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One Ball Jay Patch
One Ball Jay is this really badass disco guy from the 70's with a fro....Date:01/25/95
Size:185.34 KB
Author:Andrew Elliott

Too Much Brown (Build 1)
Resource WAD as base for level designers...Date:04/11/06
Size:2.47 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Turn Doom into a true lo-fi experience with this custom 32-color palette....Date:10/08/23
Size:5.29 KB
Author:Santtu "MFG38" Pesonen

49ers Barrels
This program takes the barrels from DOOM and converts them into 49er colored barrels. This is my first time I've converted graphics, so let me know what you think! Give to your family, friends, and enemies! Give me ideas and name and I will try to cr...Date:04/24/96
Size:3.1 KB
Author:Keith Jerosky

A simple graphics replacement for the Soulsphere in the game changed to the 'Awesome' 4chan smiley. No, I'm not a chantard....Date:03/05/09
Size:1.58 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Legend of the Seven Paladins Textures
268 textures from Legend of the Seven Paladins, including some skies....Date:12/29/08
Size:620.64 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

Airliner Doom V4.0
A patch wad to turn the rockets into... well, how shall we put it, Airliners! Your rocket launcher will now shoot A320 Airliners (with no engines unfortunately).......Date:03/21/95
Size:108.01 KB
Author:↋ & W$$

Amulets & Armor Textures
456 textures from Amulets & Armor....Date:12/29/08
Size:1.39 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt
This zip file gives your seargants wings. I took special care to make the wings look as though they are flapping, It's a pretty cool effect. :) even though the seargants still don't fly....Date:05/30/94
Size:62.8 KB
Author:Sam Lantinga

The Annihilator weapon
Tired of overpowered monsters? Tired of having no proper weapon to wither down that two-hundred thousand odd health monster? Well look no further, Introducing, the Annihilator! It's super-duper overpoweredness is so overpowered, it will bring down a ...Date:10/19/09
Size:9.53 KB

A new monster model for Doom and Doom II. This model replaces the Imp with the Anubis Warrior from The Mummy Returns. You can check it out easily on Doom's E1M1 or Doom II's MAP01....Date:11/21/02
Size:248.81 KB

This wad includes new sprites for players in deathmatch. O.K., not so new sprites, in fact I just replaced the old face with helmet with MY face. But can I say it is really me in the arena? No. 1) I don't smoke 2) I am not so good artist to catch my ...Date:08/07/95
Size:176.1 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek, Czech Doom Guru

Full Death Frames: All-Player Graphics
This wad changes the marine death graphics from the annoying instant spin death to a more physically possible flop. As a refresher, in Doom or Doom 2 (or anything Doom-engined, those lazy iD people) when you kill something, it will face you when...Date:11/06/95
Size:47.93 KB
Author:Geoff Coovert

Aquatex v3
Lots of brown and gray textures to really liven up your wad! 100% build from scratch by yours truly. Use for whatever. Let me know if you do something cool....Date:09/15/15
Size:217.36 KB

Asylum Texture Set
These textures are by ..::DethteX::.. I simply resized and recolored them....Date:05/29/01
Size:701.54 KB
Author:DethteX, Rick Clark, editor

This is a free add-on to alter ID Software's Doom game. What it does is disguises all the Demons in the game as barrels, (and the Spectors as invisible/cloaked barrels). This is a surprisingly fun alteration and the best laugh you'll have had...Date:08/03/94
Size:158.46 KB
Author:Elly Kelly

Barrel Gun
This small patch makes the rocket launcher shoot barrels! Cool!...Date:06/28/97
Size:38.29 KB
Author:Darren Scott

Bone Demon
Doom/Doom2 replacement for Hexen's Centaur....Date:08/02/03
Size:222.42 KB

Size:15.21 KB

The Better MP5
Size:393.71 KB
Author:Dan Hadley

DOOM II Bevo Player
This is a simple wad that turns the marine face into Bevo, the longhorn mascot of the University of Texas at Austin. All the weapons have hooves holding them, and the sounds of the marine are now moos. My dog and two cats also make guest appear- ance...Date:01/04/96
Size:154.12 KB
Author:John Ferguson

The Jonathan Brandis Galleries
You start out in a dark hallway. Creepy music plays all around you. Suddenly to your left and right you see something. You turn... and it a picture of Jonathan Brandis mapped onto the wall. Thats all. A 4-gallery level of Jon for your viewing enjoy...Date:06/24/96
Size:345.46 KB
Author:Anonymous for now...

Better Head
Modifies the statusbar head slightly in order to make him not look like he's lost all his teeth when your health is low. Minor addition which is probably ZDoom-only: animated eyebrows when in God mode....Date:03/17/14
Size:9.48 KB

Cacodemon Super Growth Hormone
This patch for DOOM registered version 1.666 replaces the cacodemon with a Super Cacodemon: TWICE the size of the original! To keep them proportional, they have eight times the mass and therefore are eight times more difficult to kill than the o...Date:10/25/94
Size:387.51 KB
Author:Jim Hendrickson

Biotech Stuff
Unused/unfinished Giger'esque sprites...Date:06/20/03
Size:3.78 MB

Biolage Tetxures
I found some neat textures at so I thought I would build a texture wad and make a ZDoom level. This is the texture wad used in my level biolage.wad....Date:07/05/99
Size:365.05 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Black Sheep - a Doom 3 gameplay mod
Black sheep is a slightly-inserious gameplay mod that tries to get a Doom 3 feel into the classic games. It will work with any Doom IWAD and any source port, even in vanilla engine. It will also perfectly work with PWADs that use stock textures only....Date:09/08/14
Size:2.17 MB

Black Gloves for the Doomguy
This is a simple graphics replacement that gives the Doomguy black gloves, much (or really exactly) like the ones Scuba Steve uses in a lot of his guns. They look quite badass, in my opinion. I made 'em all from scratch by modifying the regular glove...Date:03/31/04
Size:101.26 KB

Blank-TX: Useful placeholders for map development
Doom-styled placeholder textures for map development. Make your mapping process efficient! Don't bother with texturing, coloring and alignment of details while making architecture. Design a good architecture first, then focus on texturing. These ...Date:02/25/15
Size:213.56 KB

Hi there! Welcome to a goreir doom! What does it do?- Blood.wad is a file I made with the help of deusf. What this does is makes some of your men in DOOM have a gorier death. The men that bad ass that have a gorier death are the imp, green hai...Date:02/23/97
Size:160.66 KB
Author:Ivan Smith

Blue Blood Patch
This wad is a DOOM patch to replace all blood splats with blue ones. I seriously don't know what the point is, but it looks pretty cool....Date:08/26/99
Size:43.47 KB

Blue Cacodemon
It replaces all the cacodemon sprites with modifided ones to make them blue. I must say that the blue ones look cooler than the red ones....Date:04/09/05
Size:48.11 KB
Author:Doom A Holic

BlueGuy contains the files required to make all four players in coop and deathmatch games look the same. A completely fair matchup, of course, you will not know which player you are up against while you fight, but when a player gets fragged ...Date:01/30/95
Size:55.8 KB
Author:Paul Simpson
Size:89.43 KB

Energizer Bunny 3D DOOM
Replaces Sargents with Bunny...Date:08/15/94
Size:141.47 KB
Author:Randy Chan

Bob is Jon's creation. He lost a little detail when we made GIFs of him in PSP 3.0 but you'll get the general idea of what he looks like....Date:12/22/95
Size:67.91 KB
Author:Chris Pollina + Jon Day

Bobba Fett for DOOM2
This patch replaces the Chaingun Sarge with the Star Wars character Bobba Fett....Date:05/16/96
Size:154.41 KB
Author:Kevin Standley
The associated zip file contains the graphics needed to change the Sargent character on Doom to a Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation....Date:07/18/94
Size:50.74 KB

Changes sargeant skins to look like the Borg off Star Trek: The Next Generation...Date:08/08/98
Size:20.84 KB
Author:Psycho UK

Boxart Mugshot
A mugshot replacement that makes the helmet look like the one seen on the boxart/tittlescreen. This contains 2 helmet colors, silver (box art) and tan (tittle screen)....Date:03/05/22
Size:9.62 KB
Here's a wad that will give you a permanent light goggles/torch in Doom/II, Heretic, or Hexen....Date:10/24/95
Size:2.05 KB
Author:Brian Vanover

This little addition to DOOM is a WAD file which has a modified COLORMAP resource that I made which changes the palette of all levels of brightness to the brightest level. In other words, if you run DOOM with this WAD, it'll be like you've got per...Date:06/06/94
Size:1.01 KB
Author:Atul Varma

Now you can see in all those dark places in Doom II and The Ultimate Doom. Other WADs that do this merely map all brightness levels to "full light". Use this instead of Gamma correction....Date:06/03/96
Size:15.19 KB
Author:Donald Welsh

Brighter Alternate Colormap
This is my attempt to tweak the colormap so dark areas don't fade away to browns and greys. For starters, it's easier to tell Knights apart from Barons now. >:)...Date:08/04/98
Size:6.33 KB
Author:Matthew W. Miller

Warner Bros sprites and sounds replacements for Doom II v1.9 (I haven't tried it in Doom I, it may work) If you have Doom II Date:04/07/97
Size:667.97 KB
Author:Jonn Gorden

Bugs Bunny Status Bar Face
The Bugs Bunny Status Bar Face is Here! As the first piece of the LUNYDOOM.WAD in development, BUGSFACE.WAD lets you see that Wascally Wabbit get mangled in battle....Date:07/23/95
Size:4.29 KB
Author:Andrew Woodard

Aaaargghhhhh!!!! That bastard bunny is everywhere, and now he's invaded Doom! This little guy replaces all the sargeants with the Energizer Bunny. He's back, and this time he's out for blood! Blow the little bastard away with the goriest explosion...Date:05/11/94
Size:235.31 KB
Author:David Lobser

