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32 Hours in Pain
Zero Tolerance
Alpha Accident: Terra Nova  Awesome wad!
Emerald Bathhouse
Doom 2 Reloaded
X-treme (demo)

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Based - PinchySkree
This is my first mapset. Designed to teach me how to create maps up to PrBoom level.
The Tunnels - HellBlade64
A small deathmatch map stationed in a long-abandoned maintenance tunnel deep beneath the Phobos Labs. The original purpose of the tunnel was to provide power for various parts of the Phobos Labs. After the first invasion f...
Hell Returns for Last Time - CaptainManiac
This mapset has good story and good graphics.It has his own music and i designed the maps.The story:In the year of 4599 the Earth is almost deserted with population of off-duty and resting marines.One of 'em is John Keller...
Trap - CokeTheAyyLmao
Vanished Colony - Abe87
10 level episode for Doom2. First half takes place in a moonbase and second half in hell. Includes original Ultimate Doom music. Music remix wads should work with this episode.
Alpha Accident: Terra Nova - Wraith777
I always wanted to make something classic but with a new content. This wad has not only new maps, textures and music but also new things. Also there are new monsters (boss included), and a new (barely) map hazard - voltage...
Noirlab - ChekaAgent
A small map created using only textures from Noir texture pack. It's quite dark, scary and pretty difficult. It was sort of inspired by Lab X-18 from Stalker and has quite a few design aspects borrowed from it. Don't for...
Secretdoom: Disrepair 2 - Cyberdemon531
Six Years after the crumbling catastrophe of Hell's invasion overtook the complex in the Northern Sector, a young marine was dispatched to go and clean up the mess that Hell left behind. That young marine was you. You must...
NH5 - TimeOfDeath
Three maps with no health.
Tapperoo - Overstory_Lover_63
You just escaped from a hellish monstrosity on the helipad of this large skyscraper. The elevator broke on its way down, and it looks like this floor ain't too welcome either. You have no idea what this place did before th...
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