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  1. Just posted some MASSIVE updates for Doomed in Space.. Check it out, I think you guys will like it!


  2. Time for a new beta! Doomed in Space is almost complete, but I need the help of the community! - Download the newest beta here - The latest beta is compatible with (G)ZDoom, Zandronum, ZDaemon and Odamex. The DIS team has worked hard to put this together. I'd like to hear comments and feedback - What areas are too hard, what areas are too easy, looking around for HOMs, glitches, etc. Let us know what you like and don't like. I want to shape this to perfection! --- The finalized maplist: Map01: Escape! by Crunchynut44 Map02: Shuttle Maintenance by Doomkid Map03: Toxicity Control by Bootleg Guy Map04: Foreign Planet by Mosshopper Map05: Wheel in the Sky by Empyre Map06: Terra-6 Planetary Base by Fred512 Map07: Deep Space Installation by Doomkid Map08: Interstellar Depot by Doomkid Map09: Command Station Zulu by Nevander Map10: Asteroid Refinery by Angry Saint Map11: Space Waste by Crunchynut44 Map12: The Speed of Skree by Pinchy --- Please note, a few maps have been slightly altered to allow for interconnect exits and entrances. This was done to improve immersion and flow when playing through the mapset. Enjoy, and remember, ALL feedback helps to get this thing closer to completion!
  3. So few people actually listen to the song and realize that whole thing refers to the fire at a Zappa gig. Great song!
  4. It was an edited version of entryway. I added liquid everywhere, for some reason I was obsessed with liquid flats as a kid. I also spammed enemies, the outside area with the imps had a bunch of masterminds in it. This was well before I'd ever played Go 2 It or anything. Garbage, but it was a learning experience!
  5. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this. I've changed the Mancubus fireball sprite from orange to blue, however when using openGL mode, the glow from the fireball is of course still orange. I was reading about GLdefs, but I can't really wrap my head around it - any chance someone could break it down a bit for me? I've changed the color of a few projectiles and edited a few other objects as well. Most importantly, I want to use a method that will not prevent the wad from being run in software versions of ZDoom without bugs/crashes. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Man, that riff is heavy as hell. One of my favorite songs in my teenage years. I found a perfect MIDI of it and used it in Doomkid's Deathmatch 4 but it's so badass I think deserves a second spin on a less obscure wad release.
  7. No Doom game has a bad soundtrack, at least not to my ears, but I do get a bit bored with Doom64 for example. Doom1's mix of aggression and ambience always struck me as a perfect mix.
  8. Good question. 8bit software in Odamex and ZDaemon, OGL w/ maxed out video quality stuff in Zandronum. For the rare occasion I play single player, I basically always use Choco Doom, so 8bit software of course.
  9. I like them both equally. Doom1 and Doom2's campaigns look best in software without a doubt - The lighting and contrast is alllllll kinds of wrong in OGL. With that said, freelook looks better in OGL and I really like the glow that comes off torches/fireballs/etc, so it really is give and take. I picked software because it's the "correct" way to play the original campaigns but I like both equally and am glad I can choose between them whenever I like. In terms of visual clarity, both are equally clear as long as the resolution is the same.
  10. Thanks Trace!
  11. Single map = Couple hours if I'm in the right mood. Megawad I really put care into developing, like UAC Rebellion or Revenge of the 90s, or even community projects like Doomed in Space = 2/3 years of work, on and off of course.
  12. Video proof of nuts running smoothly
  13. Not sure about Sorin, but Tristan and 99 are regular players in DM servers Also SavageCorona the sheer number of 1 frag wins was hilarious, I laughed out loud several times during the event from some of the hilariously close finishes
  14. things I collect NES games Genesis games Famicom games STIs Consoles objects things a lot of stuff I actually found a thread from mid 2014 asking this same question, there's a list there that's only kinda outdated but quoting something from another thread requires some kind of black magic which I have yet to master
  15. Well spotted... Looks like a sock account being used to artificially tease people into thinking this is valuable and worth bidding on. Dodgy as fuck all around.