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Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw 1.1.1 - Rodrigo "Rusco ...
This is a small Doom/Doom II gameplay mod that utilizes ZDoom derivated ports' DECORATE functions (GZdoom, Skulltag, Zandronum, etc.) to change the behaviour of the Chainsaw. It includes .pk3 files for Vanilla Doom as well...
rustbelt - MannerKing
rustbelt.wad is a medium-sized map with an uneasy atmosphere. The fog that covers the outside and open areas gives the map a feeling of mystery as you go through it. The textures are from the NMNCorp Texture Pack 1 and I u...
Dark Fortress and the House That Sits in the ... - Guy M. Babin
This edition combined the two wads together with added new sky and music. GZDoom features like 3D floor, mirrors, and swimmable water. A simple fortress wad and a simple house wad. MAP01 and MAP02
Luna AI - Philip "Liberation" Brown
Luna AI is a prequel to the events in Doom 2. The demons have corrupted the AI that controls the orbital defense weapons surrounding earth. You and your marine buddies head to the moon to shut the AI down, upon landing e...
Glaive - EANB
This is my attempt at making 9 maps inspired by one of my favorite megawads, Scythe! Each map is fairly small and should only take a few minutes to beat, but also should be fairly challenging on UV and be fun to blast thro...
_1-tower - Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)
A medium sized, medieval themed and detailed duel map with two areas separated by a tower, with a main focus on the SSG per usual. No jumping or crouching. My first try at making a duel map.
Place of Evil - Hans George Campbell
I originally created this wad for Doom II around the late 90s. I revised the map for ZDoom. This is a small, fast paced map that is fun to play.
RV-007 Map Sector Experiments - RV-007
my_map_laggo_or_nooh.wad This is my first map, but as an experiment rather than a demo. Nevermind the matter of gameplay for it has none (it sucks). Therefore, I could care less about votes or reviews of the file itself. R...
DownWard - Maisth (Aiden)
Downward is DM level, heavily inspired by DM maps from other games like Unreal Tournament and Quake. A simple level design yet very versatile and flexible.
Junkcity Texture Pack - jmickle66666666
Junkcity.wad is a victorian/tudor themed texture pack created back in 2014. The textures are png format and designed for truecolor rendering.
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