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  1. Strictly out of curiosity, why do you want to do this? Are you actually intending to make maps with it or just doing some nostalgic peeking around?
  2. I like the idea. Like Bob said its super hard to get people to do ANYTHING but survival/coop, ctf and (on a good day) some deathmatch, great mods like Dodgeball and stuff haven't been played in yonks, but considering making shit is half the fun, I like this idea.
  3. This actually sounds quite fun, like a mini version of Complex Doom without the Complex. I could probably do without the D64 weaponry, but if I remember (my memory is dogshit) I'll put one up on Doomshack with a fun map pack to go with it. Interesting suggestion!
  4. That was a blast!
  5. Doom is better in my opinion. The game simply feels more stable, I've encountered far more bugs when playing Duke 3D despite spending much less time with it. I just generally prefer Doom all around, but I still think Duke 3D is an awesome game with a unique identity. I enjoy it every time I play it. This particular debate has always reminded me of the Mario vs Sonic thing, although Duke vs Doom discussions rarely ever got heated the same way at school. There's a lot of parallels - the one that comes later trying to "one up" the older game in loads of mostly-inconsequential ways, the one that comes later featuring a hip n cool lead character to help sales, etc etc. At least Duke actually is cool, unlike Sonic who just kinda irritated me with the constant barrage of ads that were really little more than Mario smear campaigns. When one company has to attack another consistently in their advertising, my gut reaction is to assume sub-par quality. Other than the little Doomguy Easter egg, there was basically 0 of that in the Duke/Doom heyday. [/totally random ramble]
  6. I've encountered wads that were too difficult for me to finish, but I rarely found myself enjoying them that much so it never felt like a great loss to quit partway through. On the flipside, I've found wads that were super difficult that I loved which killed me many times, but if the design is enjoyable I pretty much had to play through til the end. Stuff like Going Down, Drown in Blood and the CHORD wads fall under this umbrella for me. There are many more, but these 3 popped to mind instantly. Other humans playing Doom have given me far, far more trouble than any mapset ever has, in terms of difficulty!
  7. Hanging around the community this long without being kicked out
  8. Just made a trailer for Doomed in Space :)



    Nearly done!!

    1. Dragonfly


      I sure hope difficulty settings are implemented, not quite sure I'm cut out for such a hitscanner hell. :P

    2. Doomkid


      Don't worry, difficulty settings will be there! (I also may have made the action look a little more action-y by running head first into areas where you really should slow down :p )

  9. Just made a little trailer: Last call! Remember mappers, there's only a few days left to submit updates!
  10. You'll probably find people on one of the Doom IRC channels who are willing to play. Probably start with #Zandronum and see if anyone responds.
  11. That image is totally incorrect, case closed
  12. TGM3 looks frigging incredible, this is my first time ever hearing of it! I was thinking SNES Tetris, the one that comes bundled with Dr. Mario (another game I love). I'll have to give TGM3 a try some time against human opponents, I really dig it based on what I see just on Youtube.
  13. Seeing as mods are allowed: 1- Doom 2 2- Super Mario World 3- Tetris (I could get by on Doom2 multiplayer and Tetris multiplayer, but I sure would miss Street Fighter, Smash Bros and Mario Kart..)
  14. I looove spicy Indian food. I've met quite a few Indians living in Australia and they've all been nice people.