Butt Doom version 1.0
It turns the goat bosses at the end of the Shareware version of Doom 1 into.... Butts! Yes, that's right, butts. Giant green ones with dark green arms and legs, these things open their cracks and fire green fireballs at you. Don't hesitate! d...Date:02/02/96
Size:146.98 KB
Author:Eric Hielscher and Andy Hielscher

Doom Palette in Black & White
A B/W version of the Doom palette and colormap. Loading this file as a PWAD will cause the game to lose colors. Why the hell would anyone want to do it? Firstly, the colormap was recalculated for the new grayscale palette. Since the palette contain...Date:12/21/13
Size:16.09 KB

Blue Waffle
Caco sprite replacement. Load up E3M1 and enjoy!...Date:03/21/15
Size:30.66 KB

cattle mutilatiuon
Replaces Exploding barrals with combusting cows!...Date:10/14/97
Size:50.32 KB

Celtic Shrine Texture Set for Doom2
44 textures converted to Doom 2. The set was originally designed for use in an Unreal level. The level was based on the theme of a Celtic shrine which had been burned and ransacked....Date:08/30/00
Size:375.12 KB
Author:Crista Forest, aka "CD Warrior"

Mansion Texture Set for Doom2
55 textures and 10 flats converted to Doom2. These textures were designed for use in an Unreal level that was based on the theme of a plantation mansion. I got the idea from a visit to Jamaica and pictures of the Rose Hall plantation there. However, ...Date:08/30/00
Size:238.99 KB
Author:Crista Forest, aka "CD Warrior"

CGA Doom
Due to popular demand, Doom has been given an injection of CGA! OH YEAH...Date:05/07/05
Size:1.68 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

Charlie is this charactor that Aden made up....Date:01/25/95
Size:76.14 KB
Author:Andrew Elliott

Chasm: the Rift Textures
426 textures from Chasm: the Rift, including some skies....Date:12/28/08
Size:1.27 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt
With two player deathmatches one of the players is green and the other grey. On most WADs this gives the grey player and advantage because grey is harder to see. This archive contains recolored player sprites to make all the players appear the ...Date:02/14/95
Size:111.24 KB
Author:gerry browne

Don't like surfing with nukes? Replace your cacodemons with chiracodemons! When you're tired of fragging this jerk, check out the no-testing page
Size:169.96 KB
Author:Avery Andrews
1 of These 2 gif's replace one of those hanging legs in DOOM with a MUCH more fleshy one... :) The other gif replaces the skull on a stick with a beautiful, run-through body. This one's a bit big, tho. Unfortunately, since they ...Date:06/08/94
Size:4.84 KB

Clinton 3D v3.0
Bill Clinton replaces the annoying orange heads....Date:08/15/94
Size:131.21 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Clinton Doom v2.0
This is essentially the same as but I added some sound to add a little umph to the pictures! I also changed the .bat files to make installing and uninstalling a breeze! Now it is just a one line install and a one line uninstall!...Date:07/13/94
Size:255.1 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Clear Spectres & Proper Blood
Quick and dirty modification for the spectres so they show up almost invisible (92% transparent) and two seperate files pertaining to the Baron and Caco based monsters so they bleed the same blood color that comes out of them when they die. One is fo...Date:12/29/10
Size:2.18 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

ColdPal - A new palette for Doom/Doom2
This is a new palette for Doom that I created to change/tweak some of the colors that I didn't like much and felt that they need an improvement. The main changes are to the reds, blues and greens. And unlike some other palettes, I did not include any...Date:11/28/19
Size:29.7 KB

Color changing wad! It's about time!
This wad finally changes all the player colors darker. No more complaning about being neon green!...Date:05/05/95
Size:88.05 KB
Author:Owen Williams

Console Doom Resource Pack
Not really a wad but a set of resources and assets used from the Jaguar...Date:11/03/07
Size:310.28 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (

Cool Skys for DOOM!
I replaced all of the sky textures for all three episodes with some different color phasing I did using MVP Paint. It's not much, but one night I was fooling around with the painting program right after I finished playing DOOM so I wanted t...Date:08/04/94
Size:20.79 KB
Author:Nathan Mielcarek

[MKDooM]: CRINGE! --> Graphics-WAD
New Xtra BLOODY graphics! Check out the new Double-bladed Chainsaw, or the gold Chaingun and Rocket Launcher. Beware of the new character-The Son of the CyberDemon. Check out that death scene! Blue Demons, hanging chains with meat on it's hooks, plus...Date:01/07/05
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Mark Klem

CronosPal - A new palette for Hexen
Another of my series of Palette modifications and this time for Hexen. I created this in about a week that changes/tweaks some of the colors that I didn't like much. The main changes are to the blues and greens. And unlike some other palettes, I did ...Date:01/31/20
Size:21.57 KB

The Ultimate Crosshair
This crosshair was constructed with the efforts of my self and my friend through a week's-worth of research of each weapon's basic and advanced aiming characteristics. It is suited for each weapon, except the double barrel, since we only played Doom...Date:06/22/01
Size:1.47 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell

This little graphics patch replaces the soldiers with "clear" graphics. Which means you can't see them! Its hard but FUN!...Date:07/01/94
Size:12.44 KB

Counterstrike - Texture Pack
300 new textures coming from Counterstrike for Skulltag....Date:09/12/07
Size:3.56 MB

CREATORS Doom Graphics V0.9
The Pistol- and the shotgun-enemy are replaced with digitized pictures of real-life persons (i guess you can't identify them, anyhow). Sarge (The one in the white cammo T-shirt) Magnum of CTS --> ctsspos.wad Trooper (The one in the leather jacket...Date:10/23/04
Size:76.5 KB
Author:CREATORS / Toolord of CTS

ACME Custard Pie Lancher
Yes folks, the all new ACME Custard Pie Launcher is a marvel of modern technology. Capable of firing Custard pies at high velocity and deady accuracy at friend and foe alike, the ACME Custard Pie Launcher is a must for every Doomer's arsenal. Smo...Date:06/28/94
Size:131 KB

CWB Texture Pak 1 for Doom2
69!!! textures & 21 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:626.03 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

CWB Texture Pak 2 for Doom2
67 textures converted to Doom 2. (no flats)...Date:08/30/00
Size:682.45 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

CWB Texture Pak 3 for Doom2
84 textures & 23 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:912.88 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

CWB Texture Pak 4 for Doom2
50 textures & 9 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:490.43 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

CWB Texture Pak 5 for Doom2
50 textures & 16 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:596.86 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

CWB Texture Pak 6 for Doom2
50 textures & 17 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:532.39 KB
Author:Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

Corpse Worm
Doom/Doom2 replacement for Hexen's Afrit, a worm that hatches from a Demon's corpse....Date:07/29/03
Size:19.97 KB

Cyclones Textures
719 textures from Cyclones....Date:12/29/08
Size:809.95 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

Doom Textures For Doom II
A graphical resource created for Doom: Enigma that has all the Doom textures not included Doom II. So if you want Doom textures in Doom II, feel free to use this....Date:02/18/03
Size:218.73 KB

Doom2 ENHANCED! Version 1.0
Adds realism to some of the weapons, changes skill level names, vertically tilable sky, and other fun stuff....Date:05/16/95
Size:153.28 KB
Author:William Sullivan

Doom 3 Hellknight
Baron from Hell and Hellknight (which is just differently colored Baron) are my favourite Doom monsters. They're really great. But when Doom 3 was realeased I enjoyed new hellknight too so I decided to replace a Doom1 Baron from Hell with Hellknight ...Date:01/25/08
Size:60.12 KB

Doom 3 Imp
That's an Imp with Doom3-like look. I love imps from D3 and I hate those original ones. They look so silly with those opened jaws! So I got to change them, and here is the wad file. Imps have different head, have more eyes. Spikes and color wasn't ch...Date:01/25/08
Size:40.17 KB

Darkening Episode 2 Texture Wad
When we released the Darkening Episode 2 waaaaay back, we sorta promised a standalone texture wad so you could create your own Darkening E2 Levels. For various reasons we never got around to releasing this texture wad, but by popular demand, here it ...Date:01/02/11
Size:2.18 MB
Author:Ola Bjrling, Jan Van der Veken, Nick Baker

Makes levels darker. A adjustable, ZScriptified clone of Josh771's original Dark Doom....Date:02/13/22
Size:27.24 KB
Author:Sterling "Caligari87" Parker

DARK MENU v1.1 - for The Darkening: Episode 2
A graphics-only addon for The Darkening: Episode 2 - one of the most anticipated Doom releases of all time - because it was made by some of the most talented level designers in the Doom Community. You can get The Darkening Episode 2 from their homepa...Date:06/08/00
Size:276.88 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

Dark Arena Texture Set
This is a texture wad containing all textures found from the GBA FPS game, Dark Arena...Date:03/01/06
Size:560.85 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (

doubl barrel shotgun
puts super shotgun in doom....Date:10/09/95
Size:70.99 KB
Author:M Berseth
Size:16.37 KB

deConstruct Industrial Textures
123 textures & 72 flatsconverted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:395.61 KB

Deion DOOM
Kill Deion before he hits you with footballs, replaces...Date:03/25/96
Size:104.08 KB
Author:Seth Stanton

DFGUNS 1.0 Graphics Replacement PATCH...Date:03/09/95
Size:119.99 KB
This is a patch of the blaster rifle from Dark Forces. It replaces the rocket launcher. It is a PWAD and EXE hack. It does not change anything. Not even the EXE. This backs it up. It comes with all the software required. This should run perfectly ...Date:03/21/95
Size:92.89 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Daggerfall Textures
Over 1000 textures (655 walls, 386 flats) from the game Daggerfall, as well as five skies....Date:12/28/08
Size:2.25 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

DarkBase Texture Wad (dgdbtxtr.wad)
About 12 textures and 7 flats suitable for dark-brown base levels similar to Quake 1. All are mods of Doom2 textures, with the exception of one by Paul Fleschute....Date:11/01/98
Size:66.25 KB
Author:David Gevert

