Title: Mechatron
Filename: combos/mtron.zip
Size: 1.98 MB
Date: 01/17/09
Author: Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0
Description: Final version features modified heating-cooling system and works fine in coop game.

Mod idea and most of the sounds originally by WildWeasel. He hadn't yet finished his mod at that moment, nd I borrowed his idea (with his permission). This mod puts the doomguy into armored assault mecha with 5 weapons, 1000 armor points which absorbs 100% of the damage until it's compromised, and has unique cockpit and crosshair for every weapon. The mod is meant to make you overpowered, so don't play it if you don't like it.

And watch the heat meter! Its maximum is 100 and it can prevent you from shooting. Better read story.txt for more information about UAC Armored Combat Suit.

In addition the mod turns caco's blood to blue, hellknight's and baron's to green and also contains animated blood decals I used in Beautiful Doom.
Credits: WildWeasel (original mod for EDGE, the idea and many sounds) Vader (author of Terminator monster which sprites I borrowed) Nash (author of the graphics I used for blood decals) Interplay (for Descent which, I guess, is the source of the rocket explosion sprite, and for the idea with crosshairs indicating selected weapons) id Software (for Doom and Doom 3, the source of some sounds)
Base: WildWeasel's Mecha mod resources WildWeasel's ww-BSNI.wad sprites (the ones I used for rocket launcher) Half-Life 2 (HEV-suit voice for Mecha IILSS voice) Doom 3 (most of the pickup sounds)
Build time: About a week and another week of corrections
Editor(s) used: XWE, Photoshop, Sound Forge
Bugs: For now the game crashes when you quit, except the case when Retreat Mode selected, I don't know why! There may be bugs with cooling script in multiplayer game. I hope there aren't. A HOM line in the bottom of the screen with new hud. Don't know the reason, SBARINFO is buggy.
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