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#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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Firebox - JohnSuitepee
The general theme of the map is an E2/Downtown inspired map that takes place in a warehouse full of boxes, which might have a few hellish problems with it. I will leave it up to whomever decides to play this to figure out ...
Mysterious Hellish Castle - Roebloz
This is a 1-level PWAD for The Ultimate Doom located on E1M8 and has an hellish theme. This is a speedmap that was done in about 6 hours.
Enceladus - Nicolas Monti
Doom1 episode which runs on E4 with new textures based on already existing patches and custom monster behaviour via DEHACKED
Switcheroom 2 - MAY use the contents of this file as a base for
The idea here is to take a map from one of the 3 Doom 2 episodes: Maps 1-11 Starport, Maps 12-20 City, Maps 21-30 Hell, & remake the map for another episode.
The UnMaking - Ryath/scwiba
The UnMaking is a 33-map megaWAD and one of the biggest mapsets ever made for Doom 64. This version runs only on Doom 64 EX, but a version for the KEX Engine Steam release will follow soon. This is the last entry in my f...
Autumnal Infernox - ReX Claussen
Two hellish maps with non-linear progression. Instigating monster infighting is highly encouraged to conserve ammo Tested with Chocolate Doom & GZDooM
You Are the Big Rocket Launcher (And I'm Just... - Hambourgeois
A little maze where you have only a shotgun and try to avoid a Cyberdemon.
Strawberry Cookie - Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)
Strawberry Cookie is another sequel to Reese's Cookie. It has mainly red in it (it's too bad that I could not find any pink textures so red is as close to girl color as I could get based on the textures used in the WAD fil...
Peppermint Cookie - Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)
Since Christmas is here, I made a sequel to Reese's Cookie titled Peppermint Cookie. It has red and white in it. It is recommended that you use -complevel 17 when recording demos of the map. Play through can be found at: h...
Cargo Area - Jarek "Elendir" Karpiel
Cargo Area in the vein of Doom 1. Version 1.1 This map is created specifically for GZDoom and Brutal Doom in mind. Jumping and freelook are very helpful but you can walkthrough this map without those features. The ma...
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