Title: Necrodoom
Filename: combos/xa-necro.zip
Size: 2.82 MB
Date: 01/01/18
Author: Xaser Acheron
Description: Gameplay modification for Doom(2).

You're the pilot of the experimental AS-66K Necrosuit, an assault exoskeleton developed for heavy- duty military operations. Asskicking and name-taking are your daily duties, so when the Union Aerospace Corporation wisely decides to open a gateway to Hell one fateful day, you decide to do what you do best: suit up and kick some demon ass!

The mod serves as a 'conversion' of sorts of the arsenal from Raven Software's obscure car-combat shooter "Necrodome," featuring a stylish set of suit-mounted guns loosely inspired by their Necrodome counterparts. Melt the competition with laser cannons, heat-seeking missiles, twin chainguns, and rocket scatter pods. Kablooey!

See the "Gameplay Notes" section below for a breakdown of the mod's more subtle features, like entering/exiting the Necrosuit and inventory basics.
Credits: Kate: love and sanity Raven Software: Necrodome and CyClones (where I snagged the sabre glove and rocket sprites from). amv2k9: the lion's share of Raven/Strife support. combinebobnt: multiplayer balancing n' LMS support Bouncy: improved shotgun and suit-voice sounds. Jute: posting the original Necrodome rips. Blox: some sprite edits (clawless gloves) Carlcyber: ACS stuffage (quick sqrt function) Cory Whittle: those oh-so-famous casing sprites. Rogue Entertainment for Strife (where I stole the radar-map graphic from ;)
Base: Resources from Necrodome by Raven Software, ripped by Xaser. Code from-scratch by Xaser. Exceptions noted in "Additional Credits" above.
Build time: Two-ish weeks for release #1, followed by years of endless tweaking and idling. Word.
Editor(s) used: SLADE, PSP7
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