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Happy - Zolgia108
Happy is a set of 32 maps, which is a direct sequel to Djinn. After his death, Snail is looking for inner peace. Djinn was the mind trip of a mental inside an asylum. Happy is Metempsychosis: the post-mortem trip. This map...
Rocket Doom - Aquila Chrysaetos
A gameplay modification which makes all weapons and monsters fire rockets of some variety. Only the archvile is unchanged, but all the weapons and the rest of the monster lineup are modified to fire and attack with rockets...
All the Wiser - Major Arlene
A collection of birthday maps I've made last year for various members of the Doom community who I consider to be great influences and friends.
Zeramida - galileo31dos01
InfernoV2 - The Cacodemonium
InfernoV2 is my first level, is a little hard but is ok. I verified it and not have bugs and is possible to complete.
DBP 27 10 Day Vacation - Doomer Boards Qrew
The twenty-seventh Doomer Board Project, with 10 maps in the theme of a summer vacation. You'll be collecting drink items for health, and food items for armour, keep your eyes on the babes, some of them can give you health...
CPD - Cheesewheel
32 Maps made in DOOM2 format and intended for limit removing ports. Most maps are small to medium in size and average around 170 monsters. Intended for UV play but other difficulties available.
Trauma: St. Lux v1.1a - EmptyCell
Trauma: St. Lux is a 3 level mapset. Wad is based around hospital with underground lab theme.
7 Deadly Sins - Dubravko ''Dub'' Dabić
7 maps for doom 2. I took big inspiration from whispers of satan wad so if you think that wad is too generic for you (like its often critisized),youre not gonna like this too much. This is my 1st wad,so ofcourse theres gon...
Real Gore Doom2 - REBELVODKA
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