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Shamrock Base - mArt1And00m3r11339
Shamrock Base is a small level with heavy amounts of green since Saint Patrick's Day is coming up. The building the player starts in is shaped like a 4-leaf clover. You will need a ZDoom-based source port to play this sinc...
Legend of the Hidden Tech - Doomer Boards Community
The hottest meso-american-sci-fi game show in the ultraverse just got a new contestant! But this ain't
Hellfire III - Shadowman
The wad contains 9 maps. The story tells how the monsters occupied Doomer's native school. Your task is to get into the school and eliminate the demons until they have finally managed to bully the brains of the younger gen...
Abysm: Dawn of Innocence - Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez
Abysm is an an action adventure GZDoom TC for Doom 2 inspired by games such as Diablo, Dark Souls and Strife. the mod features A Hub level progression where you complete quests while slaughtering demons along the way with ...
Eternal Darkness - Kepehn Glyphaith
Reese's Violence - mArt1And00m3r11339
This level is another sequel to Chocolate-Covered Cherry Rage, since it is another candy-themed slaugther level, and is similar in terms of the designs. However, things are a lot different. You have to let the cybers infig...
Deadly Fight - mArt1And00m3r11339
This level's architecture is similar to that of level 8 from Chillax. However, ther are a lot of differences. You have a huge fight with teleporting enemies at the end of the level so have your resources ready. Good luck t...
TOMBASE - XLightningStormL
Quick map thrown up to emulate Tom Hall's techbase (or SHAWNbase) style with my own twist, and elements of Romero's design rules. TOMBASE also is designed to be a tad more challenging (mostly due to less resources) but m...
Maps 4TMD - Alfonzo, Breezeep, AD_79, MTrop, Marcaek, Rot...
8 maps created for TMD's birthday in 2015.
Maps 4Matt - Alfonzo, The Green Herring, Tarnsman, 40oz, M...
7 maps created for Matt Tropiano's birthday in 2015.
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