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  1. We are posting in the post post hell era Doomworld. No need to post useless posts anymore. -Adam Post
  2. I think adding the crossbow and firemace to Doom DM would be cool, there's really nothing that behaves like them in Doom.
  3. I was your 666th profile view, it's a sign

  4. I would dig it if someone made a Doom2 DM wad with lots of Heretic textures/theming and certain Heretic weapons modded in. That way you still have the fun of Doom2 DM but with a Heretic twist.
  5. Ah the tired old 'duel is dead' argument, been hearing that one for like 12 years now lol Doom Legacy is badass for splitscreen and besides, Legacy maps also work perfectly in Zandronum, so why not? That stuff aside, I agree. Also, good thread topic overall. edit: Oh and to be fair to deathz0r that tutorial is like a billion years old
  6. photo because why not
  7. I would love to have D1-esque inter screens personally, but that's pretty tough to do. I'm okay with graphic editing, I might give it a crack but hopefully someone else has the skills to make one. As a huge Doom2 fan, one thing I always missed was the inter screen map.
  8. Yours is a channel worth subscribing to.
  9. Well Samsara is pretty huge really, but I think you just mean how it smooths out the Doom gun animations. I like some of the oldschool, slightly more simple gun mods like bomb_x and Immoral Conduct. I've made a few of my own over the years, I think DMGuns and FunGuns do an alright job at slightly beefing the guns while still feeling pretty purely Doomy. If you want the more newschool sort of gun mod (or really, just about any kind of gun / gameplay mod) check here:
  10. I'm not allowed to tell a joke because DW has a rep system now? Jeez, it's gonna get real stale around here..
  11. It's just Doom's pellet spread. Since you're aiming at the enemy, the vertical autoaim kicks in, but the spread is quite wide for the shotgun, so all 7 pellets end up to the enemy's left or right. This will pretty much never occur if you're less than 128 units away from an enemy, but with even just a little range, the pellet spread can screw you at times since the pellets have a potential variance from the actual spot you're aiming at. You're not going crazy, it's definitely a thing that happens. Trust me, it's even more frustrating in a deathmatch!
  12. Mines not really worth looking at yet, but I have put down a fair few lines, well beyond the conceptual stages - might be a few weeks but getting there!
  13. You guys all need to remember that Facebook and Google are evil, 1984 will commence again, they make big bucks giving your passwords out, that's their marketing ploy. I recommend wearing a tinfoil hat to protect your passwords, today it's selective advertising based on your liked pages but tomorrow it's giving out your password and hacking your social insecurity number!!!!
  14. Whoever we are
    Wherever we're from
    We shoulda noticed by now
    Our behavior is dumb
    And if our chances
    Expect to improve
    It's gonna take a lot more
    Than tryin' to remove
    The other race,
    Or the other whatever
    From the face
    Of the planet altogether!

    They call it the Earth
    Which is a dumb kinda name
    But they named it right
    'cause we behave the same...
    We are dumb all over!
    Dumb all over,
    Yes we are
    Dumb all over,
    Near 'n far
    Dumb all over,
    Black 'n white
    People, we is not wrapped tight!

    1. Ed


      And a little ugly on the side.

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Truth hurts sometimes. This one kinda falls into that category of painful awareness.

    3. Fonze


      Us and them

      And after all, we're only ordinary men

    4. Doomkid


      Best part about that song is that no one is singled out - Whoever we are, wherever we're from!

    5. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I've heard a funny saying during my time of work here in germany. It goes like this:

      "Wir sind ein Volk"
      We are the people.

      "Wir sind ein dummes Volk"
      We are the stupid people.

      "Meine Name ist 'Volker'."
      My name is ...

  15. sorry, my last post was terribly worded - I meant I can't find about me on mobile, only on desktop. (D'oh!) edit: Ah, I see now, it's only visible to the account holder! lol, that must have just been an oversight