Title: 40mm Grenade Launcher from Dtcog12
Filename: combos/dt-gren.zip
Size: 23.18 KB
Date: 06/15/99
Description: Title says it all. These graphics originated in Shadow Warrior as well, but were seriously patched up by me. Standard grenade launcher type thing. It comes in two versions: MBF only, and all other engines. I suggest you use the MBF version, but if not, then you should use Doom Legacy. (looks cool) Replaces rocket launcher.
Credits: 3dRealms id Software others Ty Halderman (sorry for piling the files on ya)
Base: Originally 3drealms art. Seriously bastardized.
Build time: Exactly 30 minutes (i timed myself)
Editor(s) used: the same as all the others
Bugs: no
Rating: (5 votes)
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