Dimmed Palettes
Dimmed Palettes contain slightly corrected, darkened and not over-contrasted palettes for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. My aim was to completely preserve original colors, making overall picture looks better on modern bright LCD screens. To loa...Date:03/16/17
Size:48.96 KB
Author:Julian Nechaevsky
This is just a little modification I made to the Doom title screen. I figured that the character was ASKING to have a guitar placed in his hands! Hope you like it! I liked the original screen more than the DoomII screen so I just combined the...Date:03/09/95
Size:40.24 KB
Author:TaG :)

Dual MAC-10 Ingrams
OK, let's give it straight. Doom weapons are cool. Besides one. Besides chaingun. Yes, it's a usefull weapon. Yes, it can save your ass. But why the hell it's looking so boring? Here's something to change it. Dual MAC-10s. It gives Doom a quite new, ...Date:01/25/08
Size:8.89 KB

DMGLOVE (pwad-version)
A black and pink glove replaces the RPG....Date:03/04/06
Size:14.38 KB

DOOM Gore v3.0 and DOOM 2 Gore v1.0
Get ready for the best of the series. This version rules. No more stretch graphics, no more screwed up ending sequences, this is the most complete and best made of all the series. Splattering heads, spine splits, intestinal yankings, melting flesh, b...Date:10/30/95
Size:944.6 KB

Icons for Doom for Windoze
A collection of 32x32 256 colors Doom icons: title screens, switches, pentagrams and various other textures....Date:11/10/01
Size:51.7 KB

A Complete replacement graphics set by Elizabeth Orne of the player ICON into a face more appropriate to women doomers. Almost like Barbie ....Date:03/04/06
Size:14.24 KB
Author:Elizabeth Orne
This PCX is designed to import over car 94 in Nascar. Created by Gil Garteiz of Houston Tx! Use with Paintkit to import this PCX into your car file and replace car 94 with the DOOM MOBILE! It comes with demons and the id logo on the doors! Even a...Date:03/31/95
Size:6.8 KB
Author:Gil Garteiz
This is just a little modification I made to the Doom title screen. I figured that the character was ASKING to have a guitar placed in his hands! Hope you like it!...Date:12/21/00
Size:36.07 KB
Author:TaG :)
Preview Screen Shots of the upcoming ALL NEW Doom Editor, featuring full 3 Dimensional level preview! You've got to see to believe! Screen Shots are of Level 1, Knee Deep/Dead....Date:05/11/94
Size:24.52 KB

With this file you can watch DOOM & DOOM2 in black and white....Date:04/01/97
Size:2.78 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

800x600x256 image. All monsters, weapons, ammo, power-ups, artifacts etc. of DOOM2. Included the starting screens of DOOM & DOOM2. (What to do with this image? Personally, I use it for Windows wallpaper. I want to look at it all the time, s...Date:03/02/95
Size:147.78 KB
Author:Phidias N. Bourlas (DM)
Doom II screen shots in .gif format, and at double the .pcx files size....Date:06/25/94
Size:1.94 MB
Author:id Software

DOOMII demo screenshots
These are the .PCX files from John Romero's DOOMII demo during the Austin Virtual Gaming Tournament on June 18th. There are about 25 .PCX files that span about 4 different levels. Be sure to check out the new monsters, new levels, and differen...Date:06/23/94
Size:700.51 KB
Author:id Software
Here are some stereoscopic pictures made from screen shots of Doom. You may have to cross your eyes a ways to see them, but the 3d effect is worth the headache :)...Date:06/24/94
Size:153.44 KB
Author:David Lobser
You want to make Windows look like DOOM? Then this is the right thing for you!!!...Date:05/11/94
Size:85.76 KB
A 256 color, 640x480 bitmap image of the title screen. Don't worry about pixelization, I converted it to true color first then smoothed it out wile resizing it....Date:05/11/94
Size:126.45 KB

DOOMCONS version 1.0
Size:19.42 KB
Here is an icon I created for Doom...Date:06/05/94
Size:804 B
Hey! I shelled out 40 bucks! I want a nice 640x480 Doom logo. But nooooooooo, it only comes with the NeXT veRsIoN. Well, I toiled and toiled and hacked and worked and sweated and after weeks and weeks of work (ok, only 5 minutes, but who's count...Date:08/08/94
Size:108.77 KB
Author:DJ SKI
Size:37.78 KB

Doomguy 2000 Picture
This is nothing spectacular, just something for the fans of Terry. All you have to do is place this file into your skins folder and it replaces the infamous Carnevil texture with a picture of myself....Date:07/28/12
Size:157.91 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000
Well, my efforts have paid off... DOOMMORF.FLI looks *nice*. This .FLI file is a ~160 frame animation of your favorite monsters melting into each other using morphing technology a la "Terminator 2". Ok, so I'm not Industrial Light and Magic Inc., ...Date:05/11/94
Size:474.52 KB

Doom Noir
This is just a PLAYPAL/COLORMAP replacement that changes DOOM into a *mostly* black and white game. The red range is left as-is. I originally put this together back in the late nineties and it languished on my hard drive afterwards. Sometime recent...Date:12/30/05
Size:16.04 KB
Author:Jon Dowland
This is a background that I made using Doom paneling and scenery. It makes a neat Windows background (then again, doesn't everything? :-) It's a tall corridor and through the 'windows' you can see outside (which is cloudy with the mountains down be...Date:05/11/94
Size:65.8 KB

Doomed Buildings
18 3D modeled buildings textured with Doom2 graphics (not included) so to fit in with the game. The buildings are animated to collapsr to a demolished state. Also icludes 4 piles of rubbish for garnish. All models are low poly, can be easily re-textu...Date:06/20/21
Size:1.57 MB
Author:Paul Hildebrandt

Doomed Columns
12 3D modeled columns textured with Doom2 graphics (not included) so to fit in with the game. All models are low poly and can be re-textured by editing the MODELDEF lump. Refer to DOCUMENT lump for instructions....Date:08/21/21
Size:210.42 KB
Author:Paul Hildebrandt

Doomed Fans
3D modelled fan, textured to fit with Doom2. Can be raised and lowered with a switch. Wall, ceiling and floor positions. Come in 2 sizes. Refer to DOCUMENT lump for instructions....Date:08/04/21
Size:135.71 KB
Author:Paul Hildebrandt

Doomed Stairs
4 animated 3D modeled stairs textured with Doom2 graphics (not included) so to fit in with the game. All models are low poly, can be easily re-textured by editing the MODELDEF lump and spawn additional hit boxes for non-regular shapes. Can be deactiv...Date:07/17/21
Size:389.79 KB
Author:Paul Hildebrandt
Makes bigdoor2 and bigdoor4 have barrels and cybres on them It also changes the music for level 1! This is for DOOM, it might work for doom2 aswell!??...Date:02/16/96
Size:70.92 KB
Author:Dermott Shanahan

DOYWEAP.WAD My Weapon/Marine Head Graphic Add-on
This wad changes a few of the weapons and best of all, GIVES THE MARINES HEADS instead of those stupid helmets! This DOES NOT modify ANY of your precious Doom2 files. So, it's safe to use! Just run the install batch to build the wad and that's it. ...Date:01/27/96
Size:191.83 KB
Author:Doyoon Kim

DoomSplitter's Custom Palette
This is a simple wad that replaces Doom's default colors. I tried to achieve various effects with the default sprites. For example; zombies now have "bleeding" eyes, and the archvile summons orange flames!...Date:09/05/14
Size:5.83 KB
Author:David Reirden a.k.a. DoomSplitter
This is just a simple patch for changing the graphics in DOOM for the barrel into the barrel from Duke Nukem 3D....Date:12/19/96
Size:6.99 KB

Duke Nukem Texture Pack
Resource WAD as base for level designers...Date:04/17/06
Size:2.23 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Drunk Doom
ok This is the first official thing i made for doom, This patch replaces all the rockets in doom with Wine bottles...Date:07/14/95
Size:41.75 KB
Author:Sundeepan Sen AKA Soulhunter

original textures from echelon.wad (+ a few texture mods linked to the all new l stuff)...Date:04/13/20
Size:1.57 MB
Author:sverre kvernmo

EGA Doom
It's the return of EGA, so get down with it!...Date:05/07/05
Size:2.05 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

unlike deathz0r's EGAdoom, this is the real deal BITCH!...Date:07/09/05
Size:1.99 KB

EGA Doom
EGA Doom is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. It makes Doom look like an older EGA era game, which uses only 16 colors. Consider playing some of your favorite WADs with it, as it makes playing them a new experience. It is sug...Date:06/23/11
Size:1.15 KB

Enhanced Ultimate Gore V1.3
This wad changes the death sequences of some the creatures in Doom2. The Imps head gets blown off The Demons arm flys off. And unlike the standard version has Flame thrower. DO NOT RUN FROM THE COMMAND LINE YOU NEED THE FILE DEUSF (should be included...Date:09/10/96
Size:188.9 KB
Author:Aidan McGinley

Erratic Texture Pack 1
Just a bunch of textures & flats...Date:08/30/00
Size:425.62 KB
Author:Jonathan Rimmer

Ewj and Snowmen?
This wad changes the cacodemons into evil Earthworm Jim in a bio-pod and the Imps into evil snowmen, Just in time to blow frosty away for the holidys!...Date:11/24/98
Size:104.53 KB
Author:Paul Archibald

Possessed Marine
This WAD changes the SS Nazi into a possessed marine with a shotgun. Use it to add another enemy that fits well without replacing others. It gets rid of the Pain Elemental's respawn frames (I had to steal a frame from somewhere.)...Date:02/02/06
Size:46.57 KB
Author:Chain Mail
This file replaces the cacodemon with a roving eye....Date:07/12/94
Size:33.2 KB

