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Good vibrations - Chris Hansen
This map is mean and unpredictable, full of colors and cartoonish design. In short: It's just Doom.
Trace of Soylent - glenzinho
Map created for submission to the Gore Prisons project led by Trace of Spades. Map occupies MAP05 in that project and the restricitons for that slot are Zombies, Imps and Demons only, and weapons only up to Slot 5. Map r...
Freaky Panties - Alexa "YukiRaven" Jones-Gonzales
Freaky Panties is an experimental level that adjusts itself to how well you play. If you're playing well, it will get a bit harder. If you start to die too often, it will scale back the difficulty automatically. Essentiall...
Pigeon Speedmapping Session 6: To Hell and Back - leodoom85, My...
Unlike previous sessions, this used only one session, which happened 2018-07-07. As usual, mappers could use one of three provided themes. Themes were: 1. Use blue, red, grey/silver textures mostly. Other textures can go a...
Sucker Punch - Andy "Rook" Johnson
Sucker Punch features 9 small single-player maps for Doom II, tested in PrBoom+, ZDoom, GZDoom and Doom Retro. The WAD is made up from three mini-episodes of three maps each which escalate from easy (with green details) to...
The Quirky Domain - FishyClockwork
This map was made for a closed group project that was abandoned. I didn't want the map to go to waste so I decided to release it stand-alone. It uses a lot of non-euclidean geometry as its gimmick (portals). Also, Nightm...
Slaughterfest 3 - Various
A long-awaited third entry in the series, this is another compilation of 35 slaughter maps designed to be played from pistol start.
Team Rocket: Blasting Off at the Speed of Map... - Team Rocket
TEAM ROCKET comprises AD_79, Dragonfly, Jimmy and MTrop, four experienced Doom mappers who together endured a 20-hour speedmapping livestream. Their efforts were supported by kind donators and guest mappers who tagged in t...
Griefless (v1.1) - Jimmy
A speedmap set for Ultimate Doom episode 4. Layouts were speedmapped over a matter of hours on the night of June 30th 2018, spending 10-20mins on each, and then were fleshed out into maps the following day.
The Human Hive. - DukeNukem4ever
Another invasion of the hellspawn had some nasty surprises. The demons of Hell brought a flesh-like substance which quickly started corrupting a nearby city. Last week a squad of marines was sent to investigate the area ...
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