Title: Freedoom leftovers
Filename: combos/leftover.zip
Size: 565.23 KB
Date: 11/25/10
Author: Simon Howard (fraggle)
Description: This is a collection of leftover resources from Freedoom that were used at some point, but replaced. A while back I cleared out all the unused material and moved it to a Subversion directory called "attic" with the hope that people might find it useful. I've gone through the attic (and also some of the old releases) and put this together from the interesting bits I found.

I've tried to implement some level of quality control as to what I've allowed in, but don't set your expectations too high. I've focused on including things that might be useful or interesting, and there's also some funny stuff.

The WAD includes a full set of replacement weapons, some alternate texture sets, and sound effects. I've not included any levels (there didn't seem to be anything apart from single-room levels that were never finished) or music.
Credits: Freedoom contributors
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It is the same graphics. It was uploaded over 8 years ago without my permission. -JCx
Some of the music in the previous versions of Freedoom was derived from other copyrighted music. Including it would violate copyright law, so it had to be taken out.x
Pity you didn't include the music lost in the old versions. That music was awesome.x
The powerglove comment above is incorrect. It was submitted to Freedoom over eight years ago. The author of that mod probably just had the same idea of using a Nintendo Powerglove as a weapon. I doubt it's even the same graphic.x
That powerglove you use...that's from Killian Reed, not freedoom. Not only taking a resource from a mod...but taking a resource from an incomplete (yet to be released) mod? Really?x
I still have no idea why they got rid of the super shotgun. That was awesome.x
Now we will never be able to forget about what made freedoom so interesting.x

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