Eyeball for Doom 2
Size:129.03 KB
Author:Voodoo Nipple Software

Flats 2 Textures / Textures 2 Flats pack
This pack features flat versions of most of Doom / Doom 2 textures as well as texture versions of most of the flats. No new textures or flats....Date:08/11/15
Size:7.68 MB
Author:Tom "tomatoKetchup" Slowcat

Doom Face Fix
You may have not noticed this, but when your playing doom2 and either you shoot about 6 or 7 rounds from the pistol and the marine grits his teeth his eyes turn blue. When you let off the fire button his eyes go back to black.Also when you pick up a ...Date:09/29/02
Size:87.92 KB

Doom/Doom2 replacement for Hexen's Death Wyvern....Date:07/28/03
Size:232.35 KB

Fate Textures
355 textures from Fate, including some skies....Date:12/29/08
Size:1.44 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

FemDOOM : Ver. 1.0
FemDOOM is for all those frustrated women who have had to play with a male face in the status window (including myself) It replaces the standard BJ Blaskowicz mug with a female character drawn in much the same style as the original ID artwork....Date:10/05/94
Size:9.01 KB
Author:Lynn Forest

Alternate Former-Human Graphics
It replaces the former human death sequence with electrocuting skeletons....Date:02/06/95
Size:21.78 KB
Author:Brent McKibbin

Size:76.13 KB
Author:Alexander Prack
A one page color postscript file of all the floor and ceiling textures. Depending on the printer the textures may not look correct. I brightened up each pixel a little since in general the textures are a bit dark. ...Date:05/11/94
Size:177.58 KB
Author:Thomas W. Krawczyk
This wad turns your fist into a wimpy fork. This is pretty neat, but its kind of cartoonish. ...Date:11/18/96
Size:1.83 KB
Author:josh desrochers

Fragport status bar
My very own futuristic status bar. Comes in 2 flavours: yellow digits (FRAGBAR1.WAD) (as seen in Fragport) and blue digits (FRAGBAR2.WAD) (as seen in Op-lite2)...Date:02/28/02
Size:10.64 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

freetex is a texture set made freely for other authors to use for thier own doom 2 or quake 2 maps....Date:05/30/02
Size:105.66 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal

DOOM frisbee-rocket graphics
Changes DOOM rockets into frisbees. "Hey, that CyberDemon, he's not such a bad guy. He's just misunderstood. He just wants to play frisbee! Why not spread a little joy around Hell? So toss around the disc with a former human. Aim it at an...Date:09/15/94
Size:43.89 KB
Author:Chris Pimlott

FRuiTDooM v2.4
FRuiT invades DooM... See for yourself! Ever wonder what it would feel like to launch apples at your friends? Ever had the overwhelming urge to stuff pineapples in your rocket launcher? Now all this and more is possible with FRuiTDooM! Watch imps thr...Date:12/21/00
Size:21.55 KB
Author:Michael Niggel, Chris Niggel, and Joe Kanfer

Full Doom Textures
These are TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps that contain definitions for all iwad (doom 1 and 2) textures, with WFALL1-4 as a bonus. Using these, you can use Doom 1 exclusive textures in Doom 2 and vice versa. No patches are included besides WFALL, so you ha...Date:02/10/16
Size:37.31 KB
Author:TheLoop aka Uhbooh

The Lightning Gauntlet Wad
This wad will replace the chainsaw in Id Software's Doom ][ with the lightning gauntlet (electric gloves) from Heretic, by the same company. I put a fair amount of time into this patch and I hope you like it as much I do....Date:12/02/95
Size:88.44 KB
Author:Greg Kegel

The Lightning Gauntlet Patch
This patch will replace the chainsaw in Id Software's Doom ][ with the lightning gauntlet (electric gloves) from Heretic, by the same company. I put a fair amount of time into this patch and I hope you like it as much I do....Date:12/02/95
Size:91.85 KB
Author:Greg Kegel

George Doom (version 2)
This graphics-only wad, for Doom or Doom II, replaces the Cacodemon with George's head (George is/was the author's boss)....Date:12/21/00
Size:6.32 KB
Author:Don Miller

Geneva Convention-compliant medikits
This WAD replaces the Doom medikits with medikits from the BFG Edition release of Doom that are compliant with the Geneva Conventions....Date:08/10/16
Size:4.8 KB
Author:id; uploaded by Simon Howard (fraggle)

Kill Giselle Pakeerah!
A simple graphics wad that replaces the baron with the sinister anti-videogame campaingner....Date:07/31/04
Size:70.54 KB
Author:Michael Martin/Deathbringer on DW forums

Gloom Texture Set
These textures are by ..::DethteX::.. I simply resized and recolored them....Date:05/20/01
Size:879.59 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Gore v2.0 Make monsters die gorier! (PWAD-version)
This makes the death animations of the player, the imp, the former human, the former human sergeant, and the pink demon *much* more bloody and gory....Date:08/04/06
Size:150.23 KB
Author:Marty Valenti
This is an attempt at a VERY gorey death for DOOM. What this does is changes all the trooper's death GFX to gorier ones. The regular death is bloody, I just threw some more blood on there, but the fragged death is awesome! I suggest you start on...Date:04/05/96
Size:55.95 KB
Author:Jeremy L Wagner

Gorey (version 2)
This graphics-only patch makes the death animations of the weaker monsters bloodier (Troopers, Shotgun Sargeants, and Imps)....Date:12/21/00
Size:25.94 KB

Gothic DeathMatch (II) Graphical Resource PWAD
This PWAD contains all of the walls and flats that can be found in the original GOTHICDM and GOTHIC2....Date:05/12/99
Size:700.34 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

Grafix Project - Alt Death
This wad replaces the death animations of all Doom2 characters with the exception of the specter, Keen, the Wolfenstein soldier. Some of the monster's death animations vary. I have greatly altered some while hardly touching others as there is little ...Date:04/17/03
Size:287.52 KB

Graphtallica Texture Pack for Doom2 #1
41 textures & 16 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:344.61 KB
Author:Sean Johnson

Graphtallica Texture Pack for Doom2 #2
47 textures & 35 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:444.82 KB
Author:Sean Johnson

Graphtallica Texture Pack for Doom2 #3
25 textures converted to Doom 2. (Sorry, no flats)...Date:08/30/00
Size:232.82 KB
Author:Sean Johnson

Grasstex - Doom textures with grass tops
Texture pack of outdoor Doom textures with added grass tops and/or grass bottoms, variously sloped grass tops on each texture, independent top and bottom grass patch that can be used as a texture. The pack comes in 3 variants - vanilla, Boom, Zdoom...Date:06/29/14
Size:135.09 KB

Green fish status bar face replacement
This replaces the status bar face with the green fish that is common on the doomworld forums....Date:07/21/01
Size:4.51 KB
Author:Simon Howard(fraggle)

gremlin trilogy
Hello there!! This is the gremlin trilogy I was talking about in all those previous gremlins!!!...Date:10/26/96
Size:346.52 KB

Grey Death Shades
Changes some colors giving the game a gothic feeling... kinda like some Tori Amos songz :)...Date:06/21/96
Size:13.34 KB

Doom2 patch/wad that makes enemies harder, weapons better, and other stuff that's pretty cool....Date:03/08/96
Size:47.63 KB
Author:Me again

Chunks of Guts
Size:47.47 KB
Author:Sean S.

DoomGuy to Shotgun Sargeant (version 2)
This graphics-only patch swaps around the DoomGuy and the Shotgun Sargeants. Now YOU are the Sargeants going around killing the UAC Marines! You can even play Deathmatch with other Former Human Sargeants....Date:12/29/00
Size:83.34 KB
Author:Dave Matteson

I got a digital camera for christmas :D the first thing I did with it is this- took pics of my left hand, making it an array of guns. He's good, no? He's trying to break into the film business and this is his first gig. He's a character actor, as you...Date:12/25/06
Size:154.32 KB

A graphics patch, plus a very mini wad with a few textures and sounds replaced. The wad level is just barely big enough to demonstrate how Happy Doom works. I'm not a great wad builder, but it is a lot better when troopers are the only monsters....Date:07/19/94
Size:96.45 KB
Author:Dan Lottero

Headcresher Doom
a graphics patch to turn the pistol into a nifty headcresher!...Date:08/12/94
Size:329.41 KB
Author:Ben Osheroff

Head Hunter
A walking brain like creature....Date:07/28/03
Size:55.11 KB

Now you can take on the forces of evil in DOOM 2 with one singular packet of Heinz (c) ketchup! Guaranteed silly!...Date:08/16/95
Size:38.46 KB
Author:Chris Griffin (aka: Zaphod Beeblebrox)

HeresyPal - A new palette for Heretic
This is a new palette for Heretic that I created in about a week that changes/tweaks some of the colors that I didn't like much and felt that they needed an improvement. The main changes are to the blues and greens. And unlike some other palettes, I ...Date:12/26/19
Size:11.66 KB

With this file you can watch Heretic in black and white....Date:04/01/97
Size:2.74 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Hexen 2 Texture Pack for Doom 2
Most of the textures from the demo of Raven Software's Hexen 2....Date:02/23/99
Size:346.92 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Hexen Doom
Hexen Doom changes the sprites the Imp, Trooper The piggy(i forgot his name) and a lot of other Spites plus the NEW!!! Bfg. Check this out!...Date:01/23/97
Size:390.93 KB
Author:Mike (grungy) Lewis

Hammer Hound
Inspired by Blood 2's Behemoth....Date:07/29/03
Size:368.52 KB

High Resolution Skies
This is a set of 16 high resolution skies produced from photographs I've taken over the years with cameras, be it my digital camera or from camera phones. They vary in size and are ready to use in your projects if you so desire. A small WAD file is i...Date:10/19/17
Size:8.4 MB
Author:Mr. Chris / Glaice

Hitboi's Colorful Doom Palettes
A collection of color palettes I made for Doom in February 2022. Three major palettes including 2 palette edits....Date:02/24/22
Size:69.39 KB
Author:Mohammed Firas (Hitboi)

