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Arcadia Demade
Disaster Area  well detailed, fun to play
Baron Barbeque
BF_THUD! v2.1 (ChrisK for DOOM ][)
Scuba Steve's: Action DooM
Project Uber
The Inquisitor III
Ultimate Doom v1.9 to Doom v1.1 Downgrade
BGPA Missions Liberation
Aquarius orders taco!  Aquarius orders taco! ? More like Aquarius orders crappy wads

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Uplink - Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"
Three maps taking place in a virtual reality infected by Hell. Made in January-February of 2015, these were inspired by various cyberpunk, vaporwave, and other, similar sci-fi music and artworks - in fact, it was intend...
final doom return of the evil god - ron
A 21st century doom2 wad, HARD!
The Inquisitor III - Shadowman, Big Memka, Guest
The final chapter of "The Inquisitor" trilogy, that tells us the adventures of the Doom marine in the land of Khorus. Our hero has to correct the mistake, committed by him before the court of King of Krondor, and to put an...
Return to Hadron Episode 2 - The Collider's n... - Matt "cannonb...
A episode 2 replacement for the Ultimate doom, set in the location where Concerned's E2 took place. The development of this wad however was entirely from scratch, there are some resembles to the original maps here and ther...
Dark Invaders (w/original music) - Paul Dechene
The invaders are beside themselves after I foiled their plans. Now they have opened a gate to Hell on my front lawn and they want revenge! ***See if you can find a way to kill the Cyberdemon who watches over the battle fro...
WooD - Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
A level i made for the BotB contest, where the purpose was to create a single map for vanilla Doom or Boom, so i've decided to create this map. Is an abstract structure made out mostly from Wood / Vines / Rock textures s...
No End in Sight - Emil "NaturalTvventy" Brundage Xaser Acheron ...
Oldschool 4-episode adventure for The Ultimate Doom, featuring some of the most devilish map design this side of 1994. 'Nuff said... ish. Similar to DTWID, the spirit of id is ever-present, albeit cranked up to 11 with a...
Miscellaneous Mayhem - Dutch Devil aka Dutch Doomer
Three small/medium sized maps I once made for two different projects. Given the size I thought these three maps would go well together and will make the download more worth the time. I've been putting more work into these ...
Revolution! MIDI Pack - Jimmy & various
Here's another MIDI Pack project! Because I haven't done one in ages. This time around we're composing a megawad's worth of original music for Revolution!, aka TVR!. If you are not familiar with the megawad, I highly rec...
TV1998 MIDI Pack - Jimmy & various
A pack that allocates tracks from the Revolution! MIDI pack project to the levels of T.V.'s prior release, TV1998.
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