I got a phone call two months ago, a familiar voice. "Get back to me." I'd been putting it off, almost contemplated giving it up. But I'd had my break. In spite of the torment and torture, I had to return. I had to hear that steady, clacking rhythm of the double-barreled shotgun. I had to waltz with the demons and feel the burn of the arch-vile. I met Alfonzo at the bunker of yesteryear, and together we dragged Xaser back, along with a new victim, dew. Together, we were the "poor suckers" of last year's ceremony. The community would get its precious 2013 Cacowards. Eventually.

In spite of the groundless fears of the rabble, Doom made it to the big 2-0. That's a nice, round number, needing some unnecessary mention. With this self-congratulatory ceremony, the community will have both ten years of Doomworld's Top 100 WADs and ten straight years of annual Cacowards. The grand total is two hundred of the best WADs this modding community has created since its birth, plus a bunch of honorable mentions, multiplayer nods, and other wondrous things. It's a community I didn't really get into until 2010, though I knew Doom ever since my dad downloaded the shareware demo back in '93. Twenty years later, here we are, always leaning toward the following year and the project releases we hope will surely happen.

2013 had its own share of enchantment. Doom Radio returned in spirit with the advent of what is now Alfonzo's Tango TV, later followed by 40oz's own World Extermination Radio. We also saw one sad individual masquerading as several authors of a mapping collective, their supposed musician recruit, and a little girl that won Doomworld's heart until his house of cards came tumbling down. Quakecon hosted a Doom tournament for the first time since 1996, and on Odamex to boot. Official cacodemon AND pain elemental plushies. Eriance resurrected Demon Eclipse. Gaston finally released Mordeth! Well, you know I was kidding on that last one. The best, I hope, is yet to come.

This particular awards ceremony has a few change-ups, both of which I hope become part and parcel of these festivities. The first is a switch to a dedicated multiplayer feature to get away from the past relegation of a vibrant section of the community to a mandatory head nod. The other is the lifetime achievement award, shining the spotlight on people we feel are (or, regretfully, were) important contributors to the Doom community. You can thank dew and esselfortium, respectively, for the authorship of these articles as they appear today, and also Xaser and Alfonzo for coming through again on hammering out the Cacowards.

As for me - I'm grateful to be part of this great tradition, as small as my part may be, and I hope my zest remains as undying as the love this community has for its beloved demon killing simulator.

- kmxexii

2013 Cacowards

Special Dedication

  • Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement

Top Ten - Page 1

  • Back to Saturn X: Episode 1
  • Doom 2 The Way id Did
  • Unholy Realms

Top Ten - Page 2

  • ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II
  • Fuel Devourer
  • Kuchitsu

Top Ten - Page 3

  • Forsaken Overlook
  • Stardate 20X6
  • Pirate Doom
  • Swim With the Whales

Multiplayer Awards

  • Eyedea
  • Samsara
  • Eon Deathmatch

Other Awards

  • Best Gameplay Mod
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mockaward
  • Mapper of the Year



  • Interception
  • Hadephobia
  • Hellbound
  • High / Low 5
  • Soulcrusher
  • Stomper