Half-Life and Various Textures
77 BMP images, 57 textures, 20 flats....Date:01/04/01
Size:514.42 KB

Hi-Res Stormtrooper
A Hi-Res Star Wars Stormtrooper....Date:07/28/03
Size:305.69 KB

High Resolution Textures w/o the High Resolution
This is an experiment to see if the high resolution textures actually make better textures than the originals. I took all the textures from the JDTP, resized them to their original sizes and put them in this wad file. Some textures came out looking m...Date:06/05/09
Size:1.98 MB
Author:Jon Vail

Huladoom& Huladoom2
These files change your imps so that they are wearing...Date:08/24/95
Size:89.36 KB
Author:Seth Stanton and Joe Seifert

icesky.wad replaces SKY1 with a view of Glacier Bay, Alaska....Date:06/13/94
Size:20.1 KB

Icy DOOM ][ :-)
ICESKYS2.WAD replaces RSKY1, RSKY2, & RSKY3 with a view of Glacier Bay, Alaska. For you DOOM ][ newbies :-) this mean's it replaces the sky in Map01-32 of DOOM ][. This PWAD will work with DOOM ][ v1.7a or later....Date:03/05/95
Size:59.99 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

ICESKYUD.WAD replaces SKY1, SKY2, SKY3, & SKY4 with a view of Glacier Bay, Alaska. For you ULTIMATE DOOM newbies :-) this mean's it replaces the sky in Episode's 1 to 4 of ULTIMATE DOOM. This PWAD will work with ULTIMATE DOOM v1.9 Registered...Date:07/31/95
Size:80.23 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

IK Texture Pack for Doom 2
152 textures & 59 flats converted to Doom 2. I've also been friendly enough to insert an ANIMDEFS lump which gives a 'quake swirl' animation to the two slime textures under Zdoom....Date:08/30/00
Size:490.2 KB
Author:Iikka 'Fingers' Kernen Conversion by Derek 'Afterglow' Mac Donald

Here is a neat (although it losses it's novelty in about 5 minutes) patch that turns Imps into cute little Cyberdemons! It also changes a few sound fx too. Pretty cool. This is my first gfx patch for DOOM, so please just ignore the quality!!! Chec...Date:09/21/94
Size:209.75 KB
Author:Andrew Scott
This is a simple wadfile that contains all the imp sprites, with the names of the player sprites. This will cause violent, imp carnage. Just for DM unless you wanna mess with Dehacked frame pointers. Why would you do this though? Imps are already ...Date:05/03/98
Size:80.19 KB
Author:Lord HC

Are you sick of being hit by those boring fireballs? Tired of the same old firey graphics? Well, we're here to help! Now the imps heave their heads at you! Teeth gnashing, they fly toward you only to cause pain and suffering! Eliminate that boredom! ...Date:09/20/95
Size:40.72 KB
Author:"Kamikazi" Chris & Mike Niggel
Hello, and welcome to the sick and twisted mind of D.E.A.D.!!! I have for you a new set of graphics to replace your old imps with. These new graphics make the imps more imposing and impy. Hence the name of this zip and the ...Date:03/09/96
Size:105.37 KB

Well, here are some new graphics to replace the imp death animation. Its just a little more gory 8^)....Date:05/11/94
Size:8.11 KB
Author:Greg Grimsby

In Pursuit of Greed Textures
351 textures from In Pursuit of Greed....Date:01/20/09
Size:499.24 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt
Two GIF screen shots from the upcoming Atari Jaguar port of Doom....Date:06/07/94
Size:241.53 KB

This wounderful graphic patch will replace the Shotgun-Guy with Jazz Jackrabbit (and the Health-Bonus with carrots...)!!! Works with DOOM and DOOM ][!...Date:05/28/95
Size:55.95 KB
Author:Christian Laggner

New floor tile package
This package will install 21 new floor graphics into your DOOM.WAD. It's intended for use with the add-on episode 2 JCM2.WAD but can be used any time you desire wild and crazy floors while you play DOOM....Date:12/04/94
Size:77.06 KB
Author:JC MegaByte

Your original Cacodemons Sprites will hopefully be saved ( You have backed up Doom.wad, haven't you ???) and then replaced with an astronaut in a jetpack....Date:05/18/95
Size:227.6 KB

Jimmy Johnson DOOM Version 2.0
This modification replaces the Cacodemons of the registered version of DOOM with Jimmy Johnson, ex-coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and now FOX Sports analyst. Jimmy Johnson shoots footballs at you, and throughout the whole game his hair neve...Date:11/30/94
Size:134.03 KB

Jolted DooM
This file will change the barrels into Jolt Cola cans. Even though there is no real "explosion", the force of the explosion is still there. You can still kill your enemies (and yourself) by blasting barrels. I know that this works for DooM v1.9, it s...Date:02/19/97
Size:47.86 KB
Author:David Pooley

Jovian Palette
The flatscreen technology of today makes DOOM too bright. This WAD is an attempt to bring our favourite game back into the CRT-induced darkness from whence it came....Date:10/19/17
Size:29.28 KB

Junkcity Texture Pack
Junkcity.wad is a victorian/tudor themed texture pack created back in 2014. The textures are png format and designed for truecolor rendering....Date:05/09/18
Size:1.89 MB

The Kerberos Complex Texture Pack
This is a texture pack that was used for some techbase levels of Struggle, and The Kerberos Complex for Doomworld Mega Project 2017. It features 129 patches and 38 flats, designed for a techbase with four color themes; blue, green, red, and yellow. T...Date:09/03/17
Size:581.41 KB
This PWAD replaces the STF player face on the Status Bar with Kermit The Frog. All graphic segments (27 different ones) were hand drawn on Photoshop 3.0 and took well over 5 hours to create and fine tune. I believe This will only work w...Date:03/18/96
Size:46.95 KB
Author:Steve Hanson
Supplementary graphics for doom with dmgraph.exe and a batch file to replace the pinkies with a black knight (knight has upside down cross as his coat of arms). ...Date:04/23/94
Size:88.37 KB

Koul Textures
A pack of Doom texture edits,(I'm so original) featuring cool brick variants, green wood stuff, fleshy variants, etc. Oh and a cool eyeball door!! I probably included a few too many variants but someone will probably find a use for them....Date:05/15/09
Size:376.69 KB

Kingpin Textures
1271 textures from Kingpin....Date:01/16/09
Size:5.35 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

Some new sprites for DOOM2 (Will work fine under DOOM as well, probaly) *REMEMBER* This is unfinished, and never will be (by me at least) so all it has is a few new gun sprites and new player sprites, plus a few more. Also has altered palettes when...Date:01/17/98
Size:198.85 KB
Author:Limbs a Flyin', i.e me, Chris Coulter.
Hello, and welcome to yet another DooM improvement by yours truly. I hope that, like my other improvements, you enjoy this one, too. This one will change out your boring old rockets for some really cool looking fire power: ...Date:03/09/96
Size:8.23 KB

LASSIK DOOM II is a single PWAD file that replaces the image of the guy at the bottom of the screen with the world renowned DOOM Master Lassik Blair....Date:09/23/95
Size:106.09 KB
Author:Jeremy Nelson Lassik Blair

Lego Textures
Lego themed replacement textures, patches and flats...Date:04/08/02
Size:115.05 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Lethal Weapon for Doom 2
Size:261.17 KB
Author:Voodoo Nipple Software

Size:52.21 KB
Author:A great guy.

Lucius' Crazy Skys (version 2)
9 sky textures (256x128) for use with Doom or Doom II....Date:12/29/00
Size:117.93 KB
this wad changes the Marine into various pictures of LUM, the main character in the Anime Urusei Yatsura (and adds a few pics to the status bar)...Date:07/26/94
Size:16.53 KB

LUM-DOOM, version 1.0
This patch changes the Plasma cannon and the BFG 6000 into the hands of LUM, the main character of the Japanese manga/anime Urusei Yatsura, and changes the BGG firing sound into one of Lum-chan's more famous quotes. It also replaces the facial g...Date:03/22/95
Size:129.36 KB

Kick Butt option instead of pistol...Date:07/09/95
Size:16.9 KB
Author:Gene Fulmer

DOOM Mac Barrels v1.0
The wound from that demon scrape is killing you!! You try to look around at the scenery to divert your attention for a bit. All around you is barren wasteland. There is some- thing that catches your attention, however. T...Date:06/06/94
Size:88.08 KB
Author:Atul Varma

MDK Skies Pack
You might've heard of MDK, a wacky third-person shooter, released by Shiny Entertainment about 20 years ago. It was a cross between the action of Doom and humour of Earthworm Jim (made by the same folks). To my knowledge, MDK isn't moddable at all. H...Date:03/02/17
Size:514.98 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

CR8 Quake Texture set compiled for Doom
I stumbled upon this awesome set of Quake textures a few months ago, so I though I'd see how they looked in Doom. I then compiled and converted all of the original graphics as well as contributed over double the original number of graphics in recolor...Date:05/14/08
Size:906.37 KB
Author:Speedy, Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur

Malice Texture Pack for Doom 2
Most of the textures from the excellent commerical Quake 1 TC, Malice....Date:02/23/99
Size:486.84 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Amusing sockmonkey pedals all around on it's little red tricycle,then tries to rip your face off..until you blast the stuffing out of it. This is a replacement for the pink demon in Doom and DoomII....Date:03/14/97
Size:138.67 KB
Author:Steve Rescoe

Size:131.04 KB
Author:Sean Schroeder

Animaniacs vs. Power Rangers DOOM
You are Wakko Warner. You looked out of the water tower window one night and saw that the land was infested with Power Rangers! AAAAH! So you decided to have a little fun. With the various weapons you just happened to have around the tower, you go do...Date:04/14/96
Size:628.47 KB
Author:Daniel Swinney

