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Voldesad Crypt (e2m2) - Richy Walsh
An old haunted abandoned creepy monolithic structure on the old island floating above hell. With cool lighting. Used E2M2 for the music.
Outpost HW - Topi Hattukangas
A Doom 1 map in techbase style. 13 secrets to find and 280 monsters in UV. About 7 minutes if not blind on any%.
Savior - Zack aka.DeF1LeR
In the middle of a beatiful day,Earth has been invaded by unknown demon forces.Earthlings were no match for their superior power, so they dominated whole Earth in a few moments.Yet you decided not to give up and decided to...
Trick Or Treat? - Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)
This was supposed to be part of a sort of compilation WAD called Trilogy, which was conceived after I finished my third level for vanilla Doom made from the scratch. Then I wanted to rework those three levels on ZDoom, whi...
Same Linedef Challenge Example - Royal_Sir
I'm a new mapper, and sought a constraint that was never done before. This is the result. The premise is simple- I have to make as many different maps as possible using the same line difinitions and sector areas, and make ...
Debrecen - HUNdebLeonidasX
A city themed map, inspired my hometown
Village DeathMatch - IMMODIUZ
Village DeatMatch
Nevasca - Deadwing
Nevasca is an episode-format wad for zdoom source port, focusing on snow themes among with some ruins, hellish or techbase variants.
Tramplak - KJS
Doom 2 map 01. A semi-easy map with some detail. Getting 100%100%100% on hard, however, is just that.
Rezulux's First Map - Rezulux
Small first-level-styled map. You arrive into my first map and I didn't think to add any particular story to it so just imagine you've been sent there to do something cool like clean out an overtaken base or something...
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