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  1. Just over a week ago (April 15) Allan Holdsworth passed away from a heart attack. He was an absolutely fantastic guitarist, I only discovered him/his music a few months ago and really dig it. I'm glad he made it to 70, but it's always a shame when a bright light goes out :( He shreds like an absolute machine - Any jazz / prog lovers out there, take 4 minutes and give him a listen, you won't regret it.
  2. I'd be happy to see what you make if you decide to extend it!
  3. I'll look into that, thanks Empyre. I should have mentioned earlier - a few music tracks have been changed so that each track is a MIDI for the sake of consistency and compatibility, but if any authors would prefer a different MIDI, just let me know
  4. My oft-posted nostalgia list: Area 51 Hellrun (for Doom2) Bermuda Triangle Doomcity Doomed 2 Die Dwango5 Dwango6 GreenWar All of them have aged pretty damn well honestly. (Well, other than Doomed 2 Die, but that was my first megawad!)
  5. Just spent hours going through and fixing up the current Doomed in Space beta. It's starting to feel like a real wad! Check it out!


    1. Xyzzy01


      Downloading this right now. Can't wait to see what you have!

    2. Doomkid


      I hope you like it, and please let me know about any bad/buggy bits you might find!

    3. Xyzzy01


      Here are my thoughts:


      I played up until MAP10 on UV. The enemy placement was nice, even though I died a couple times from either the numerous hitscanners of the bullet hell generated by the arachnotrons and brain orbs and such. I love the new enemies and the player skin! There were a few bugs, mostly regarding secrets. I couldn't figure out how to get the southernmost secret in MAP04, the northernmost secret in MAP07, and the soulsphere in MAP06. Also there's this minor graphical oddity in MAP01.Screenshot_Doom_20170425_185119.png.d6ced5af526cdbeeced06adbf9925e8a.png

      Other than that, it was a pretty solid demo! Reminds me of Astrostein.

  6. Huge update! (That's right, it's NOT dead yet!) DOWNLOAD CURRENT BETA HERE So, I have a 10 map playable demo here for you all. I've removed a few maps from the previous beta simply due to there either being too many bugs in Odamex/Zdaemon or them just being a bit too plain, even though they are all fun maps. Here's the list of included maps: Map01 - "Escape!" by Crunchynut44 Map02 - "Scientific Station" by Doomkid Map03 - "Toxicity Control" by Bootleg Guy Map04 - "Terra-6 Planetary" Base by Fred512 Map05 - "Wheel in the Sky" by Empyre Map06 - "We Are Not Alone" by Doomkid Map07 - "Command Station Zulu" Nevander Map08 - "Space Waste" by Crunchynut44 Map09 - "Asteroid Refinery" by Angry Saint Map10 - "The Speed of Skree" by Pinchy Custom enemies by Obake, Garth Donovan and Doomkid This should run bug-free in Odamex, Zdaemon, Zandronum and (G)ZDoom. As this is just a beta, please be on the lookout for bugs and errors. Feedback is immensely appreciated. Download the current beta HERE. Hope you enjoy what's there so far!
  7. The only complaint I have is the same as Cuppy, thread viewing on the old site used screen real estate much more effectively. That one (small) thing aside, everything seems improved. Haven't had any issues with speed whatsoever and the ability to like posts is a huge plus for a multitude of reasons.
  8. *hits blunt* What the hell are you getting so upset for, bonnie? Take a chill pill rather than barking at those trying to help. Being a rude asshole to people trying to be selfless and offer a hand is extremely unbecoming. It doesn't matter if people 'don't get' your grief, that's no excuse to behave in such a manner. I'd advise you to ignore posts that are directed at you if you're not finding them helpful and can't bring yourself to show other members any appreciation for their efforts.
  9. It's just a (strange) custom title that everyone gets after 50 posts, think nothing of it
  11. lol I meant in an aggregate sort of way - A lot of good mappers around here are also sporting the animetars
  12. I was staring at your avatar for a solid 60 seconds trying to work out if it still animated! What happened to the glow?

    1. Slimz
    2. antares031


      Ah, yes. The glowing effect. Why did I forget about that one? Thanks for the notice, Doomkid. :D

    3. Doomkid


      Thanks for changing it back, I always liked it that way!

    There are about 8 good maps here that could be chopped and changed just a tad to make a good mini-episode. I made the first e3m1 to e1m1 fusion and about half the wad is edited versions of it. Megalyth's is by far the best version, the rest should just be forgotten. Might condense this into something more playable if the authors don't mind!
  13. I don't necessarily think so, just because maps look similar doesn't mean they don't look good!