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  1. Neither are exactly weird but at my old office job I snuck some secret Doom in, I also played on an iPad in a camper van in the middle of nowhere. EDIT: The obvious answer I should have given here is Florida
  2. I think you follow everyone i know doomkid XD

  3. Is that really you? It's been forever, hopefully you'll be back on the multiplayer/deathmatch scene!
  4. isn't "impersonal and shady" Google's official tagline though? They're just living up to the promise
  5. People who go from respecting someone to "idolizing" them lose all sense of judgement and perspective on that person. It's a very bizarre attachment that can't be destroyed with logic and reason. The guy seems way too smug and full of himself and I hate that crap, doubly so when it comes out that he has to cheat to win - some people love it though for whatever bizarre reason. There are speedrunning/competitive gaming events and communities for many many popular games and money is often involved in the really large scale stuff, but the age of the people there tends to be directly proportional to the age of the game(s) that they're interested in.
  6. I don't think so, pretty sure a few more tweaks and edits need to be done to the wad - You might be able to sneak one in!
  7. Aside from all this bickering (what literally each one of you does best) this looks fun for a variety of reasons. Looking forward to the final version! Rad's map is way too large for DM but might make a decent LMS? I had fun moving around in it but due to the sheer scale I definitely see where the complaints are coming from. We need to pat ourselves on the back. We finally did it. A few more months with his English tutor and Ivan will be totally ready for next session!!!
  8. There are plenty of people around the world who make a career out of gaming, including speedrunning, and Billy Mitchell was one of those people. We're basically seeing that he's built decades of wealth and popularity on lies and cheating. It's no one's "job" to convice anyone what topics are and are not interesting. Something doesn't have to have global implications and be super lofty to be worth talking about. If casual chatter should not be allowed then we should nuke internet forums in their entirety. If you find the topic boring that's fine, just I personally have spent hours of (very enjoyable) time speedrunning some of my favorite old NES games. I loved the film King of Kong and it was one of the things that inspired me to practice speedrunning SMB1. Maybe we should just close the speedrunning section of the forums altogether though since some people don't find it interesting? <eye roll goes here>
  9. Pinchy's Map12 of Doomed in Space is an awesome spaceship map that imo is far from generic
  10. Spent just over an hour on this one but think it turned out a solid 5/55
  11. Fava Beans for Doom1 is simple, straightforward fun Scythe for Doom2 gets hard at the very end but is otherwise enjoyable, never had any issues with getting lost I made a little 7 map mixtape a few years ago called Sinister Seven and people seemed to find it pretty easy yet fun to play There's loads more but I can't think of them atm
  12. Procedural generation in Doom would be crazy but cool. We'd need a source port that can somehow modify map data on the fly with some kind of Oblige-like generation which sounds like a metric fuckton of work for little gain, but I still dig the concept.
  13. I did just this for the end of Doomed in Space - You basically use MAPINFO to tell the last map to exit to 'EndGame3' rather than a simple MAP##. map MAP01 "Your Level's Title Goes Here" next EndGame3 sky1 SKY1 0 music D_MUSIC
  14. Let's do this shit, 0dmmaps here we come!!
  15. I should have checked before asking, I had no idea anyone but Major Arlene had recorded playthroughs of this for youtube. Thanks man!