Title: Nightmare Squad
Filename: combos/nsquad12.zip
Size: 920.01 KB
Date: 06/06/00
Author: J. Wendell Davie AKA AFTERSHOCK
Description: Nightmare Squad is a new collection of weapons, and it is a completely new way to use weapons in DOOM. You will pick up, drop, reload, and unload your new weapons, and if you are smart, you will have a buddy alongside. There is also altered monster behavior to keep things interesting. This version is primarily intended as a way for you to familiarize yourself with the weapons and gameplay of Nightmare Squad. In the future, I plan to extend the story and add new monsters and levels.
Build time:
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Bugs: So far, I have been unable to successfully run a cooperative game over the internet without getting consistancy failures. I do not know if this is due to bugs or bad connections.
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So any chance this 'll ever get ported back to date?x
I can't get this to install properly. Can't pick up weapons, HUD display is frozen, etc.x
NSquad modernizes the classic DooM gameplay in a way that keeps the gameplay 'classic'. 5 starsx
This is awesome. This is beyond just a regular "Weapons Mod", this WAD affects the entire gameplay of the game, in a good way. Great graphics, great weapons, great work.x
Awesome in a can. The fire grenades provided inspiration for the Incendinary Shell Launcher in Demented Reality and is just plain awesome-fun to use. -TDAx
A superb weapons mod. The realistic aspects make it more fun to play, but the shotgunners make some maps utterly unplayable (unless you play on skill 2 which makes them no fun). The graphics and sounds leave much to be desired, but I haven't had so much fun with a fire-based weapon since this mod's incendiary grenades. -WWx

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