100% vanilla-compatible!   NOW ON IDGAMES: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/rudy2  
  Rowdy Rudy is back and he's madder than ever!   Download the final release here: https://doomshack.org/wads/rudy2.zip   Rowdy Rudy II is ready for release. We have a fantastic 20 map community project here (plus 2 bonus maps) and I think fans of classic style TCs and partial conversions will enjoy this set. Here's the finalized maplist:   Map01 - Storming the Bayside Base by Doomkid Map02 - Initial Hurdles by @sluggard Map03 - Further Infiltration by @DavidN Map04 - The Hydrocore by @Voltcom Map05 - In the Thick of It by Doomkid Map06 - Clutched Cargo by Doomkid Map07 - Secluded Rifts by @riderr3 Map08 - Cliffside Punchout by @TravyB Map09 - Security Station by @DFF Map10 - Black Gold by DFF Map11 - Ambush! by TravyB Map12 - Clearing Inventory by @RonnieJamesDiner Map13 - Mutagen Plant by @Moustachio Map14 - Rumble in the Canyon by RonnieJamesDiner Map15 - Jungle Hijinx by @Aurelius Map16 - Grim Sector by @Doom_Dude Map17 - Plutonic Relations by Doomkid Map18 - Drowning Pits by @Solmyr Map19 - Cyber Factory by @Philnemba Map20 - Death God's Shrine by @xdarkmasterx Bonus Map 21 - Sinners' Woods by @NeedHealth Bonus Map 22 - Jungle Assault by @MikeyScoots   Note that the bonus maps are only for advanced source ports such as PrBoom+ or ZDoom-family ports. They use Boom features thus are not compatible with Vanilla or Chocolate Doom (although the main campaign is very much vanilla!)   I'd also like to give a huge thanks to the following:   Aurelius for lots of general support, DeHackEd assistance and testing, @Tango for tips with fast weapon switching and help with decals, @Gez for the awesome titlescreen, help with switches and other contributions, RonnieJamesDiner for help with glow effects in GZDoom and Zand, and our testers: @Dimon12321, @Horus, @FrancisT18, DavidN and Aurelius.   You guys are awesome!     Promo Video on YouTube:       THE BACKSTORY:
    Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, POWERTRIP has many substantial changes to the enemy roster:

Zombieman - 40 HP

Shotgunner - 60 HP

Plasma Guy - 60 HP (replaces Spectre)

Chaingunner - 80 HP (replaces WolfSS)

Flamethrower Guy - 80 HP (replaces Keen)

Rocketman - 120 HP (replaces Hell Knight)

Psycho Imp - 150 HP (replaces Arachnotron)

Blood Demon - 180 HP

Toxicacodemon - 400 HP

Flame Caco - 600 HP (replaces Pain Elemental)

Mini Mastermind - 500 HP (replaces Chaingunner)
(Height: 56 / Diameter: 96 / Drops Chaingun)

Flying Mastermind - 2000 HP (replaces Spiderdemon)
(Height: 100 / Diameter: 200)
Of course, many of the classic enemies remain untouched:
Imp - 60 HP
Lost Soul - 100 HP
Revenant - 300 HP
Mancubus - 600 HP
Archvile - 700 HP
Baron of Hell - 1000 HP
Cyberdemon - 4000 HP   The weapons have also undergone some substantial changes:

The fists are faster and far more powerful.

The chainsaw is double bladed, so it's twice as tough! Makes sense, right?

The pistol is now an assault rifle with 100% accuracy. It's very slightly less powerful than the normal chaingun, but the pinpoint precision more than makes up for it's somewhat slow ROF.

The shotgun is now totally automatic. Hold the fire button down and watch it go! Lays down whole waves of enemies in seconds.

The double-barrel is now pump-action! Deliver two loads of buckshot quicker than ever before.

The chaingun has a much faster ROF making it very effective and stunning even the meatier baddies.

The rocket launcher has a faster ROF. Uhh I couldn't think of anything else but it works ok sheesh

The plasma rifle doesn't have that little recoil animation anymore. Also GREEN!

The BFG9000 now shoots big fireballs that emit 2 damage tracers rather than just one, making it even deadlier than usual.     Finally, here are the various MIDIs used in this mapset:   Title - Inca Roads by Frank Zappa
Intermission - Intermission MIDI from Dwango20
Story - Jack the World by GWAR
01 - Covenant Dance from Halo
02 - Goin' Down the Fast Way from Rise of the Triad
03 - Nuts n' Bolts from Donkey Kong Country 3
04 - Track 2 from Metaltech: Earthsiege
05 - Hooligan Rhapsody from Beavis & Butthead
06 - The Awakening by Les Claypool
07 - Zombie Remix (D_COUNTD).mid by Viscra Maelstrom
08 - Record Skipping from Beavis & Butthead
09 - Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country
10 - Venus Nickel-Iron Mine from Descent
11 - Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
12 - Cacophony of Asian Donut Shops by AD_79
13 - Mysterious Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
14 - Rumble in the Jungle by AD_79
15 - Upper Brinstar (The Jungle Floor) from Super Metroid
16 - When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
17 - The Graveyard from Heretic
18 - Deadly Town by Jimmy
19 - Death Wind from F-Zero
20 - Master of Puppets by Metallica
21/Victory screen - Legends of Rock from Beavis & Butthead
21/Bonus 1 - Accelerator by AD_79
22/Bonus 2 - Jungle Assault by MikeyScoots  
Download the FINAL release candidate here: https://doomshack.org/wads/rudy2.zip   I'm looking forward to hearing community feedback on this one - help us get any last bugs squashed in the next coupla weeks before this makes it's way to /idgames.   ..and hey, if you like this, be sure to check out the original Rowdy Rudy's Revenge!