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#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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Eagle Speedmapping Session 4 - Four Square! - DoomLover234 ...
The fourth Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Five maps were made, and the themes were: - No possesed humans - 1024x1024 playable area limit - No ammo except berserk P...
Eagle Speedmapping Session 3 - Third on the 3rd - DoomLover234 ...
The Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal is to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. In this session, 8 maps were made, and the themes were: - Only use walkover triggers - 70 monsters at most - No ammo or weapons e...
Myfirstmap - xxxdarkmaster1337
hello everypony this my thirst level i hoped you enjoy story: you were the marine the baddest of the bad so the colonel call you to him office: the colonel: very good marine, we have lots contact with are base in the...
Gates To Hell v2.0 - Christopher Spencer (FireStarter)
"Hey MORTAL! yeah you, I have a game for you, step into my realm for a spell...." This is my first Ever Doom Map, always tangled with the idea of making one but never got to it. This started as an experiment to learn Doo...
Mystery 1 - Yousuf Anik
Mystery 1, a 6-level wad. Maps are slaughter style. Enjoy :)
Charybdis - Albatross
3-map wad for Boom+, flesh-themed.
2017 Collection - James Collins
A series of maps I made over the past year and a bit. Map 01 - Initially the opening map for a 'Thy Flesh Consumed'-esque project for Doom II Maps 02, 03 & 04 - Maps for a shortly-lived one-man Megawad I was working on i...
Night Town - Paolo M. aka Paul977
A limit-removing level for Doom 2, inspired in some parts by Plutonia Revisited and Memento Mori map 28.
Oscillation - Forli
9 boom compatible maps of increasing difficulty
Wreckreation Center - Poorchop
The Icon of Sin has been busted and you have reconvened with the surviving humans in order to help rebuild the planet. Life is pretty good and you spend most of your free time taking walks with your recently adopted dog. M...
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