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  1. The truth will come out!
    don't be a:

    Doomkid is number 1: the new Doomkid brown hair is not the same as the doomkid from the uac rebellion smoking drugs texture (black hair)
    Doomkid is number 2: not from Australia(not a real country btw)

    Rename and ban me or I'll expose what you sent on Dec 5th 2017
    I know all your lore, Mister "Adam Post" AKA xX_Ultraviolet-Kid_Xx on the tor .onion version of Doomworld (Wayne's-World) 

  2. ban me :^)
    (preferably also change my name back to anon before banning me so my account blends in more)

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    2. Gothic


      Bans only will give you the "Banned" rank, your posts will still be visible.

    3. Doomkid


      Reply hazy, ask again later

    4. Doomkid


      (I ain't your STEENKING lackey!!)

  3. Doomkid

    Why is Sir Robin's Castle on Doomworld?

    I've probably said this too many times but I'm immensely glad the naysayers were wrong. I was so worried when I started mapping and DMing in 2001, hearing people occasionally lament Doom being "on death's door".. Then it just kept not dying year after year, to the point where I found it hilarious when people would say it. I am sad the DM scene reduced to a shell of its former self, but classic Doom by and large has only gotten bigger over the last 20ish years!
  4. ..Respectfully, all you pissy babies WHINING your tits off about how "toxic" Doomworld is/was frankly wouldn't know the first goddamn thing about "toxicity" if it brought a paddle to your spoiled asses. :^) Ahem. ..Bullshit aside, I really do believe DW has always been well below the "standard internet level" of toxicity. It was (the closest thing to) a reasonably welcoming place for trans, gay and even furry Doomers well before communities being even partially welcoming to those demographics was at all common - I'm talking late 2000s, FFS - and shit, acceptance of those groups is STILL really rocky in many communities, YT or social media comment sections, etc etc... but not here. I been round the various corners of the Doom community since I was a literal child and I never felt "pushed away by toxicity" or whatever such nonsense. Occasionally someone might talk some shit, but usually before I'd even get to respond, someone else would jump in the fray on my behalf. So a little crazy compared to the norm, maybe? Not toxic though. Absolutely below the common internet average, be it 2003, 2013 or 2023. There was (and to a large degree, still is) this sense of camaraderie that I didn't feel at all in other (gaming) communities of the older eras. Maybe that's just my experience though. But man. I cannot imagine even attempting to navigate the greater web, ever, if I couldn't even stomach DW's lite-ass nonsense.
  5. I only see WOOD5.. looks really cool!
  6. I can't stop thinking of the Nic Cage VS Paperclip brawl in Zappa town...

    1. Clippy


      Many good men were lost on that day

  7. Doomkid

    I made a formula for Doom map units to yards.

    64 units being roughly 6 feet makes sense on paper, but to build things to any kind of scale in Doom, X and Y have to be measured differently. If you treat 64 units as 6 feet high, but only 4 feet wide, it becomes pretty easy to scale things appropriately. (The wiki suggests a "realistic" scale of 6 to 5, but even that doesn't cut it, in practice.)
  8. Doomkid

    The Sinister Seven - Vanilla Maps

    All I'm saying is those Maltesers were really good..
  9. Doomkid

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    Here it is, https://doomshack.org/uploads/DOOM1-2.WAD This will put all D1 textures in D2!
  10. Although they have to be toggled, I know Odamex and Zandronum support ENDOOM, ZDaemon may as well but I'm unsure (been a minute since I last played unfortunately).
  11. I welcome you to contribute to the project. @Peccatum Mihzamiz and @t.v. thank you for bumping the thread - I really do want to get this project completed. I'm feeling like by about February I'll be substantially less busy / probably eager to do another stretch of Doom modding and will be able to get back to coordinating this damn thing (or at least assisting in doing so!)
  12. Doomkid

    Connecting DOS and Windows Doom

    Oddly, for far too many years, the Steam version of Doom, Doom 2 etc came with literally only the game EXE - no SETUP, let alone IPXSETUP, SERSETUP etc.. I can only speculate as to why it was sold in this broken state for so long. Users could not customise anything without prior knowledge of how default.cfg works!
  13. Doomkid

    SC-88 Soundfont?

    DCG Retrowave used his SC-88 to provide the music for a number of MtPain’s videos, I only know due to talking to each of them about it some time a couple years ago. I have an SC-88 myself and can confirm it sounds damn near identical to that soundfont when in 55 mode!