MP5 submachine gun
This is the MP5 submachine gun...Date:01/27/98
Size:45.07 KB

E G Y P T I A N T E X T U R E S --- for DOOM ][ LEGACY

This is wad containing textures for level designers to use. They are mostly taken from my own MUMMY PHUQUERS 2 megawad....Date:07/27/01
Size:1.27 MB

Adrian's Ego-Masochistical DOOM Adventure
I couldn't resist this one! Here's me in DOOM. For those of you who want to shoot yourself (or someone else), scan a photo at 72 dpi, edit yourself for the only thing on a 100% blue/ 100% green background, then use dmgraph to import it in. Se...Date:06/13/94
Size:35.7 KB
Author:Adrian Hayes

My Face in Doom
Adds my face over the Hud Faces....Date:07/30/22
Size:182.59 KB

myMac10 Patch
This patch will replace the pistol in Doom2 (should work with Doom 1 but I haven't tested it) with a Mac10 automatic. It was created from an original patch by Gene Fulmer. I cleaned up the graphics quite a bit and am re-releasing it....Date:12/17/95
Size:44.58 KB
Author:Greg Kegel

This is a simple graphics patch that replaces the chainsaw from DOOM/DOOMII with a reasonable facsimile of my Husqvarna 272xp. (Stihl fans, please be patient. If this goes over I may try a patch of an 064 next. :-) I figured a real badas...Date:08/01/95
Size:64.59 KB
New status bar made by me!...Date:12/31/97
Size:6.56 KB

Nambona890's Texture Edits
I decided to upload some useful texture edits that I made in Photoshop, that I've used in some of my WADs. They're pretty much mostly just metal and techbase texture edits, though. They're also in a ZDoom format, so you might have to do a bit of clea...Date:06/26/17
Size:139.34 KB

Recoloured Doom and Doom 2 textures v2
These textures are all recoloured versions of textures from Doom and Doom 2. They include different coloured lights, golden versions of the SHAWNx and related textures, water and lava falls, and so on. A few of these textures were included in previ...Date:11/19/06
Size:1.56 MB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE

Necrodome Textures
78 textures from Necrodome. Includes many skies....Date:01/18/09
Size:494.76 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

NINTENDOOM is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. It makes Doom look like a NES game, which uses a palette of only 54 colours. If you think you know your way around a map give it a go again with this low colour mode. I tried to...Date:06/07/20
Size:5.17 KB
Author:Rodrigo "Rusco Istar" Gonzalez

I called this "neutered" because a term I use a lot in this text file is fixed, and neutered is anot
Graphic enhancements. Not particularly good ones, however....Date:06/21/02
Size:885.38 KB
Author:Roneldo, Oglethorpe, Ubernerd, Evil Mittens, Poncharillo, Volcabbage, Umiliphus, and countless other

NewDoom Skys - Doom Version
Tall skys for Doom or Ultimate Doom (sky1 to sky4) based on the banner image from the web site NewDoom. This wad is dedicated to the guys (and gals?) at NewDoom - Happy New Year and all the best with your site in 2001....Date:12/31/00
Size:134.26 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

NewDoom Skys - Doom II Version
Tall skys (256x240) for Doom II based on the banner image from the NewDoom web site. This wad is dedicated to the guys and gals at NewDoom - Happy New Year and all the best with your site in 2001....Date:12/31/00
Size:102.19 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

NEWFACE.WAD Character face and sound replacement for DOOM2
Replaces BJs face with a more rugged, leatherfaced Marine. A right Ornery Bastard! Also Includes a new, stark tool bar,Character sounds(ADULT LANGUAGE) New text graphics, and a new title Graphic from my ALIEN TC, as a taste of things to come......Date:10/31/96
Size:117.1 KB
Author:Kenneth Scott

New Gateways
Modifies a couple af floor, ceiling, and sprite textures, and one sound, with the effect of making the teleporters look and sound different. Unzip it into your DOOM or DOOM ][ directory and type TEL-IN to install it, TEL-OUT to uninstall. This DOES m...Date:07/28/98
Size:36.41 KB

Night Sky
A new 360 nighttime sky that ROCKS for all of id Software's games and for Team Eternal's "Eternal Doom III". I figured that most "id-holics" have most, if not all of id Software's games, so I packaged them all in one ZIP file rather than separately ...Date:01/31/98
Size:432.42 KB

NMN Corporation Texture Set Part 1
No levels this time. What You have here is a full fledged ready to go texture set made by myself, fully. No fooling around such as combining Doom textures to make something new, nope, what You have here is 100% Brand Fresh from Scratch. The texture s...Date:11/12/04
Size:551.01 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski aka NMN

Nmn Corporation Texture Set Part 2
After 1.5 years time has come for the 2nd, final installment of the Nmn corporation texture pack. Enjoy. Theme: Industrial/Tech with a bit of nature (various rocks mostly). Stats: Number of textures: 312 Number of pathces: 223 Number of flats: 89 Num...Date:04/26/06
Size:1.22 MB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski

No Hands!
A simple graphic change that removes the marine's hands from the Doom 2 and SkullTag weapons. Designed for those who play non-human skins or those desiring a change of pace. I'll admit that it's a little strange at first when playing, but I got used ...Date:01/24/10
Size:66.97 KB

Size:106.9 KB
Author:Kirk Felton
Are you sick of being splattered in doom or Heretic just because you've got a red screen? Those darn beserks can drive you crazy.. Well, here's the answer. I found out that it could be done, so I looked around on the net, found some info...Date:10/22/95
Size:10.5 KB
Author:Brian Vanover
Are you sick of being splattered in Hexen just because you've got a red screen? Well, here's the answer. I found out that it could be done, so I looked around on the net, found some information about the PLAYPAL entry in doom, and fiddled...Date:10/24/95
Size:15.12 KB
Author:Brian Vanover

Ogro Texture Pack for Doom2
141 textures & 21 flats converted to Doom 2....Date:08/30/00
Size:559.49 KB
Author:Franois-Xavier Delmotte aka OgrO_FiX

O.J. DOOM II (version 'b')
A simple, single-player map for Doom II mostly designed to show-case the new monster ... O.J. Simpson, who shoots "Kato Kalen" fireballs at you (replaces the Cacodemon)....Date:01/05/01
Size:43.13 KB
Author:Wayne Poe

OPal is a palette inspired by the compressed and depressed hues of Silent Hill's otherworld, but not nearly as dark. Instead of making certain colours more muted, I added different shades to certain colours to help them stand out more in textures whe...Date:09/25/22
Size:14.4 KB

OTEX version 1.1
2600+ textures and 1300+ FLATs in the classic DOOM style, with some modern twists. Please see Copyrights / Permissions further down in this file, and for updates and additional information....Date:08/31/19
Size:21.72 MB
Author:Ola Bjrling (ukiro)

Size:44.45 KB
Author:Sean Schroeder

PalPlus is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. Its intended function is specifically to improve visibility on modern LCD monitors and generally to simply make Doom look much better. PalPlus works by increasing the contrast of l...Date:06/23/11
Size:13.17 KB

The Panels of Peril
This is yet more stuff that arose during the design of The Butchery but was mostly not used for it. It is a set of BMP files containing 32x64 or 64x64 panels that cross-product various DOOM texture designs across other backgrounds in DOOM than the on...Date:04/17/06
Size:1.32 MB
Author:Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)

PC BAR 1.0
PC replace Barrels (a la MAC BAR) These (very lame) graphics are only meant as a demonstration of a feature of DeuSF 2.2 and above: the possiblity to include in a PWAD sprite viewpoints which are not already existing in the DOOM WAD....Date:11/22/94
Size:107 KB
Author:Olivier Montanuy
This patch adds P-chan the pig from the Anime Ranma 1/2 to the plasma gun....Date:07/26/94
Size:19.65 KB

Panzer Demon v2
A tank'ish demon....Date:07/28/03
Size:206.62 KB
At last, the answer to so many prayers... This is a Doom graphics patch that replaces the "cow" demons with equally demonic cartoon penguins !...Date:07/24/94
Size:45.63 KB
Author:Tim Collins

Pepsi Doom 2.0
Pepsi Doom changes the blue health viles into ice cans of Pepsi, changes item pickup, and a few opening sprites....Date:07/28/96
Size:53.41 KB
Author:Colin Wyers

Replaces Demon with a pretty damn fast satanic pig....Date:11/19/97
Size:56.13 KB
Author:Sean S.

Pinky Demon Explosion
Just a nice gib animation from the Aplha Versions of DOOM. Also included a test room for this wad....Date:01/14/14
Size:73.82 KB

The status bar from Houses 1.3
This is a status bar I originally put together for Houses 1.3. I just decided that I would make this so you can download it to see the quality of the actual Houses WAD. What I did was I took the wall texture called PIPES, I chopped it up into a 32x...Date:06/10/95
Size:5.04 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Smooth Weapon Animations
Smooth HUD weapon animations converted to Dehacked...Date:12/16/11
Size:142.44 KB
Author:Per Kristian Risvik

picture 320x200 640x400
Size:761.28 KB

The Plasticine Cacodemon
A replacement set of sprites for the Cacodemon. The novelty is that the sprites were produced starting from photos of a self-made static plasticine model of a cacodemon, just like id did. The model was based on the id original, but is different in it...Date:10/13/09
Size:151.31 KB

plums' skystravaganza
A collection of skies, made from manipulating photos & editing iwad skies. Includes a demo map with sky transfers. (PrBoom+ -complevel 9 or more advanced port) A few skies are also available as PNGs with their own palettes, inside the wad....Date:07/19/14
Size:1.33 MB

POVDOOM 2.0 Graphics patch for Doom and Doom2
This is sort of half-TC for Doom and Doom2. It has new, ray-traced 3d graphics for all the monsters that exist in Doom, plus a dehacked patch that makes all the other monsters of Doom2. I did this a long time ago (last year), but then I didn't k...Date:09/02/96
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Kernen

Power Hand Imps
This is a wad which changes the imp in doom...Date:04/16/06
Size:43.83 KB

