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  1. It'll be the same for this wad, Boom/Limit Removing for the bonus maps (both here and in Rudy2 I didn't initially plan on bonus maps, but I got good Boom-format submissions and I thought they were simply too good not to use)
  2. @Hitboi A fun little map, well built and too good not to use. It's a bit on the easy/short side for slot 15, so I've put it in slot 11 and moved the other maps back a space. It feels a little different from the other maps submitted, it has a "traditional Doom map" feel which is a good thing, the variety is exactly what I want. Well done! Now all we need is a "flame centric" map from @DFF in slot 10 and we should be good to go! I'm also swapping the weapon slots of the cell cannon and flamethrower presently - going to do some testing for a bit, and if all works as planned, I'll go through each map in Doom Builder and auto-replace all the cell cannons and flamethrowers (so that everything is where the mapper intended, in other words). We're so close to RC1! Oh, and of course, if there are any other maps to be submitted even a bit down the road, they can be added to the bonus map lineup. If as many people are working on maps as I think, there may be a 5 map mini-episode of bonus maps, which would definitely be cool.
  3. Doomkid

    Doom 1 beta maps?

    Not to shill, but the setup I used in this tutorial allows for easy playing of all Doom versions in DosBox. Maybe it will be of some help?
  4. Just to be clear, does this mean Chocolate Doom needs to have that error message altered slightly to say linedefs rather than sectors? (Assuming the latest version of Chocolate Doom was used). Just asking so I can pass it on to fraggle if need be.
  5. Doomkid

    Doom v1.1 Registered CD version

    I just want to chime in and say I’m impressed with the quality of that bootleg. Most bootlegs have gaudy jewel cases but this one would have fooled me (though the lack of any copyright info on the disc did stand out to me, but still)
  6. Doomkid

    Doom Guy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    I get it, I just don’t see where the line is really drawn - when I play GTA IV, I obviously know I’m not Niko Bellic, but I’m still controlling all his actions and taking the “role of Niko”. (I’ll freely admit this is all pedantry but I kinda think it’s a fun topic) What Zulk RS says here does make sense as well, but I feel like they gave Doomguy too many details for me to see him as “me as him”. In other words, I don’t see the distinction between me controlling Niko or the Doom marine or Mario. Not that it really matters or has any impact on my enjoyment of the game, but still.
  7. Doomkid

    Doom Guy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    According to the story, they're all one guy. I also "get" the "it's supposed to be YOU" thing, but honestly I've always felt that was bullshit. Doom Guy is as much of a "blank canvas" as Mario or any other old game character. I don't have blue eyes, I don't have brown hair cut in a military style, I never punched out an officer who ordered me to fire on civilians.. Being "me" is fine, but not exactly remarkable enough to be the star of a popular franchise like Doom - I'm an ordinary cashier/shelf-stocker and kinda nerdy guy who spends all my free time doing game modding, tinkering with things around the house, or getting high and wandering around on the beach.. Not exactly "thrillsville" compared to DoomGuy's hellish life. I play games to NOT be me. And Doomguy is distinctly "not me". As for his name? Doom Slayer was a title given to him later, but it's official and cool (and he's the same person throughout Doom 1, 2, 64, Final Doom, Doom 4 and Doom Eternal, so there's no reason not to call them all whatever name you prefer).
  8. Doomkid

    Could doomguy survive throughout WW2?

    All he'd have to do is touch some random medical supplies in the nearest medic tent or from the nearest medic. He'd be fine!
  9. Since I was about 10, my time spent playing video games (or doing game-related stuff) has always been "80% Doom, 20% everything else". Still true to this day..
  10. You know, that’s a perfectly valid point, and would be reasonably easy to fix. I pretty much did it this way because the flamethrower needed it’s own dedicated ammo, but swapping them should be as simple as changing some of the spawn frames and then swapping the weapons in each map respectively. I’ll get to work on that and unless it’s for some reason too difficult to do, it will be changed for the next release. @DFF, I trust in the quality of your mapping - wether or not you want to make a flame-focused map for slot 10 or an “anything goes” style map for slot 15 is entirely up to you. (Just let me know which sounds more enjoyable, and I’ll take on the other one, assuming no one else submits a decent map before I do).
  11. Don’t be sorry, this kind of feedback is extremely valuable! I kind of thought some extra fodder around the place would be a good way to use the extra cells and shells the player exits with on @UberGewei‘s map, but removing a little of the cell abundance would also help the balance. I also agree with @Moustachio‘s map being a touch too generous with ammo, but otherwise a lovely map. I also think Cheesewheel and SilverMiner’s maps probably give the backpack too early in the set (on UV anyway). Otherwise great maps, but seeing berzerks where the backpacks are currently would probably be better from a progression standpoint. The gauntlets can definitely get a buff, no issue there. Since the flamethrower is currently introduced in Gokuma’s map about 1 minute before you find the BFG, I do agree a “dedicated to flame” map in slot 10 map would be a great way to break up the weapon introductions. I’ll start work on a new map with this philosophy in mind, unless I get something reasonably quality before I finish (in which case I’ll just make mine a bonus map).
  12. Any name that's no longer than, say, 6 words will be totally fine with me! Horrific puns are absolutely preferred whenever possible. (I just don't want the map names too memey in terms of length, that's all really) No need to apologize, feel free to submit a map if you like but no pressure at all! I subconsciously KNEW there was meant to be a space there. Instead of taking responsibility for my fuckup, I blame the fact that your name is surrounded by other "two words without a space" names like MidnightMage, SilverMiner etc, lol. I'll fix it! Woah, that's a strange one! Every port I've tested in (including vanilla, GZDoom, DSDA-Doom, ZDaemon, Odamex, etc etc) all worked fine, so I have to assume this is a bug with the last dev version of ZDoom. Probably something easily fixed on their end!
  13. Looks interesting Phil! Excellent point, Azure Horror. That change will be made for the next version!
  14. Doomkid

