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6th August, 2004.SlayeR
ZDoomGL Moves

It's probably about time I updated this. The ZDoomGL project has moved over to MancuNET, so this site will most likely no longer be updated unless Kokak decides to reappear and update DoomGL or something, but that is highly unlikely. Anyhow, the forum at doomworld.com will still be there, but it's best to go to the new forum over at MancuNET instead.

Hopefully now most people will stop confusing the old ZDoomGL with the new, since the two are completely seperate and always have been. So yeah, get on over to the new homepage of ZDoomGL...

20th May, 2003.SlayeR
Progress Report

A long time seems to have passed since the last update ;). ZDoomGL has been progressing rather nicely, with many new features since 0.74. A major feature for 0.75 is shaders support, allowing for some very cool texture effects to be achieved. Also, since it's up-to-date with the latest version of ZDoom, it now has an uncapped framerate, and the ability to create totally new monsters and projectiles (with custom weapons support on the way...). A release of 0.75 is fairly close now, and if you are still using 0.74 and can't wait, be sure to download the latest snapshot from here.

20th May, 2003.SlayeR
ZDoomGL v0.74 Release

Well, I haven't updated here for a while. What better time to do it than with the release of ZDoomGL v0.74! Go to the downloads section to get at it. Here's the lowdown on what's new since v0.73:

- mirrors and skyboxes! Yay!
- flat animation blending!
- any other features I pointed out in the last while

Visit the ZDoomGL forum for more info on the release, and any other additions that aren't mentioned here (which, I assure you, are very many since 0.7 ;))

1st December, 2002.SlayeR
New ZDoomGL!

We finally have a release of the new ZDoomGL, folks! Go to the ZDoomGL section to download yourself a juicy copy of ZDoomGL v0.7 ;). Also, I must point out that it isn't up to where it was previously, so we don't want any complaints like 'Wheres the dynamic lighting?' or 'Why won't the md2s work?' etc. They are coming in the next version. Be sure to post any bugs at the forum, in the 'ZDoomGL v0.7 Buglist' thread. And of course, read the forum beforehand in case your bug has already been reported.

All the downloads in the non-ZDoomGL sections are now back up. Both our mirrors went down, and so now the ZDoomGL files are up at ZDoomGL's SourceForge project page. Yes, ZDoomGL 0.7+ is now up at SourceForge too. Go to the bottom of the ZDoomGL section for the link. The source code for ZDoomGL v0.7 is available there, at the CVS Repository.

Update (03/12/02)
I really should have posted what's new in the latest version, since everyone seems to be getting the idea not to expect much from it, when in fact, it's much different to the last version of ZDoomGL, since the rendering engine has been pretty much entirely rewritten ;) Here's a list of the new goodies:

- All features of ZDoom 2.0 up to pre13, not including mirrors and skyboxes
- JDoom style hires textures.
- Software-style depth fogging.
- In game switchable renderer.
- Anisotropic texturing.

23rd July, 2002.SlayeR
Downloads, Mirrors & Environment Mapping

Well, we should FINALLY have our file mirror problems sorted out. Slaizer's mirror should still work, but tmfweb has a bandwidth limit, so the files aren't always available. But, we now have another more reliable mirror, thanks to Tarin. The files can now be downloaded from here.

As for development news with ZDoomGL, timmie has mentioned in the forums that ZDoomGL will support environment mapping on textures! Also, ZDoomGL can now switch rendering modes ingame via the 'vid_renderer' cvar, and a public release is 'getting close'. All good news!

9th July, 2002.SlayeR
ZDoomGL happenings

ZDoomGL v0.7 development has been progressing slowly but surely, and it shouldn't be too long before a public beta can be released. Something I forgot to mention in the last update, is that ZDoomGL now requires GL nodes, which made writing code for rendering floors & ceilings much easier (and of course adding all the other advantages of GL nodes). For people who haven't visited the ZDoomGL forum, here are some screenshots Timmie posted: 1 2 3 4 5.

The downloads in the ZDoomGL section should now be working (again). Thanks to Slaizer for the mirror!

19th April, 2002.SlayeR/Sotarn
A brighter future

Kokak's Doom Page has been redesigned! I thought since ZDoomGL is so great, it needs a great website! So yeah, its all here from the old site, and theres also some new stuff too. All downloads on the ZDoomGL page now work! Please note that you need to right-click, and choose "save target as", to be able to save Spaceports hosted files.

Anyhow, onto some great ZDoomGL news. Since the last update, work on ZDoomGL has been picked up by Timmie. He basically has to rewrite the entire rendering engine, because of the massive changes from ZDoom v1.22 to the latest v1.23 beta. So far it is looking very good, and we can expect a beta version of ZDoomGL v1.23 as soon as all the basic features are done.

Things still to be done include the sky (which is being done at the moment), the menu and console fonts, the automap, and numerous other things. The original beta will be just 'ZDoom converted to OpenGL', according to Tim.

I have released a new model pack, bringing it up to v1.3. This release has 2 bugs fixed. The Plasma Rifle hud md2 is no longer black (ZDoomGL v0.66 doesnt like md2 skins larger than 512x512 for some reason). I have also re-added my new chaingun md2, which somehow got mixed up with the old one :P It's up for download over at the ZDoomGL section.

18th February, 2002.Sotarn
Long time, no see!

You haven't seen me for a while but now I'm back with some news. First of all, Slayer's released a new model pack. You can get it at the ZDGL page.

Also some updates from Kokak, the creator of zdgl. He's busy with his real work for the moment, so don't expect any new version for a few months. But if you want to help out with ZDoomGL, you can mail him.

Finally, I know some people have complained that the zdgl binaries cannot be downloaded anymore. I finally got some chance to check that now, had some problems with my connection on my newly installed Windows XP OS. Anyways, yes it's correct. The files seems to have been deleted for some reason. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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