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Waste Site
The Most Impossible Difficulty Ever!!!!!
Abandoned Mansion
Chosen 1.33
#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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KINDa - TheMightyWhoosh
Gateway to Shangri-La - Willy W.
So this is technically my second released map. The whole thing started out as a joke - someone in a Discord server suggested making an entire map using only fireblu as a texture, then someone else started converting Doom 2...
Doom Temple II: Joel Quest - Michael Miller (as "thedi...
My map submission for Vargskelethor's Doom Mapping Contest II back in 2018 under the pseudonym "thedickwolf". Finally got around to uploading it to the public. RPG elements such as gold drops, shops and blacksmiths combi...
Chex Quest HD Music Mod for the original Chex... - Felipe Woods
These wads contains music from Chex Quest HD officialy released by Andrew Benson on his Bandcamp page.
The 64 kb challenge: Limitless Selection - Various, see ...
35 maps made under or equal the file size limitation of 64 kylobites, all these levels are limit-removing ports (complevel 2) compatible, don't play these with vanilla sets or original DOS executable
The 64 kb challenge: Vanilla selection - Various, see ...
34 maps made under or equal the file size limitation of 64 kylobites, all these levels are vanilla doom / DOS executable friendly.
UAC Chronological Academy - codyvangogh
A decino fan-map! Made especially for his viewer submissions. Check out decino's channel on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/c/decino
Cinnamon Roll Massacre - MArt1And00m3r11339
Cinnamon Roll Massacre is a map that I released back in April of 2016. You go in a spiral path like a cinnamon roll (from inwards to outwards). For those who have the earlier versions of this map, I replaced the MP3 with a...
1000 Lines 2 - Community Project 1.0 - Liberation an...
A 34 map megawad made for vanilla Doom 2, made by the community with a strict line limit of 1000 lines. Using the power of Votex, a vanilla version of the OTEX texture pack by Ola Björling (ukiro). Carrying the story on f...
DELTA-August 2020 Release - ragingbaboon38
Well, after lots of feedback and suggestions, I've decided to scrap the DELTA project and move on. None of it turned out like I wanted, and I kept running into problem after problem. I'm releasing this as it was the last t...
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