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Latest votes:
E1 MAP01  Quite a neat idea I liked it.
Wasted 2: The Crusher  Well designed and challenging little map. I liked it even more than the...
Wasted 1: Industrial Zone  Tiny but nicely designed level with quick nuts and bolts gamepl...
Genesis Lab  Not bad for a quick map, not great either.
Lost and Trapped  Fun map with quick and tight gameplay.
Altitude  Amazing non-linear map that balances both realistic and abstract design style. There are many twi...
The Inquisitor III
REVENGE.WAD  Typical 94's oddities...single brown texture everywhere,no detailing,enough ammo to kill ev...
SNIPE99.ZIP (snipe99.wad, snip99e.txt, snipe99.lmp)

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The Red Line - Didy
9 maps for Doom 2 with a mixed theming. In each map you get one additional weapon. Due to this concept, the first 4 maps can be played without pistol-start. In later maps, pic up all weapons because of some important line ...
Quantum Strike - Spectre01 (rileymartin)
"Quantum Strike" is a set of 3 colourful Boom-format maps designed to be played from a Pistol Start. Gameplay is purely action-based with very high monster density. UV is meant to challenge "good at Doom" individuals and m...
Hell's Train Station - JagDogger2525
"You have been dropped off at a demon-infested train station that has been abandoned long ago. Go in, and defeat the mastermind behind the infestation to make sure that this train station would be able to be once again u...
UAC First World Facility - OVERKILL_Adam
This is my first DOOM map, and it's based heavily on the First World Bank map, featured in both PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. The spawn area, some of the outdoors area, the underground area past the blue key, and the ...
Altitude - Thomas "tourniquet" Seifert
One large City themed map designed for Vanilla/Chocolate Doom with multiple possible routes and a lot of optionality.
BaG - Za Warudo
A small level for Doom 2 and the first map i ever put some time into
Lost and Trapped - Carlos Lastra
//************// It's night at Deimos. Darkness and Hell are rising. You are at the inner garden of the old abandoned Command Center, infamous because its labyrinthine distribution and the obvious firing of its architect...
DEHACKED Revenants - scifista42
Three small, vanilla-compatible, not-entirely-serious DEHACKED mods I've made. Revivant: Archvile resurrects everything as Revenants. (including other Archviles, Cyberdemons, Spiderdemons, Nazis and Keens) In addition, P...
MyFirstUpload - Bonfac
Welcome to the moon, you know what to do
Devil Trauma - Martin Read
This is my first serious attempt at producing a PWAD. Ash / green stone aesthetics and meaningless occult symbolism abound.
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