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  1. Probably 32x Doom. SNES Doom is a contender but at least it has the full game and the music is acceptable. I never played the 3DO version but it looks like total garbage from the videos I've seen. At least the 32x version is playable despite being half the game with awful, awful music.
  2. I like to look at things like this in a logistical fashion. There are presently 1.1 million full-time police officers in the USA. There are about 100,000 part-time officers. There are 323.1 million people living in the USA. There have been 917 civilian deaths as a result of police activity in the last 12 months. Roughly 15,000 known murderers were caught and arrested by police officers in a 12 month period (2016) Let's be extremely, unreasonably generous to the "cops are evil sacks of dung" side of the argument and say half(!) of police shootings in the last 12 months were uncalled for. This is ridiculous to do as the number of murderers alone that cops had to deal with clearly shows they don't simply shoot people on sight, and this is just murderers, not overall violent crime which is exponentially higher, but I'll be generous anyway. The numbers paint quite a clear picture: There is a 0.04% chance that any given police officer will unjustly kill a person in a 12 month period (and that's using the generous 'half of police shootings are unjust' number!). There is a 0.00014% chance that any given civilian will be unjustly killed by a police officer in a 12 month period. Although 917 people were killed due to police activity, there were 15,000 murderers among the general public that were arrested and locked up in 2016, thus preventing them from ruining or ending even more lives. That's just murderers. I'm ignoring grand theft, rape and a veritable fuckton of other crimes that can be inflicted upon a victim thus ruining their fucking existence. Let me present an anecdote as the cherry on this shit sundae of a thread. I had a gun pointed in my face back in 2012. Not by a cop, by a criminal and his partner who had come to rob the store I worked out. They pointed the gun not only at me but at my then-16 year old coworker. It's because of the existence of police that these pieces of shit were caught and locked away. Guess what, the gun was loaded. They pointed a loaded fucking gun at a child. Pieces of shit like this are caught and dealt with by cops. I'd love to see you (or I) try to deal with every fucking potential murderer, thief, rapist etc on our own. The world wall fall into fucking chaos. You need to stop listening to the talking heads that fill your mind full of bullshit. Cops who act out of line need significantly harsher punishments. As it is now they're above the law in many senses and that means the pieces of shit among them run amok. That is bad and needs to be dealt with, like, ASAP. However, the solutions that lie anywhere between "call all cops evil sacks of reprehensible dog shit" and "remove cops all together" are juvenile, retarded, nonsensical horse shit. I pay my taxes and you bet your mother fucking ass that I want armed protection to show for it that I can call when someone robs my house, steals my car, etc. Even if they don't catch the criminal in the act, they usually catch them afterwards when the piece of shit slips up. Yeah, there are mistakes made. 0.0001% of the population loses their life every year, and I'm being as genuine as possible when I say that's fucking tragic and unforgivable, but I have to say that whatever Kool-Aid some of you are drinking is definitely not recommended by leading healthcare physicians. Sources: Guns are a last-resort measure as you can still die from being shot even if no vital organs are damaged. Tazers, pepper spray and batons are there for disabling people who attempt to fight and that's exactly what a cop should be using if they do not feel their life is being threatened. Trigger happy cops need significantly harsher punishments than they are currently receiving in the US. Despite how infinitesimal the likelihood of being killed by a police officer is, the fact that those officers who do it often get away with it or get off with significantly less harsh punishments simply because they are police is simply wrong. It would be nice if all the negative energy was focused on that obvious area where reform is needed rather than turning into a giant whirlwind of "fuck cops they're all bad". That dialogue is simply not productive at all. The moral of the story is that everyone needs to stop listening to retards who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground with a nonsensical, dangerous agenda and instead let the numbers do the talking. I am very sorry to anyone who has been fucked with or otherwise damaged in any way by police activity. However, to those claiming that the police force is an overall bad thing, I must sincerely disagree. It is very, very clearly a net positive for the American people.
  3. Planning on streaming a playthrough of the highly acclaimed Plutonia 3 in the next couple weeks. Gotta fill my 2 streams per year quota after all. What better to use it on than an awesome, groundbreaking sequel to 2 of the best megawads ever??
  4. I've been mapping since childhood, been at it for years now and still garbage at it, but that don't stop me from slapping some lines down in Doom Builder damnit! Never let yourself feel discouraged if what you're making isn't quite as grand as what you can imagine. Fall down 7 times, get up 8!
  5. Come on man, nothing that won was anything short of "cool as heck" imo. Everyone's tastes are different and I can't think of a single cacowards where everyone was 100% completely in agreement with each result, but everything mentioned in some way certainly deserves it. Being a runner-up on a completely subjective list does not prevent that wad from being awesome and I don't think anyone (worth a damn) is foolish enough to assume that, because something is a runner up, it isn't worth their time.
  6. Every example of police brutality is unacceptable. It's not as if this is some kind of epidemic like some seem to think it is, though. The likelihood of being killed by the police - regardless of your race or gender - is so, so infinitesimally low. Outrage over police brutality is justified, especially when the cop isn't fired or arrested, or even worse, is given paid holiday, but let's not pretend any more than a small percentage of cops are like this. Cops who act out of line need to be given harsher punishments, no doubt about that, but the idea that the police force is just some monolithic hive of evil is frankly absurd.
  7. 2nd year in a row being part of a cacoward winning project due strictly to technicality, this time for placing the DM starts in TNTR, I am truly a Doom modding god!!!
  8. We have several examples of that in the history of the Doom community in fact!
  9. If it's just the music you're worried about you can always make an alternate build that has the music replaced with something else that isn't copyrighted.
  10. My Kindergarten teacher? What the hell is this condescending bullshit rofl I'm saying that double standards in rules aren't a good thing, not that double standards don't exist. There's an important and very clear distinction there.
  11. Wait, people are actually defending the "have assholes around because they make good stuff" point now? Shit man, do you not see how making exceptions to the rules just because someone is talented is a shitty thing to do? "This one idiot has to go, but the other idiot made some nice stuff so we are beholden to his will" idk it just don't sit right with me
  12. It's times like this where I'm extremely glad I have absolutely no belief whatsoever in heaven or hell. Neither concept makes any sense to me at all, plus the rules are wildly different from religion to religion. No thanks to all the hell and heaven business, I'm much more happy with simply being dead whenever I do end up croaking. I guess we will be reincarnated in the sense that the atoms we're constructed from will be used for something else down the line, that's good enough for me!
  13. I suppose it was pretty amusing watching him jump endlessly and attempt to speed run all the maps as fast as humanly possible but I'd be in favor of actually playing the maps properly and commenting on them rather than treating it like a 9 to 5 that he just wanted to be over ASAP. That's the vibe I got last time and I wasn't a fan of that approach even though I find varg pretty funny. Someone like IcarusLives who actually loves Doom is a much better fit for this kind of event. I don't think another one is coming.
  14. I can think of several users that aptly describes who have not been banned and personally that's not how I remember dn being banned anyway. He was banned for being offensive for the sake of being offensive repeatedly which is totally different than not being able to defend your ideas. It's not exactly becoming behavior but let's not revise history here. Granted, I don't think an inability to defend your position should be an inherently bannble offense as long as you aren't attacking other users or something. Even in the case of the numerous users who switch to vitriol when their ideas are challenged, I wouldn't want to see them banned. Maybe I'm just not enough of a hard ass when it comes to punishments but targeted malice is not synonymous with being a bit dumb and having some crazy ideas. Oh and this is just me but I'd totally have a problem with someone who has a shrine to Hitler and chucks babies in a meat grinder. Call me crazy but that comes off as a touch worse than being a meanie head on the innernets.