Parallel Phobos Texture Pack
Here's a texture pack consisting of some modified Doom's E1 textures. The textures fits E1 spirit yet looks and tiles a little differently. I aimed for an easy alignment with 64 grid and well vertical and horizontal tiling. All the edits were made by...Date:12/15/13
Size:303.5 KB
Here is a new graphics patch for Doom that changes some things in Doom into presents. It even changes the shotgun into a gift wrapped shotgun as well! This patch includes a new Christmas tree to look at....Date:07/19/95
Size:6.45 KB

Size:38.82 KB

Ps2 Barrel
This will turn the barrels into Ps2s....Date:04/02/01
Size:4.6 KB
Author:Garth "Drat" Dunn

Hey out there in computer-land This is a quality (I hope) graphics patch for Doom I or Doom II, it shouldn't jam your machine up, at least it didnt jam mine This patch will change the barrel's in Doom into leaping Unipuma's (Cat-girl fr...Date:04/16/95
Size:51.13 KB
Author:Felix Ware '95

Powerslave Textures
399 textures from Powerslave. Includes skies....Date:01/20/09
Size:1.17 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

Quake Textures for Doom II
275 textures & 165 flats converted to Doom II...Date:08/30/00
Size:867.4 KB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald

Quake 2 skys (Ultimate DooM version)
Eight 360-degree skys, made from Quake 2 screenshots. (3 from Quake 2, 3 from The Reckoning and 2 from Ground Zero) Despite the limits of the DooM engine (256x128 pixels, 256 colour palette) they turned out very well (which is more that can be said...Date:02/28/02
Size:373.73 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

Quake 2 skys (DooM 2 version)
Eight 360-degree skys, made from Quake 2 screenshots. (3 from Quake 2, 3 from The Reckoning and 2 from Ground Zero) Despite the limits of the DooM engine (256x128 pixels, 256 colour palette) they turned out very well (which is more that can be said...Date:02/28/02
Size:382.58 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

Quake 2 Textures for Doom II - Full Version - v1.1
1171 textures & 645 flats converted to Doom II. Wow, eh? ;)...Date:08/30/00
Size:3.24 MB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald

Quake 2 Textures for Doom II - Divided Version - v1.1
1171 textures & 645 flats converted to Doom II split up into seperate wads so you can work with these textures in map editors with addon texture limits....Date:08/30/00
Size:3.34 MB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald

Q3 Arena floors and walls
I finally got my grimy paws on a copy of the Retail copy of Q3A, and got 113 textures and 37 flats out of the PK3 file(3 which use the ANIMDEFS lump for Zdoom)....Date:09/17/00
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk

Q3 Arena floors and walls
Here's a small number of textures from the Q3 arena demo. I will make a larger one when I get the retail copy of it....Date:08/27/00
Size:640.75 KB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk

Well here's the story. (Who cares anyway ?!) Once upon a time four UAC-Marines tried to save the human race by fighting the evil forces of hell. Unfortunately they killed themselves in an ultimate deathmatch, so Earth is doomed. But there is still a ...Date:07/16/95
Size:78.4 KB
Author:Captain Chaos (Germany)

Puke Launcher!
: This is a graphix patch for either Doom or Doom II. It replaces the rockets that the rocket lancher shoots, to GOBS OF PUKE!!! YES!!!!!!! The puke that flys out of yer rckt launcher isn't any ordinary barf, it's acid puke! Aaaahhh!! So watch out! T...Date:04/06/96
Size:73.32 KB

Resident Evil 4 - Texture Pack
A texture wad containing over 600 new textures for Doom mapping use ripped from RE4....Date:08/21/07
Size:6.1 MB
Author:Tom "Siliconwolf" Lelli

Red Crescent Medikits
Hello, I am great fan of game DOOM by ID SOFTWARE. However, as a devout Muslim I dislike to see Cristian symbols constantly. This file changes medical kit sprites to use Red Crescent symbol as is used in Islamic countries....Date:08/31/11
Size:1.8 KB
Author:Mohammed Sambool ibn Himar

Red Doom C (version 3)
A graphics/sprite wad for all versions of Doom, featuring changes to most of the weapons, several of the monsters, blood, the player, status bar, text and menu graphics... and more....Date:01/04/01
Size:248.85 KB
Author:Number Six

This is the sequel to my previous, and apparently well-received, version of Reddot. I have gotten a lot of requests for a program of the same ilk to be made for DII. I totally understand this. There are enough levels in DooM that really make...Date:10/11/95
Size:67.72 KB

RedGuy - Marine Graphics Patch
Size:59.33 KB

Redneck Rampage Textures
1260 textures from Necrodome. Includes skies....Date:01/18/09
Size:20.74 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt
This will change the Doom player from left-handed to right-handed when playing with weapon '1' or fists....Date:07/27/94
Size:47.13 KB

Robo Doom
Robo Doom replaces the Cyber Demon with a compleatly new monster that looks like a i-pod, this patch uses wire frame models from True Space2. Please mail me telling me what you think if my patch. like it? hate it? (looks great)...Date:07/20/95
Size:257.12 KB
Author:Ben Hugeback (Wakko)

Realms of the Haunting Textures
1,344(!!!!) textures from Realms of the Haunting....Date:12/29/08
Size:9.72 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

Rise of the Triad skies pack
A load of variations for two ROTT skies....Date:08/06/07
Size:754.72 KB

Rise of the Triad Textures
266 textures from Rise of the Triad....Date:12/29/08
Size:328.73 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

RPG Doom (version 2)
I could never understand why the Doom Marine fires his rocket launcher from between his legs. Perhaps in a masochistic way he enjoys the recoil. Anyway, this graphics-only wad is a replacement for Doom/Doom2's rocket launcher and you carry it on your...Date:01/04/01
Size:14.52 KB
Author:Mike Davidsen

Realistic Texture Pack
A pack of realistic textures converted for use in Doom....Date:12/27/06
Size:3.07 MB

ShadowCaster Textures
150 textures from ShadowCaster....Date:12/29/08
Size:292.67 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

"The Scientist" styled Hud
This is a small mod that adds a themed Hud for Sci.wad and SCI2.wad, it has a custom font as an addition to the hud....Date:09/09/19
Size:9.17 KB

Scorpion Minion
A small six legged enemy in the theme of the Arachnotron/Spider Mastermind....Date:07/28/03
Size:71.16 KB

Sentry (pwad-version)
Sentry changes cacodemons into robotic sentrys. The sentrys are raytraced hovering eyeballs that weild a big gun. 2 of the sounds are modified to make them a little more appropriate. This is a genuine Nukeface Production....Date:10/12/04
Size:49.3 KB
This file is a set of ppm pictures that modify the death sequence of the former soldiers, sargeants, imps and demons in DOOM. A new wound has been added to each of the monsters so that they die in a more bloody fashion (the imp for example has his ri...Date:05/11/94
Size:32.85 KB

Shogo Textures
2,848 textures from Shogo. Includes skies....Date:01/20/09
Size:13.96 MB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

1st of the S.H.O.O.M Series SCARE the HELL OUT OF a MATE! Yes! Here it is! Change the player gfx to the ones of the crappy (heh!) trooper in a multi-player game!!! Slip it on your mate's computer when he isn't watching, so t...Date:09/21/94
Size:160.73 KB
Author:Andrew Scott

A very simple collection of graphics and sounds to replace the shotgun. It produces a scope type sight, when scope is green you are ready to shot, when red you are reloading!...Date:09/06/94
Size:32.4 KB
Author:Robert Allen

Beautiful Strange Doom Sky Pack
A set of ten new skies for Doom. All of them 1024 pixels wide, divided in four pieces. The WAD archive contains a small demo map (re- peated ten times, each one with a different sky), so you can view how the skies can be applied in the game. Ther...Date:05/19/07
Size:2.17 MB
Author:Eye del Cul
This program will replace all rockets with lost souls. Definately worth the download....Date:12/04/94
Size:40.83 KB
Author:Derek Brinkmann(A.K.A. The SSSS)
This file was produced for those of you who may be a little tired of the normal deathmatch games, and when new levels just aren't as fun. This file will alter the player pictures. For even more fun, try changing things around, such as the cand...Date:06/16/94
Size:54.84 KB

Skypack 1
This is a WAD with 11 sky-textures for you to use. These are all mountains, and they're all 256 x 240. NOTE: to view the skies in Doom, you'll need ZDoom....Date:09/20/99
Size:238.65 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)

Skypack 2
This is a WAD with 8 sky-textures for you to use. They are mostly mountains, and they're all 256 x 240. NOTE: to view the skies in Doom, you'll need ZDoom. For ports that don't support 256x240 skies, you can just scale or crop it down to 256x128....Date:10/26/99
Size:158.02 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)

Skypack 3
Last one of the Skypacks. Contains 5 Bryce 4-rendered skies, all 256x240 pixels. I've also included the cut-down versions (256x128) for standard Doom....Date:05/25/09
Size:196.1 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)
This is Gallagher's famous SLEDGE-O-MATIC!!! It replaces the fists in DOOM. Of course, if you find a chainsaw, it won't work anymore!...Date:12/07/96
Size:44.88 KB

Size:3.17 KB
Author:Sean Schroeder

Smiley Doom v2.0
This is Doom with the pain in the ass face that you see plastered on t-shirts -- You know the ones that say have a nice day with this goofy yellow face! Well now it is your chance to put the bullet through this things head and make him bleed -- h...Date:07/14/94
Size:72.89 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Smiley doom wad for doom2
This is a Smiley doom wad for doom2. unzip all of the files into the doom2 directory, and type in smile. This will not modify your doom2.exe or doom2.wad at all....Date:08/01/96
Size:68.91 KB
Author:Ken "SMILEY" Zavodney

