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The Catacombs (release 2)
Ancient Aliens
UAC Ultra (v1.2)  Very solid.
Spiky Speed MapPack

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VeryHard - yaqxsw
I have made adrenaline hard WAD and it's called VeryHard. This WAD is probably harder than chillax, but donít worry, is not impossible because I tested on level UV and it passable. Thinking job is necessary, because you ne...
Low Key - Fveitsi
Stay low key and you'll live.. at least a while.
Japanese Community Project - Various
Japanese Community Project is a 32 level megawad made by Japanese Doomers. Doom is a minor game in Japan, so Doom community in Japan is very small. The community having been weakening year by year, we started this projec...
No Way Out - Alex Q
"No Way Out" is a MAP01 Doom 2 wad replacement. This is my first Doom map ever, just wanted to try things out - Would like some feedback if possible :) It is a pretty difficult map, I scale it to be challenging and jus...
Ancient Aliens - Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne
Ancient Aliens is a megawad featuring 32 colorful, action-packed maps for Boom compatible ports. Go on a journey to discover the truth about the enigmatic origins of human civilization... I'm not saying it was aliens,...
Ancient Aliens Textures - Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne
Resources from the Ancient Aliens megawad. aa-tex.wad contains textures and flats. aa-mons.wad includes the custom monsters and custom decorations used in Ancient Aliens. playpal-aatex.png is the Ancient Aliens palette...
Terror Tomb - Claudio Sapere
You have descended into the eerie necropolis of those hellish creatures. Amongst rotten corpses and cobblestone walls, you fight to reach the undead king of horrors. Its defeat is your only way out.
7 Sins - Kristian "Sajbear" Nilsen
You have just teleported into hell. This level of hell is dedicated to the seven deadly sins of man. Enjoy your stay and don't burn your fingers!
Lights out! - Carlos Lastra
//**********// "Decades ago the UAC built an underground vault near the ancient, alien ruins on Phobos. It was a secret experiment in extreme colonization, an intelligent and self-sustained city that would survive even i...
Selfhate 2 Levels more - ButterflyGirl
My third wad , has an ending and includes two levels , with actual coherent design :) . As always use Project Brutality for best experience.
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