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Pepsi Apocalypse - mArt1And00m3r11339
Do you like a soda-themed level? Here you have it; Pepsi Apocalypse. It has a lot of red, gray, and blue to match the colors of a Pepsi logo. Music is "Wicked Child" from Castlevania. Credit goes to Chris Balch for the Sla...
Sentient Mushes v21b - Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann
New technology has arrived upon your modem, and BZZT it came on your hard drive! Behold, the first extrapublic version of the soon-IWAD game, Sentient Mushes! Now with 7 maps (inc. 1 placeholder map and 2 DM ones) of fun...
The Decline - Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)
A big level.
Tyrant - Albatross
5-map wad, Egyptian-themed. Pistol-starts are recommended, but not necessary.
Confinement 256 - Xyzzy01, Various
This originally started out as my (Xyzzy01) set of 20 or so maps for ZDoom, but later turned into a full-fledged community project! The area of each map the player has access to can only as big as a 256x256 map unit squa...
100,000 Levels - Doomguy 2000
Just like 30,000 Levels, all you do is press spacebar or press use to be a little bit more technical. This time you have to beat 100,000 levels to get to the end of the game. Since it's updated I've added 100 more midi tra...
Liberty - Aiden (Maisth)
Liberty its a 3 Levels only where the main goal its to escape the Building you got into. You will discover why you are here and whats going on here.
The Deimos Incident - Carlos Lastra
//*********// This is my whole Episode 2 replacement, packed together. The secret level (e2m9) is a new one. The levels, wich can be found individually on /idgames, included here are: BIG TRUBLE AT DEIMOS BASE (e2m1cl)...
CHLENG - Bonfac
One day i decided to make some medieval/magic wad in doom. I made it. End of story.
Sewers Remake - Thenuke - Alia Immortalis
A vanilla remake of Sewers made by David Calvin in 1994. Remake partly inspired by SgtMarkIV's Sewers. No jumping - No crouching
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