Simple Mirrored Monsters
Update: The supported Freedoom version has been updated for Freedoom v0.11 and higher. (For more info, see "As for "colorized" blood:" and "UPDATE:" below.) New update: Support for "Commander Keen" and "Wolfenstein SS" monsters in Doom and Freedoom...Date:02/17/17
Size:83.04 KB

SMRL: The Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher version 1.2
this is the current version of SMRL, the shoulder mounted rocket launcher. if you have version 1.0, I suggest you erase it and get 1.2. new features include the sight staying on-screen when firing....Date:08/22/95
Size:53.22 KB
Author:Tony Collen

Snake Imp
This wad contains replacement sprites for the Imp, it's a combination of that snake thing from Heretic and the Doom imp. I got the original idea from The Doom Beastiary (, more specific the Imp Serpent (on the imps page...Date:09/04/03
Size:58.05 KB

SORCERY (pwad-version)
The weapons have unlimited ammo (They're magic!) and the rocket launcher, the plasma rifle, and the BFG9000 have become "spells" that you have to find in books hidden throughout the various levels of DOOM (...)....Date:03/04/06
Size:21.22 KB
Did you like the baby spider that will be in DOOM II? Well you can have him now!...Date:07/20/94
Size:232.38 KB

Size:66.53 KB

Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v2.0
A comprehensive collection of minor sprite fixes for Doom 2 comprised of restored missing monster angle rotations, art corrections, and adjusted sprite offsets. Also includes a separate Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom-compatible version and optional minor DeHa...Date:08/12/16
Size:2.52 MB
Author:Revenant100 aka Marphy Black

SuperGore for DooM 2
This wad changes the deaths of ALL the monsters in DooM 2 to my super gory deaths....Date:01/12/96
Size:240.06 KB
Author:Nathan Croxen

Shadow Psycho
Doom/Doom2 replacement for Hexen's Bishop....Date:07/29/03
Size:28.84 KB

SailorScout's Textures Pack v1.0
After looking at all the texure packs out there, I realized there wasn't one of just floor and ceiling textures, so I put this together. Most of the textures are from the Doom alphas/betas, which are cool but never got used in the final game. Howev...Date:06/04/99
Size:70.36 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Doom Starfield (version 2)
A starfield sky texture (256x128) for use with Doom or Doom2 (replaces sky1 and rsky1)...Date:01/04/01
Size:20.88 KB

Status bar replacements
These are some wad files which replaces the Status bar with various themes. Just feel free to insert a desired graphic theme into your map wad. The themes for each wad are: Stbar01.wad - Hellish "lite" Stbar02.wad - Tekwall Stbar03.wad - Marble Stb...Date:09/28/06
Size:105.07 KB

Like a Tarantino movie..stacks of dudes in suits, who pack some serious heat. If you play deathmatches or co-op's you will be the best dressed killer in town. ...Date:03/09/97
Size:104 KB
Author:Voodoo Nipple Software

New flats for doom/doom2
New flats for doom/doom2. Zdoom required for the swirly effect. Lava flat from Stecki's DECONTEX.WAD ( Slime flat from IKTEXT.wad. Credits to the usual guys :) If you plan to use any of these flats, put myself and/or stec...Date:09/11/00
Size:11.87 KB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk

System Shock Textures
242 textures from System Shock....Date:12/29/08
Size:685.58 KB
Author:Taradino Cassatt

The file replaces the pink demons with a T1000 look a like. It's not exactly like the T1000 in the T2 movie, but it's were the original idea came from. The graphics patch has the same upper body of the T1000 (Silver head, chest, arms etc..) His legs ...Date:03/04/06
Size:53.8 KB
Author:Paul Healey
This is a graphic patch file to alter the status bar. It is in a PWAD so that the 10 meg file won't be altered. It changes your standard status bar to one with LED readouts on a circuit board type of display. The patches altered are the statu...Date:06/19/94
Size:3.84 KB
Author:Josh aka Phallus

A cyber-Imp equiped with a Tesla cannon....Date:07/28/03
Size:84.8 KB

This is the second of a series of texture-only wad libraries for use by wad developers. New in this release: TXRIN.WAD - the textures of the fabulous TRINITY WAD. Many realistic textures digitized from photos. Includes the amazing TRINITY movie. TXAN...Date:03/12/95
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Larry Mulcahy

TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter graphics for Hexen's Death Wyvern to use in a Doom/Doom2 game....Date:07/26/03
Size:277.34 KB

TIE Walker
There's a TIE Crawler, so why not a TIE Walker?...Date:07/28/03
Size:147.49 KB

Tired of getting blinded by your own plasma? Do you ever wonder how your marine can carry even one of those ICBM-sized rockets around? If you answered "YES" to at least one of the questions above, then this wad is for you! This wad contains smaller...Date:11/05/96
Size:43.55 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

A bunch of the soldiers and imps are turned into traitor marines!! Additional Credits to Id Software for ceating the best game ever... DOOM!...Date:08/15/98
Size:185.75 KB
Author:Paul Archibald

Tranmap-FX: TRANMAP effect examples
What follows is the explanation as given at this DoomWorld thread: ''I discovered tonight that Boom's TRANMAP lumps (precalculated translucency tables) are effectively 256x256 flats, meaning they can be ed...Date:05/18/21
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Esselfortium. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Gray textures v2
Over 600 variations of the gray textures (GRAY1, GRAY2, etc). These include 84 different layouts, with four colours of each (the standard gray, plus brown, green, and tan), plus variations with warning stripes and blue and red backgrounds. In addit...Date:04/28/07
Size:415.39 KB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE

of Game UFO-DOOM
Size:500.18 KB

UFO (version 2)
This wad simply replaces the Cacodemon with a UFO. New to this version: - converted the Dmgraph patch to wad format - added the missing sprite frames (heada3a7, headb3b7, headc3c7, headd3d7) - clipped the unused space from the images to halve the siz...Date:12/07/00
Size:116.58 KB
Author:R.A. Snow

UAC Ultra Textures (v1.1)
The texture set to go with my Doom 2 episode entitled UAC Ultra (uacultra.wad) v1.1 works with Eternity. Thanks esselfortium!...Date:03/28/10
Size:459.42 KB

Imagine this: You are in the very pits of hell, sweating uncomfortably as you search the hallways for evil hell-spawn! Suddenly a door opens up behind you and you gasp in terror as you see a menacing Cyber-Demon towering over you!! Instead ...Date:12/28/97
Size:249.89 KB

Veritech TIE Interceptor
A cross between a Macross Veritech and a Star Wars TIE Interceptor. Sprites for the Walker, Fighter, and transformation....Date:07/27/03
Size:567.22 KB

Weightlifter Showdown Hi Resolution Textures
This is just a high resolution texture set that's 100% compatible with the one of the most iconic showdowns in Doom history. All you have to do is combine this with Weightlifter12 Showdown and you will see improved graphics including a true color v...Date:07/09/15
Size:4.76 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Wally Example Textures for Doom2
111 textures & 62 flats converted to Doom 2. Textures are by different authors and are compiled on the Wally Texture Utility site as examples to show everyone what Wally can do. If you want these textures in their original palette (Quake II's) or if ...Date:08/30/00
Size:455.39 KB
Author:Various Authors, check url below

Use this wad in any Deathmatch level to change the player corpses into the front-view (standing) player bitmap. This is great in deathmatch: as the bodies pile up the result is a bunch of "ghosts" standing around to distract the players and also ...Date:08/20/97
Size:48.77 KB
Author:Geoff Perry and Ryan Polczer

Wicked.wad (The Best Gore Wad of All!)
The wad improves the deaths of most of the enemies in Doom2. The new deaths are much more inventive and gory than the originals. Just take the chainsaw to the guys in the first room of level1 to see a good example of what I'm talking about. Not like ...Date:09/27/96
Size:241.67 KB
Author:Greg and Jeff Lee

Windows Doom
Give Doom the look and sound of Windows 95. Includes that inane Canyon midi, startup and shutdown screens and sounds, and several parody images - press F1 for Help, and Pause for a special error message ;) This wad is for Doom, Ultimate Doom, and D...Date:12/27/00
Size:191.66 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

After thinking of how cool wireframes are, I thought to myself: "Gee, I wonder how would Doom look if the textures were made to look like they're wireframes!" This is the result. As you've probably noticed, there are 3 colors of wireframe. Green ar...Date:05/24/14
Size:14.76 KB

Eugen's World of DOOM v1.0 :-)
A Graphics PWAD which replaces a few things in DOOM/DOOM ][ :-) Read README.TXT for what I replaced :-)...Date:04/27/95
Size:189.41 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

Film Noir
The Maltese Falcon - a movie that was part of the "film noir" revolution of the late 40's and early 50's. Film noir was usually a movie that was filmed in black and white, with small-time staff and actors, and usually had dark and moody environments....Date:08/12/04
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Doom 3 Hellknight
That's a woman zombie who replaces former human. Haven't you ever thought about adding a female character to Doom? Yes, I know - it could ruin all shoot-n-forget gameplay, because it's much easier to exterminate thousands of agamic monsters. So I dec...Date:01/25/08
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This is a really cool graphics patch that puts A Fat City Cycles "Yo Eddy" on a lot of the doors......Date:12/09/94
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Author:Dave Swift

Alternate Former-Human Soldier Graphics
This PWAD contains new death scenes for the former human soldier (pistol guy), and makes them get electrocuted when you shoot them....Date:03/30/97
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Author:Just call me Mr Pink

Zebedee-Doom (TM)
Yes, the one you have been waiting for, Magic Roundabout Doom! This patch turns all of the troopers, the puny ones with pistols, into Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout. Go on get one with a barrel, you know you want to....Date:08/07/94
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Author:Duncan Simpson

ZelDoom (splitted version)
zelstuff.wad A sword for the chainsaw, a sling for the pistol, magic hands for the shotgun(s), a comic weapon for the plasma gun, a boxing glove for the fist and a comic knight replaces the pink demon. The status bar face is now a nice heart. zellev....Date:03/04/06
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Author:Thomas and Denton

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