    Are demons a source of food for the man himself?

    Doomguy strikes me as the type to use the demon he beat with his berzerk fists as dinner, but if he did use one that had been shot, I doubt he'd bother meticulously extracting the bullets - he'd probably just bite right into one!
  15. Considering it's been 6 weeks since the last version, I think we're due for a new build: https://doomshack.org/uploads/mohawk2m.zip Some substantial changes since the last version - I've gone through and fixed a bunch of the textures that would cause the tutti-frutti effect, though there's almost certainly a few left to find. Moreover, I've updated the map rotation, just slightly: 01 - "Back Ashore!" by Doomkid 02 - "Ossuary of the Hula Imps" by MidnightMage 03 - "Beachside Bookworms" by Doomkid 04 - "Surf's up in Nuketown" by Cheesewheel 05 - (untitled) by UberGewei 06 - "11 Holidays" by SilverMiner 07 - "WARehouse" by WalterC 08 - "Chocolate Island" by Egg Boy 09 - "Temple del Sol" by Moustachio 10 - ________ (no map yet) 11 - "Terraced Estate of Terror" by Gokuma 12 - "Beautiful Clean Coal" by Doomkid 13 - (untitled) by Sluggard 14 - (untitled) by NeedHealth 15 - ________ (no map yet) 16 - "Pier Pressure" by Noiser 17 - "Vile Island" AKA "Alfonzo Stumbles Bloodied Into a Laundromat and, While Attempting to Hide From a Mob of Feral Donkeys, Unwittingly Finds That One Washer Is a Cloning Device That Turns All of His Copies Into Archviles (ft. Miley Cyrus)" by RonnieJamesDiner & rd 18 - "Mall Rats" by DFF 19 - "Poster Boy of Mayhem" by Aurelius & rd 20 - "Ray of Hope" by Scypek The levels have been arranged kinda-sorta-mostly in order of either difficulty, length, or both. There's always a smaller map here and there to break things up, I think the pacing works well with this current arrangement. At this point, the two open slots are "first come, first serve". If you made a map but don't post here til after all the slots are full, don't fret as it will be included as a bonus map alongside @Peccatum Mihzamiz's lovely map. A few things I noticed and wanted to mention - @NeedHealth, just asking about a potential update to your map that fixes the complevel 9 requirement? If you test at complevel 2, you'll get a better representation of what works for vanilla format. No rush, just wondering where you're at presently. I also wanted to ask @Scypek2 about a very minor detail on the final level - Would it be okay/possible to somehow change that "big wall of the sky texture" to be a proper horizon on the outer bits, and maybe change it just to look like a tall building on the inner bit? In vanilla, that wall wiggles around a lot and just looks kind of strange/out of place in an otherwise very attractive level. I also noticed that the IoS monster spawner shoots the enemies from just above one of the four pillars, which looks a little odd/random, it that intentional? Also, this is a much smaller detail, but would it be okay just to add 6-8 trees on the beachy areas you can see from the windows? The stretches of sand just look so lonely and sparse otherwise. @UberGewei, do you mind if I add just a handful more monsters to your map? Or of course you could do it yourself if you prefer, I just feel like a few areas are still a bit sparse and lonely. Doesn't have to be crazy, just like 15-20 or so more dotted around the place! @RonnieJamesDiner and @rd., The filename for your map is Vile Island which is what I think will be used on the intermission screen (though of course the real name will be included in all documentation. Do you mind if I go with "Vile Isle" instead? I haven't been able to get that phrase out of my head! I think that's all there is to mention for the time being! Can't recall any other things worthy of mention at the moment.. Hope you all enjoy the new build, and please feel free to leave some feedback and criticisms. What little we have received so far has been very helpful!