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  1. 4 of my all time favorite maps from the olden days EDIT: Ooh, DM packs too huh? Both of these packs are compilations of 90's DM maps. There's tons of good 90s DM maps out there but I don't want to overload you!
  2. Have a great rest of your day!

  3. I can't believe I didn't remember this one! There was so much hype around this for such a long time.
  4. A limitation you should be aware of: The only custom functions you can give to your modified monster are other monster attacks. For example, you could have an SS Nazi replacement fire anything from a shotgun to a baron's fireball, but nothing beyond already existing functions, however you can alter the damage dealt, speed and other variables applied to fireballs. You can also alter the health of an enemy, movement speed and delay of each frame of animation. It's restricted in seemingly random ways due to it's hacky nature. You might find your awesome idea gets messed up, for example applying 'infinite ammo' to any weapon other than the fist or chainsaw completely glitches your ammo pool and renders certain weapons useless. It's confusing as hell at a glance, but once you get the hang of it it's like second nature. Obsidian, I hope you're serious about those YouTube tutorials! It's a thing the world has needed for years now.
  5. Hey there, I hope the program you were pointed towards was Slade3. Modifying the pk3 might not be necessary though. Have you tried lowering your resolution or switching from software to OpenGL or vice versa?
  6. How about a little fire scarecrow? How about a little fire scarecrow? How about a little fire scarecrow? How about a little fire scarecrow? I guess Doom is kinda Halloweeny as it is what with the hell and the demons and all that, but it would be pretty cool to see a well made WAD that specifically is themed around Halloween! I honestly can't think of a single other one.
  7. There's a green thing at the bottom when you're typing a post that says "notify me of replies". Uncheck it as you reply. I'm sure there's a way to set it automatically.
  8. I'll be around tomorrow as well, lets get at least one more done!
  9. God damnit what happened to DoomGeriatrics, what is this sausage business
  10. I'm glad vids like this bring attention to Doom but the misinformation does irk me. I've come to not expect anything else though, there's enough misinformation about Doom in popular Youtube videos that I could potentially devote months to a series of videos solely based on debunking stupid claims about Doom.. But I can't be bothered
  11. Threads like this make me wish I had my earliest maps, even if they were crap. The oldest thing I actually made that's on my PC is minidm.wad from 2004, oldest files otherwise are some WADs from 1994. Well, there are actually some MIDI files here from 1992 if the timestamp is accurate, but again they're not exactly personal files as I certainly wasn't composing music at age 1
  12. @ShotgunDemolition and @Battle_Kirby you should both get on discord in the next couple hours, @MrGlide and I are eager to have our match
  13. Just confirming for anyone curious, Jimmy and I ARE related
    One glance at the screenshot is enough to know this is garbage