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Attack on IO - Brian "Bri" Irving
Attack on IO is a 7 map wad with themes of tech bases, castles and bloody unholy landscapes. This wad was formally titled "Curse of Reverence" but has since been reworked.
(Doomworld Omega Project 2018) - Roofi, Marlimar, ...
a set of collected maps made as a result of removing all of ZDoom content for the Doomworld Mega Project in 2018. The end result was eclectic but still a really fun set of maps.
3x3: Take Two - Various
3x3: Take Two is the spiritual sequel to the 3x3 community project, hosted by MFG38. The set contains 30 maps from 22 different authors, using only 3 flats, 3 wall textures and 3 enemy types per map. Maps were sorted *roug...
TNT Overcharged - Veemon
Doomed Buildings - Paul Hildebrandt
18 3D modeled buildings textured with Doom2 graphics (not included) so to fit in with the game. Also included are the same buildings in a demolished state and 4 piles of rubbish for garnish. All models are low poly, can be...
Withered Dimension - MidnightMage
a set of collected maps made as a result of removing all of ZDoom content for the Doomworld Mega Project in 2018. The end result was eclectic but still a really fun set of maps.
The Descent of Evil - Kamil "TOVA" Czajka
A replacement for Episode 1 of Ultimate Doom, it also contains 3 more levels, not connected to the main episode. Maps are pretty big, with high monster counts. However, the episode isn't really hard - this is nice journey,...
Killing Demons on Adrenaline - ScrappyMcDoogerton
OTEX Slaughter
Weird DooM MSGs - yum13241
Have you ever wanted Doom to act weird for once? Well then this mod is for you! Now you will be surprised when ever you something as simple as picking something up, or typing iddqd! Now, what the heck are you waiting for? ...
Skills.wad - yum13241
This mod adds several skills like the famous UV+, a Hellish difficulty, a "Doomguy Must Die" difficulty and a not so faithful Ultra Nightmare. MAKE SURE THIS IS THE LAST WAD LOADED IF THERE ARE OTHER WADS THAT CHANGE SKI...
Valhalla - Evgeny "Arch-Vile" Smirnov
In a memory of our comrade Ivan "Infidel" Bunakov All warriors are going to Valhalla Get through historic ages of Human Civilization - Modern - Gothic - Roman - Egypt - Aryan Get through violent and massive bloody battle...
KINDa - TheMightyWhoosh
DBP36 Aquatic Wonder - Doomer Boards Qrew
An underwater themed episode, where you explore the sea life, that is being hunted by fishermen, and explore underwater ruins of ships, and ancient buildings. Barrels are replaced with sea mines that can explode on contact...
DBP33 Rainy Days In Casablanca - Doomer Boards Qrew
A Noir style 5-map episode.
Tourettes Guy SFX - Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)
Replaces demon and player vocal sounds, and a few non-vocal sounds for other things with Tourettes guy's glorious vocabulary.
Alfonzo Becomes a Simp for the Hololive Engli... - E.M.
This was the map I made for Tarnsman's Doom mapping contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but at least Tarnsman enjoyed what I made.
Father's Day Insanity 2021 - Timothy Brown (MArt1And00...
Here, we have another Father's Day map for this year. This one is titled "Father's Day Insanity 2021". As always, use -complevel 17 for recording demos. Also, good luck surviving it. Demo is available at: https://youtu.be/...
Space Travel Is Boring - Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)
4 tech base maps for Doom.
Simpathy - E.M.
This giant map is called Simpathy. I originally created this for the Doom Maximum Project, but it's still gonna be a while before that's released, so I decided to release it now. This map is a tribute to the Hololive Engli...
10 monsters - Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)
Only ten monsters per map, runs in vanilla, gets progressively harder. A semi-serious effort.
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