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  1. Doomkid

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

    The Cacowards are what most people who are not really involved with the community immediately consult when they're interesting in giving custom Doom content a try, either that or a YouTube mod reviewer. Love 'em or hate 'em (I'm in the "love 'em" camp personally) they are definitely one of the main sources people consult when trying to seek out quality content. Obviously some amazing stuff gets missed over the years, that's quite literally impossible to avoid, especially with the sheer volume of Doom content being put out. There have been over 20 megawads released this year alone, how can all of this content possibly be accounted for? It can't. But it's still great to have a large collection of mostly-excellent wads to direct newcomers to.
  2. Doomkid

    What are you listening to?

    This makes me want to get up and dance around
  3. Doomkid

    "Sprite mlsi frame a is missing rotations"

    It's probably more due to the sprite itself than the related code. Is the sprite named MLSIA0 or MLSIA1? If it's MLSIA1, it also needs MLSIA2A8, MLSIA3A7, MLSIA4A6 and MLSIA5. What this means is, sprites either have "no rotations", so it faces you the whole time, or it has 8 different directions. Ones that have "A2A8" at the end (for example) will just mirror the frame, so in reality you only need a total of 5 unique frames. A1 - A8 basically means "Angle 1" through "Angle 8".
  4. What the title says. I remember Duke having a much more appealing birds-eye type automap, although maybe it was just source ports that had that, it's been a few years now. Has any such thing ever been made for Doom?
  5. Damn, if only I’d kept those BMPs I drew of Doom levels before I learned how to actually make them in an editor.. I could retroactively receive legitimate “90’s mapper street cred”. Missed it by that much! This is an amazing tool, by the way. I remember myself and Tom Kachel of all people (the DRE author) lamenting the fact that you couldn’t just draw lines and import them into an editor, before Doom Builder came out which finally allowed you to just draw shapes. So glad to see this being made, I’m actually shocked it hadn’t been done years ago!
  6. Very nostalgic tales about gaming in the old times and a lot of interesting Doomy stuff in general. If this type of video is something you might enjoy, I recommend making some popcorn and sitting back to enjoy it. I watched it in two sessions, kept me really entertained!
  7. Yay! Your videos are like Doom ASMR to me, which I know might sound odd, but they're great.
  8. New sexy profile pic :^)

    1. Doomkid


      z a p p a w a v e

    2. DSC


      I wonder what an actual Zappa vaporwave cover would sound like...

  9. Looking thorough some old Zappa websites and came across a photo.. I knew I'd seen that face somewhere before, then it hit me:


    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt


      Classic, man

  10. Doomkid

    Why is it that....

    Cones are stored in the balls. Just to show the player that certain demons are almost like tribes or something, I suppose. Barons and Knights refuse to hurt one another 99.9% of the time, but if some of those other Caco jerks or Zombiemen hurt them, it's gloves off.
  11. I was thinking you could just avoid having the Wolf3D maps and "You Area Here" thing on the overworld altogether, almost as if you've somehow been transitioned to a different plane that you can't even see for those two maps. Having two random blue and red cubes would definitely stand out like a sore thumb! Also, even though it sort of ends at map07, I always felt like E1 of Doom2 was more like maps 1-11, then 12-20 are the city and of course 21-30 are hell.
  12. It doesn't work when an Aussie says it because that sounds more like "Ahhh" than "Arrr"!
  13. Basically what the title asks. One thing I loved about old games like Super Mario World, Zelda II, Doom1's first 3 episodes, and countless others was the overworld between maps that actually shows your progress through the game. If there's one thing that's mega shitty about E4/Doom2 and the conventions they put in place, it's the absence of an overworld map. Obviously making one that looks good is a giant pain in the ass, but I'm just wondering if anyone has retroactively made one for Doom2? I genuinely think that if Doom2 came with an episode select screen and 3 overworld maps that it would destroy the two main arguments for Doom1's superiority that I've seen over the years!
  14. Doomkid

    Why is it that....

    On this note, in the beta version of Doom 2 (which you can download in a "ready to play" state for DosBox here) the chaingunners actually did use the pistol sound, and sure enough, it sounded very dinky and disproportionate to the amount of damage it actually does. For whatever reason, the audio compression used on the pistol sound effect resulted in it sounding super weak and lame. The actual non-downsampled version of that sound effect seems to have a lot more balls to it.