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Monument to Samael - TheCaneOfTheTophat
"A massive shrine stands atop a mountainous pile of dark ash. A gateway to the depths of Hell is somewhere within the monument." A hefty, detailed, and dark Hell map for Vanilla Doom. Ultra-Violence is leagues harder t...
Alternate E2M8 - OnionTaco22
Just an alternate E2M8 I made because I felt like having a little break from making my current wad (that also has more effort put into it, this was just made to have a break). I might make something like this for the other...
To Win The Game! - Cacodemon124
Complete the level by killing the "Icon of Sin!" while you have a whole endless stream of demons swarming at YOU!
Hell Awakened 2 Ep. 2: The Gateway - insanoflex312
8 + 1 difficult, atmospheric maps, heavily inspired by Doom 64. YOU MUST load either recoil.wad(adds D64 recoil to weapons) or norecoil.wad together with the .pk3
"Generic" Techbase level - Filip R
Great episode one inspired deathmatch level. Has a very ermmmmmm... "Suggestive" secret if you know where to find it, I also added single player compatibility first before multiplayer.
Yippee Garden - Chariot Rider
Take a jaunt through Yippee Garden, but try not to smell the roses for too long :)
Cyberdyne Operations - CHILLYBUS
Crosswalking Doom/Descent levels has been seen as nigh impossible due to the latter's truly 3d nature. However, one set of official levels might be doable -- Descent Maximum, a 24-level campaign released as a port of Desce...
Ambrosia - Kinetic
4 hardcore speedmaps. Play at your own risk. Difficulty settings are maybe implemented on 1 or 2 maps? Might make a sequel one day. Let me know what you think of Map04.
Father's Day Insanity 2024 - MArt1And00m3r11339
This is my Father's Day map for this year. I got carried away by other things so that is why it is coming out late this year but here it is. Play through can be found at: https://youtu.be/w2NEOun5wTY
SpinBolt DM - TheGreenZap aka Paul J. Beel
This is a 5 map pack of deathmatch Doom 2 levels. These maps are designed for FFA and ideal for 3 to 5 players. These levels are intended to be played with respawning items. The maps were tested in Zandronum exclusively. ...
CEDE - CrazedCleric
An episode of speedmaps most of which took around 2-3 hours to make (there are a couple exceptions). Story Time: You don't know how you got here. You don't even know where "here" is. It is hot, as though you were plucked...
DustDoom2 - michaelcancook139
I decided to make demake of dust2 in doom 2.
Stone Flower - ivymagnapinna
Five maps based around an earthy green/brown texture palette. Pistol starts intended. Boom-compatible, targeted at and mainly tested with DSDA-Doom, jump/crouch/freelook such as in GZDoom not intended. Starts with a tiny m...
Your Journey Begins - Egregor
Your Journey Begins! Well, I can say this is for me, as a mapper, where My Journey Ends, or at least for this chapter. And what a journey it has been! These levels were originally meant to be part of a collaboration that s...
SummaDM - Octosquid
I want summa dat
Simulacrum - muumi and myolden
Simulacrum is a set of 32 maps in MBF21 format by muumi and myolden. This set starts modestly but steadily climbs into challenge and slaughter territory in the later maps. Difficulties and Coop are implemented. Target sour...
Doomium II - Various
A Community project where we seek the purest element of DOOM! A sequel to Doomium 1, This project aim to create a megawad worth of maps that are Short, Straight Forward, and with Frantic Action.
PUSSXVII: Pandemonium Speed Weeks - Various (Proj...
Pandemonium Speed Weeks is the Seventeenth Installment of the Pineapple Under the Sea Speed Mapping Series created by bluepineapple72 The event ran during May of 2022. Mappers had One week to build their creation with a pl...
Liminal Doom 2 - dashlet
Liminal Doom 2: Crossing The Threshold is a set of seven MBF21 maps that are themed around the liminal space aesthetic. With a more elaborated and ambitious scope compared to its prequel, these maps hopefully will offer a ...
Duality - AshtralFiend
"The future is now old man!" Screamed the demon as you blasted him point blank out of your front lawn. Its cohort, fleeing all over the neighborhood. "No soliciting" you grunt to yourself... Still, with the fiend's words...
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