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  1. Doomkid

    Never played any WADS before, where should I start?

    There's some great suggestions in this thread:
  2. Doomkid

    Need help with Doom Explorer

    Are there multiple "user accounts" on this PC? It sounds like you might be on a secondary account with less permissions (this is just a guess though.. I've never seen this!)
  3. Doomkid

    What source port do you guys normally use

    Criticizing an argument by calling it stupid = stupid. Obviously freelook without auto-aim gives the player more control over where their bullets will go. There was nothing stupid about Razza stating that objective fact. The only stupid remark in the whole exchange was made by you, ironically: Weird assumptions about what he "needs to admit" as a Doom player? WTF.. No need to be so confrontational!
  4. I looked at 3IAC pretty thoroughly in the editor/peaked around every map using cheats and loved all I saw, when it first came out. Clearly the work of a skilled craftsman. It kicked my ass though when I tried to play it the traditional way - I think the DM arenas will allow me to get plenty more hours out of this baby!
  5. Doomkid

    [Shitpost Enemy] Paingunner

    LOL. I guess I gotta stop calling the Chaingunners “paingunners” on the final stretch of my Plutonia plythrough, since it will now be scientifically inaccurate :) Utterly terrible enemy idea, by the way. I hate it!
  6. Glad you’ve decided to join us! There’s actually a thread all about commonly used Doom discords, you should be able to find other players to map, test and chat with, no problem: (it says multiplayer, but the top 3 and bottom 4 are all more just “general classic doom” servers!)
  7. I feel lucky to have had two of your maps in Doomed in Space, two highlights of the campaign. Take care of yourself, and hopefully once a few more years go by, a little time will free up to slap down some more linedefs!
  8. Doomkid

    How to get a quality sleep & less stress?

    If you find the answer I’d also love to know. Bouts of lethargy are the worst. Sometimes forcing myself to walk when I’m tired helps my body tap into an energy reserve, or at least that’s how it feels, but any additional advice would be great.
  9. Doomkid

    hello there

    Always great to see another person joining the community! What wads have you played so far, I’m curious? A lot of people prefer their Doom spicy these days, but I’m oldschool and casual in my approach to difficulty. If stuff like Alien Vendetta and Hell Revealed proves to be a bit too much to chew, the way it was for me (in single player at least), maybe some of the more casual episodes out there will be better for you. There was a recent wad called OVERBOARD which is a blast, or another from about 10 years back called Coffee Break that’s also a tad more low-key in terms of difficulty. I also specialise in “not too rough” mapping with my wads like Rowdy Rudy and Ray Mohawk. (I’d link ‘em but I’m on mobile right now and it’s a massive pain in the ass lol, Google should find them all) If you want to get even further into learning Doom modding/mapping, hopefully this playlist of tutorials by myself and other Doom scholars will be helpful for you:
  10. Doomkid

    Doom Dad Jokes

    What kind of lottery would Doomguy enter? ….a plasma raffle.
  11. Really cool looking map there, NiGHTS! As only you and NeedHealth haven’t submitted a map yet, don’t stress about meeting the exact deadline. Everyone else has a basically-complete map submitted so most of the hard work is done! After your maps are in, I can get to the more nitty-gritty stuff like final bug fixes, creating a MAPINFO for custom skies in some maps, and making minor changes to each episode’s DeHackEd for map names and story screens. Then this wad trilogy will be just about complete!
  12. This is a really good map, I'm very pleased with the quality maps everyone is submitting! @NiGHTS108 and @NeedHealth, it's no rush at all, but just wanted to check on your map progress.
  13. Doomkid

    SC-55 soundfonts?

    There's actually 3 different EmpGrief soundfonts in there named based on size, which one exactly? I'm pretty sure @Grieferus had all different versions up for download on his YT at some point, that's likely where I got them (Sorry for the tag Grieferus, but just wanted to see if you could confirm this info)
  14. Just now saw this post - it’s no trouble at all, good job identifying what happened!
  15. Doomkid

    Have the past few years been the best ever for WADS?

    I can safely say that there was a notable uptick in activity after Doom 4 was released, but there’s been fairly consistent activity over the years, Doom never really came close to “dying” in any way. The number of “wads per day” was probably technically the highest in 1994/1995, but in terms of actually-decent content, the rate of creation has at least doubled since 2016. The absolute lowest point for Doom popularity was probably right around 2000/2001. While other games were more in the spotlight while new (unsurprisingly), Doom retained a player and mapper base even at this low point due to most any PC being able to run it by 1998. This kept it alive during the low point, and with several source ports starting to get really good, the stage was set for the first big Doom renaissance. From 2001 to 2005 (right around Doom 3’s release, which did play a bit of a hand in reviving Doom at the time), the popularity of classic Doom was back on a slow but steady rise. More and more people were joining the various subcommunities, and around 2005/2006 multiplayer classic Doom in particular actually peaked, and you could easily find over 200 players online during peak hours. MP Doom sadly did taper back off, and had been consistently “still alive, but small” since about 2010ish. Now you find 50-60 people online at peak, which is low compared to the “glory days” but still not bad for a game from 1993 if ya ask me. To condense this rant: As far as SP Doom and wads go, I’d say it’s been far from “dead” since the early 00’s, but activity has roughly doubled since 2016, and 2021 had to be one of the most “wadful” years since like 1995 in terms of sheer numbers. 2022 has slightly less grand-slam projects so far imo (then again it’s not done), but we’re still very much in the midst of a Dooming peak right now. It’s awesome. Don’t worry though because even at low points in the last 20 years, there were still more wads being released than anyone could ever play… We’re a spoiled community!