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  1. Another DOOM movie being made?

    "Communist Mountain Structure", another gem from printz that definitely needs to be used as a map name. I'm in the camp that didn't mind the first Doom movie. It wasn't exactly good, but as 90% of game-based films demonstrate, it could have been far worse. Hope the new one will be better either way, if in fact it actually gets made.
  2. R. Lee Ermey Has Died At Age 74

    This man was a legend. Rest in peace.
  3. ^This is a man with good taste! I appreciate all the further comments folks. DCK looks interesting from that screenshot, maybe I'll put my other stuff on the backburner and get to work on part 2 sooner rather than later. Cheers my friends.
  4. I suggest referencing the angle of existing sprites that have an appropriate angle while designing your own custom weapon. I've seen some in the past that suffered from bad perspective and it's a shame to see cool concepts messed up by that simple yet important aspect of the design.
  5. I hope it lived up to your expectations good sir Honestly, I failed so hard getting all but 3 of the editors running - I'll be making another video that covers them properly, WadEd included This is an excellent idea for the next one! It felt flat out wrong leaving DeePsea out, that's for sure gonna be in there next time (also, rofl @ your description) YADEX seemed to be a popular one for a while there back in the day. Added to the list! I'm really glad someone appreciates that monstrosity of 90s horror artwork! Thank you my friend I should have had a proper 16 bit-compatible windows VM set up before starting this, but I just jumped right in. Thanks for the info Empyre, being inside the dir probably would have helped. It's so strange, there didn't seem to be any installer or anything in the zip - I just tried to run the EXE and got errors instantly. I'll get all this kind of stuff ironed out before getting stuck into part 2, my real desire here was to actually show a bit of functionality off. Damn, I've been called out! I couldn't agree more, Doom Builder really was a huge, drastic and important change to the mapping community. You see an overall jump in detail from 2004 onwards in no small part thanks to Doom Builder. I really appreciate all the comments and feedback fellas - just what I needed!
  6. Watch me struggle as I attempt to build a basic room in several classic map editors. (spoiler: Incoming fails) Hope some of you get some entertainment out of this! Will have links to all editors attempted soon. Cheers!
  7. (Changed Topic) Should More Doom Engine Games Come To Console?

    a 1:1 port of Goldeneye to PC would be infinitely better simply because of the mouse and keyboard. OP seems to have this weird idea that the platform determines wether or not a game is good. What makes a game good is competent design, the platform is largely irrelevant to how fun a game itself is.
  8. (Changed Topic) Should More Doom Engine Games Come To Console?

    This cracked me up for some reason, holy crap
  9. Please stop servicing yourself in public, there are children here man - Show some restraint!
  10. What's your Opinion on Linux?

    Linux is really important - In terms of efficient use of processing power, running things like fame servers and web servers, Linux is the only real choice. Windows does all this random shit by default on it's own and doesn't even inform you half the time, always hated that about it. In terms of UI and program compatibility, I simply have to pick Windows. They're trying to make the UI more clunky, confusing and unusable with each new version, but a human being can still realistically navigate it without being a computer guru. The long-short of it: For general home use, Windows does the trick. For servers or other things of that nature, it's Linux ten times over.
  11. @mun posted the best one! That wad is quite impressive for it's age
  12. Mid-late 2000's Doom vs Post-2012 Doom

    We still see an influx of average stuff as well, it just gets less attention. I barely see the difference other than visuals, in terms of actually enjoyable gameplay every year ever is a mixed bag. Some new features have been added over the years by ports such as GZDoom and we're occasionally seeing that taken advantage of for interesting/beautiful effects, but in terms of "fun factor" I haven't noticed any drastic spikes or downturns. There is and consistently has been too much content for broad strokes and statements to be applicable.
  13. DoomFest! a doom discord about multiplayer!

    Hi there, just so you're aware there is already an official classic Doom multiplayer server: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK There's over 200 members, I welcome you and anyone else you know to join. Matches and tournaments are often scheduled here, there are actually two zdaemon tournaments presently underway. Cheers!
  14. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    I like that waterfall effect, if the fall was sloped a bit at the top it would look really convincing
  15. Please help me with megawads

    I'll find some fresh links to fix them with. If you're looking for E1 style specifically, try out Fava Beans! Sinister Seven may also be to your liking, themes were borrowed heavily from E1.