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1x1 - brendondle, raddicted, SoulRunner, msx2plus, ...
1x1 is an MBF21 (-complevel 21) community project hosted in my discord server. The concept is simple: the maps only use 1 texture and 1 flat, with the exception of a single switch texture and F_SKY (which was only allowed ...
Hairy Tick DM - Fonze
This map was made as a deathmatch/duel map for Heretic and given a single-player conversion. I added in some switches, gates, enemies and other objectives to give some progression to it for single-play, so it can be played...
Der tier gegen demons. - REBELVODKA
JespsiMap - Jepsi
This is the first map I've made in UDB, also I recommend using Brutal Doom with this wad.
Four Rooms - Grizzly Old B
A small retro-feeling, oldschooly techbase map (basically four rooms, hence the title), using vanilla textures only, except for the sky. Lots of secrets to discover! (Please let me know if you found them all without cheati...
Midnight - EANB
Midnight features 7 maps of Doom action with a dark backdrop. Set in an abstract prison-town, each map is relatively short and aims to present fun and challenging encounters with small numbers of monsters (every map has le...
Sekhemti - Shawn
A Boom compatible 6 maps journey through the valley of the Kings. Charged with a perilous quest, Doomguy must journey into the forbidding Valley of the Kings. There, among treacherous tombs and malevolent forces, he seek...
Names Don't Matter - Plut
A very short and easy map that I made in 2016. It looks pretty.
deep mining - michbul
you are on a rogue planet in deep space being mined for its resources but one day the mines brake through to something unexpected
Sodium - Jacek Nowak
Short old school map made with stock textures. 10 minutes playtime It started as a speedmap but then I spent some time adding a little bit of detail and balancing the fights.
Nocturnal Plutomania - Plut
One fairly long and challenging night-themed map for Plutonia. It was used for First-try Demo Contest #19. The archive contains a folder with the demos and the older version of the WAD which was used at the contest.
Reactor - Human_Animal
Got around to making a new map for you all to suffer through! This time, it's set in an underground facility filled with lava and zombies (and Revenants). I also put lots of barrels near hordes of low-tier enemies, since i...
Afternoon - Ludi et al
Afternoon is a Boom-compatible set for Doom II containing 15 speedmaps, made in 3 hours each. Each map contains a bespoke MIDI by Korp. Crouching and jumping should be disabled, and mouselook is optional. A port that suppo...
Royal Rear Ripper - Finnisher aka AsiJu
You enter a desolate mansion carved on a mountainside. Place seems abandoned but something is not right, an ominous warning on the floor catches your eye immediately. Something evil lurks deep in the darkness... A Doom 2...
Devious Deviance - Various
Devious Deviance came to life as a community project hosted by MFG38 of 3x3 and Literalism fame. In this project, the gimmick revolved around implementing difficulty settings in somewhat of a non-traditional fashion; the m...
The Box of a Thousand Demons - Thelokk
A 32 maps Boom megawad, focusing on aesthetics, atmosphere, and niche gameplay styles.
Twelve Easy Pieces - Thelokk
Twelves (or was it thirteen) easy maps that can be comfortably completed in HMP without much of a sweat. There is no set theme, just casual exploration and killing! Includes some platforming and puzzling. MAPLIST: MAP0...
Solve Et Coagula - Nicolas Monti
Classic E2 replacement
STARTAN.wad - the epick 3-map adventure of a ... - Blingorg Wmrith
STARTAN.wad (or Tan.wad) is a three-level galaxy-wide space opera set in some random doom modder's unfinished work, corrupted by time. STARTAN.wad includes: - a $2 Arby's gift card hidden in MAP02 - Fun, dynamic and intere...
I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING - Maribo and friends
For people with freaky, violent eyes. I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING is a set of 29 MBF21 speedmaps, mostly by me, primarily themed around usage of monocolor textures, HOMs, "ugly/distracting/disorienting" textures like FIREB...
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