sewers level (which has this amazing midi) and the other was that final teleporter in the Proving Grounds (damn this map was a pain, and the next map was even more painful), which I had forgotten about. But after that, I'm pretty happy.
      The thing I truly disliked was the ending. I expected some kind of end level, where I would travel back to Town on foot, while seeing various things like the Tarnhill beggars coming outside, the people fighting off the last Acolytes here and there, etc. Instead, I get a slideshow of Strifeguy kissing Blackbird. Anticlimatic for a game, but not for a movie. Talk about the James Bond thing going on :P
      On a sidenote, the Loremaster battle and everything else after it felt rushed to me. Sure, I had to deal with two Inquisitors and lots of Acolytes, but still. The Inquisitors were more fun to battle than the Loremaster. Would've been cool to find out that a Spectre was in control of an Inquisitor-like robot >:D
      Overall, the game was fun, puzzling and challenging. I died countless times, but it was worth it.
      · 3 replies
    • Outrageous Videos

      today I'm 777 weeks old
      Maybe I'll have more luck on my runs now
      · 3 replies
    • YukiRaven

      Made this for dinner tonight, but I wasn't paying attention and added way too much pork.
      So... ants harvesting a dense forest of vines?
      · 6 replies
    • galileo31dos01

      No End In Sight, episode 3, map 07, started at 18:30, it's 22:23 now and I still haven't found the red skull or the cyberdemon or half of the secrets and IDDT doesn't really help.
      Also first status comment hi 
      · 10 replies
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