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GET Out of My Orbs - mArt1And00m3r11339
You start off in a rooom filled with cyberdemons. You better be quick to the invulnerability orbs or they will blast you. It is inspired by "Short Death," level 2 from CrazyDoomGuy's WAD, Very Hard. Music is the same as le...
What Dwells Beneath - Neil Forshaw
Celebrating Doom's 25th Anniversary by creating a level. Starts off dark and a little too quiet until it all kicks off. Variety of different locations and encounters. What's through those giant double doors? What Dwells Be...
HellStar - Fadri
A simple battle arena of increasing difficulty.
Doom2: Eye of Doom - MegaWAD - Schism
A MegaWAD inspired by Eye of the Beholder. Theme = Dungeon.
Scourge - Austinado
This is my first Wad, very simple, amateur-ish. 12 Levels where DoomGuy main Objective is to end each level.After the 12 level, the game ends. There is some puzzle type levels, NO JUMPING and NO CROUCHING type of game. Its...
Cold Turkey Sandwich: Thanksgiving 2018 1.1 - sgtcrispy
Thanksgiving has past and you're looking forward to that tasty late night cold turkey sandwich. However, after whipping one up some damn demons snatched it and hauled off with it. This can not stand! You load up your sidea...
Preacher - Darch
Preacher is a 9 map boom compatible episode. You play as a mad preacher who hears a voice in his head impelling him to take down all evil in the World. Layouts are open and non linear, and start spots are randomized. T...
Freedoom warrior (hexen fighter) - Ron
This is my graphics of the recolored freedoom guy on hexen as the fighter, the black suit and yellow visor helmet, fighter fist is freddy kruger punch dagger, timons axe is hunting dagger, hammer of retribution is thrown d...
Doom 404 - Adam Windsor / Capellan
It's a sad life on the Space Marine IT Help Desk. Especially when you're stuck on the graveyard shift. Night after night of "Did you try rebooting?" Not exactly what you expected when you signed up. You figured this call...
The Joy of Mapping #5 - WINTER WEEKEND - Jimmy & Various
This was a communal mapping session that took place between the 1st and the 4th of December, 2017. The participants mapped under the strict guidance of Jimmy and a few session tutors via Discord and TwitchTV and were talke...
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