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Hydrosphere - Brian "Bri" Irving
The demons, parched from the hot fires of hell, try to take the UAC Hydrosphere facility for its supply of cool water. A series of short tech base/water themed maps loosely inspired by TNT. Gameplay mostly consists of a ...
Legion of the Balls of Steel - David Asaad
1 map unnofficial sequel to Dimensions Map 01: The Burning Legion
Small but Deadly map - Pezl
Small but Deadly map, is a map where you have to survive the hell on some weird planet which doesn't have any name. There are monster actions and combos which are very deadly and small? It is small map but it will open int...
Irkalla - Stormwalker, Peerdolius, Phobus, SuperCupcake...
A pseudo-reimagining of Doom I Episode 3: Inferno, except in the Doom II universe. Includes map contributions from the incredible level designers Peerdolius, Phobus, and SuperCupcakeTactics. Jumping and crouching are highl...
Evil Village - Alejandro Berges
You must explore and abandoned village and search for signs of clandestine research activity.
Terminator Mayhem: Liquid Metal Final Release... - SkeletronMK666
"call to john(romero) now, i know this hurts" - T-1000 as he frags you* Dedicated to the T-1000, Terminator Mayehm: liquid metal edition, is a simple gameplay mod that replaces the playerclass with the imposing T-1000. f...
Sector66 - ASO3000
After making a really large map for a community project I tried to make a small map of no more than 66 sectors as quickly as possible.
Anomaly Report - Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)
Anomaly Report is a 33-map megawad for vanilla Doom 2 - inspired from the original Doom 2 and other old-school wads like it (D2TWID, Memento Mori). It is intended to be an easygoing experience with at least a few nasty tra...
Grotto of the Scorned - Valhen_Saipiam
Big hub based map for Doom 2, inspired by Plutonia, Alien Vendetta and Scythe 2. Probably one of my biggest maps yet, took me a while to finish and fix all its bugs and issues :^). Using Software renderer instead of Hardwa...
Mother's Day Insanity 2022 - Timothy Brown (MArt1And00...
Since Mother's Day is here, I present to you another map, which is titled "Mother's Day Insanity 2022". Good luck surviving this map (you will need to TAS it for win, most likely. Otherwise, you will have a dumpster fire o...
Never Skip Leg Day - Clippy Clippington
Never Skip Leg Day is a single map with soooo many steps - do you like steps? You know you do! Climb up so many steps, fall back down and more steps your legs r gunna be sore bud
New Base - Cr1ppling
Short vanilla-compatible techbase map that I made when I was supposed to be studying.
Underground Hideout - BonziG4132
Just a small map I made. Might make a whole episode if I feel motivated enough.
Shallow World E1 - Peter "Shawny" B─żacha
A "reimagination" of Doom 2 episode 1 (11 maps). + 2 early/reused maps
UAC Interstellar - Krankebok
This map is heavely inspired by the Vrack like map series. You are located on a large space station from the UAC in a far corner somewhere in space, wich is taken over by hordes of demons wich killed all the UAC personne...
APOCACLIPS - Clippy Clippington
APOCACLIPS - is a full 32 map megawad made in THREE DAYS! See April fools was coming up Friday and Sun I got the idea to make a bunch of speedmaps and use April Fools to get away with it. With such a short deadline I had t...
Overrun - Sandy
A simple, nine level WAD built solely from doom 2's stock assets and scripting.
Casting of Bones - Zan-zan-zawa-veia
For the 64 Vertex Doomworld project thing, but I missed my chance for a real slot. So the map's dense in terms of linedef reuse with no pillars or anything, just problematic height differences. No story, just side-step a b...
Ex Inferis - Ferdinand Steinvorth
A collection of maps i've been building, polishing & testing the crap out of over the last 8 years or so, made to suit my own taste and originally meant for personal use. Maps emphasize combat and aesthetics, range from...
A Lost World - Dumbdoot6677
10 maps with intense combat, minor non-linearity, and high difficulty with a tiny ending map after map 10. Saves recommended.
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