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10 Sectors
Lebanon Connection
8ISENUF.WAD  Tough map, it will probably require about 3 attempts to beat. Don't save the game though, ...
How Not To Be Seen!
Army of Darkness DOOM Total Conversion
Sins of the Flesh
Doomworld Forums 3
Don't Be A Bitch Remastered
The Ghoul's Forest 3

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DUMP Episode 2: Dump Harder - TerminusEst13 (et al)
For 2016, I really want to better my mapping abilities and put out some good stuff. Two friends, Mystical and Gardevoir, said that a good experiment might be to try speedmapping. Just get the shit out of the mind and into ...
DUMP Episode 1: Fuck Time Limits - TerminusEst13...
Mapping is hard. A lot of us have been wanting to map for a while, but can't really get over that initial hump. There's only one way to improve, but oh man is it painful to just grind, grind, grind until you get a clue a...
Lebanon Connection - Memfis
Recently there have been some disturbing reports of demon rights abuse in Lebanon. Apparently lost souls are being treated as slaves: they are expected to open doors for people and get nothing in return. Today is Monday an...
Snort (v0.99) - Maarten Hoogveld (hoogveld@xs4all.nl)
DooM ][ level 1 Go to my homepage for screenshots at: http://www.xs4all.nl/hoogveld/maarten
Sawdust - Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne
A collection of seven maps scrapped from Valiant early in it's development that have been collecting dust on my hard drive for close to four years. I've been asked to share them numerous times. Here they are. Don't expec...
Strife 1.0 demo - Rogue Entertainment (upload by Mike Swanson)
The first release of a demo for Strife, older than the first full retail release, and much more elusive online than the Strife 1.1 demo. This release is primarily intended for historical preservation and curiosity. For...
Extinguished - Stormwalker A.K.A. Vordakk
A somewhat difficult DOOM 2 map playable with any limit-removing engine. This map was originally meant as a remake of MAP21 of Doom 2 ("Nirvana"), but soon became its own thing entirely. The original Sanskrit word "nirvana...
UAC Madness! (UACmad.wad) - Fever (Oldcpv3)
You are Flynn "Fly" McTaggart, You are Ordered to stay outside While your Comrades were Investigating a Distress Signal, Your radio Picks up Strange noises, Looks like your friends are Dead.
Fort Tiamat - Gran-D-Knight
A short techbase map. Difficulty settings had very little thought put into them, to the point where there might as well be none. Honestly not my best work.
NH4 - TimeOfDeath
Two maps with no health.
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