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Latest votes:
Extreme Weapon Pack
Grid 32  good crap!
titanic.zip  the midi for map02 was the best of the 4. The rest were awful.
2048 UNLEASHED (Pcorf community project 2)
The Ultimate Doom Metal Replacement Vol. 1 & 2
Assault on Tei Tenga
Castle Library - Castle Dasb÷urg Bonus  Very small level basically consisting...
Memento Mori (updated version!)  delicious 90's blend
NOVA II: New Dawn  I liked the first NOVA and this is no different. Up to map 16 at the moment bu...

Latest files: (more)
Violence - Brayden "AD_79" Hart
A four map short episode based around the colour purple. Meant to be a nice relaxing "sit back and play Doom" set.
UAC's Deep Quarry - Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann
Long maps are looooong! And in this case, this one qualify into /idgames because of the compatibility and yet the utter fun it yields to the player. Comes with two vanilla-compatible demos recorded in PRBoom+. (version 1...
NOVA II: New Dawn - TeamNOVA 2
32 maps for any limit removing port. Like its predecessor, NOVA II is a megawad designed to give new mappers a chance to flex their mapping muscles and develop their abilities with the help of veteran mappers. Not all the ...
The Realm of Parthoris - 2015 - Various Authors
Welcome to The Realm of Parthoris, the fantasy world in which Heretic takes place. This project aims to create a community based Heretic episode by the end of 2015. A texture pack of 500 textures and flats has been careful...
Castle Library - Castle Dasb÷urg Bonus - Gustavo Ramos...
Having deepened into Castle Dasb÷urg, the remains of a antique fortress used as "weak bunker" in World War II, you find a library as a side room, where monsters reside and a chalice deep inside can very well suit as a souv...
The Grand Arising 1.1 - Alias Zeratul 982 / Lutarez
A multi-themed single player map. The most complex map I built. (666 sectors)
MRAndom sprite replacements - RaphaelMode
I was thinking about parodying Linguica's SJW_DEAD, but accidentally made a decent map instead. After finding out about a social justice debate taking place, you and some of your bros decided to attend it and crush the f...
Knee-Deep in the Money: Episode 3 - Canofbacon & ...
The final installment in the blood chilling heart throbbing weenier throbbing blood soaked romantic humerus tale of redemtion. Set 420,000,000,000 years the events of the original, this timeless tale takes place in the bea...
Azumanga Daioh Doom - racingman3000
Just a short little Azumanga Daioh themed joke WAD. WARNING: Does contain some loud noises.
The Warlock's Hearth - Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey
Your world is collapsing around you and your only hope is a portal leading to further danger. Once home to a powerful warlock, his demonic minions are now free to use his magical abode to open portals to distant lands as t...
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