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    • Albertoni  »  Walter confetti

      Finally assumed your identity of Walter Confettioneri, I see
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    • EarthQuake

      What's this thing do?
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    • AbsorbedHatch

      Anyways, I'm just gonna work on this map I've been wanting to get back to for a while.
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    • AbsorbedHatch

      I don't know if the bots are actually legit or whatever but a lot of people seem to be talking about it. Then again, could just be a scare so what do I really know?
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    • rdwpa

      I made a speedmap. Hey, I can use status updates to """"""release"""""" these now.
      Goals were to make a map that is 'conventionally challenging' as opposed to 'really hard', and to use limit removing triggers instead of Boom ones, so -complevel 2. Should take 15 minutes or fewer. Has HMP/UV.
      It's an ancient palace set in a ginormous volcanic rift. 

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    • Grazza

      If I write "poop" here, will anyone notice, or is this some kind of dead zone now?
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      Why is there a "popular now" section and "hot!" banners on active threads?
      Are people too stupid to not know what's popular nowadays? I mean, for fucks sake, can't people see that the thread gets on the top of the page every hour or so?
      It seems unnecessery for any forum whatsoever.
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    • Megalyth

      If it please the crown, may I drive the vehicle that I bought and paid for?
      I love the New York DMV and court system. Really I do.
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    • Viscra Maelstrom

      the latest forum update broke my profile banner. bollocks to that one, then. :v
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  • File Reviews

    • By Count651 · Posted
      A pretty decent wad but not without some serious flaws   Pros   - High detail maps - A lot of map variety - Long playtime - Good variety of difficulty - Unreal Tournament Music   Cons   - A lot of extremely brainless/spammy monster placement ( tiny rooms packed with so many monsters you HAVE to save scum ) - too many obvious traps, every item you pick up and every button you press seems to cause loads of enemies to teleport around you, a lot of levels became too predictable and repetitive because of this - Some bad music choices ( this is mostly a matter of opinion ) a lot of tracks sounded too upbeat for Doom, a lot of these tracks sound like they were taken from an 80's workout vhs
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      As for a megawad that was made in fewer days than it has levels - this is quite good. As for a megawad in general - well, that's a different story. It's very apparent that the maps precisely follow the author's visions and this leaves nothing to complain about. The problem is the one that affects many other Doom 1 WADs: the tedium. E3 is the best at avoiding it here and therefore the best in overall, but E1 and E2 leave you pumping monsters with puny weapons. You will get a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle, but there's very little ammo. Thus, the enjoyment is mixed and the overall score is average.
    • By Zahid · Posted
      I am sort of speechless after all those "carnage",while max no of monsters is 30 on uv.....completed all 8 levels in 5 mins at first attempt...even maps by purist's 6 years old kid are better than this crap...only good thing about this mapset is that its short,thankfully....
    • By riderr3 · Posted
      At least author know how to add new textures and sprites.
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      From text file:   So I ran it in Zandronum   but the text file also says:     Is that the reason for all the "YOU FAIL IT" symbols? The map is short like MAP01: Entryway, uses Entryway's music and the only challenge it offers is at the very beginning where 2 chaingunners attack you in the first, tiny room.   The visuals are technically fine but that's it. There's no other merit whatsoever.
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