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Waist High In The Damned - Robert Kendo
Just a damn fun vanilla Doom level! This level is a linear race to the finish that progresses like a condensed campaign. Every power-up, monster, and weapon was meticulously placed and play-tested. It starts out simple wit...
Spoiled Waters - Stocki
My first release, though not my first map. (Only the first one I deemed good enough.) I tried to get a good mixture of dark narrow spaces and bright open areas. You start in an underground, cave-like area, go through som...
AndrewB Still Stil Sucks It - Alzheimers-Sama
It's the thrilling unofficial threequel to the best vanilla Doom wad ever made, which was made by Ralphis himself! This threequel includes more amazing things!
DOOM FIST! - D.Scratch
"Doom Fist" is a joke i've made for a little competition in doom moding, its a scripted sequence were the player basicly doesn't exist, its like a film.
Oblivion - Adam Goldman
This is one of three wads I have recently made. It's intended for single player.
Skinnyman - Obsidian
One map for Boom-compatible source ports made as a break from another project. A somewhat unconventional style of gameplay is encouraged here: my only tip is to seek the red flags.
300 minutes of /vr/ - Various users of 4chan's /vr/ board
A megawad compilation of maps made in 300 minutes by /vr/ users.
First Phase - ahninjas
This is my first Doom (2) map. I thought it would be fun to remake my first Doom (2016) map. This is why there are so many unusual features, like double hallways, as it's based on the Snap Map prefab modules. I had to chan...
DoomGuy Gets a Puppy - Big Ol' Billy
Still despondent over the loss of his beloved rabbit Daisy, DoomGuy retires to the French Riviera to spend the rest of his days eating cheese and not fighting demons. One day on the way to his favorite cafe, he happens to ...
Minos - Kloki38
Minos is a single player Boom compatible map that takes place in an old mansion with ancient catacombs full of hellknights. The map is named after Minos - a king from Greek mythology whos wife gave bith to the legendary ...
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