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The Death Of DOOM - Memeboi
It's a mostly narrative wad, it's set in the future, in the year 2093, when everything runs on DOOM, and one man decides to destroy the whole world by killing DOOM.
Endquest - episode for Heretic - Egregor, Vordakk ...
Endquest is designed to feel like an entire Heretic megawad crammed into an epic single episode! It has been lovingly crafted, is dripping with detail, and has been meticulously balanced and tested. Enjoy!
Void of Monsters - Pezl
Void of Monsters is a replacement for map 1 in Doom 2. Can you kill all the 600 monsters in this area? The wad is progressive so you get guns and stuff by going through the map.
THE WELLS OF WOE. - Austinado.
Atonement - Moustachio
A collection of 33 new levels for Doom II, ranging from sprawling shootouts to claustrophobic challenge maps. Works in any Doom engine. You can even run it on DOS! Some of the maps get pretty slow on a real DOS machine t...
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 68 - Obsidian - Pr...
Nineteen maps made during the sixty-eighth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of 2 hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Held in two sessions twelve hours apart, each m...
Asteroid Mining Startup - Chris Kendell aka Somniac (form...
Shortish Boom map. Requires 32in24-15_v2.
Pumping Station - Chris Kendell aka Somniac (formerly VisionThing)
A small easy vanilla map, 1000 linedefs.
Simple Map 1 - Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)
A simple, vanilla map for those who enjoy the old classic look and feel. The map is rather unassuming, the playtime is about 10 minutes. Just one key, one secret, available weapons are CS-P-SG-SSG-MG-RL. The final arena lo...
The Ice Keep - HotCoffee
"As you venture through the woods you finally reach the castle. It is rumored that it's haunted by all sorts of demonic creatures, you're here to find out if it's true. As you firmly grip your pistol you make your way into...
Ode2dubzzz - SaladStream
I threw this together in a few hours one afternoon as there were not enough simple arena megawads for dubzzz to run for hitting the magical 1k demos and it was getting towards the end of the year
Night on Doom Mountain - Matthew (Cannonball) Powell
A lengthy and difficult single level for Boom Compatible ports.
Fastest Shovels #1 - The Shovelware Society
A speedmapping excersice made by the people on Shovelware Society discord server where the main gimmick is to make a map using a old time editor of the old days such as DEU 2 or DeePSea, mixed with modern ones where needed...
The Hordes of Odamex - Xenaero and others
Inside this community map pack lurk ravenous hordes made up of monsters both old and new. Play alone or gather your allies and test your strength against the Hordes of Odamex! Defeat the bosses of each wave to advance fu...
Thirty Monsters Challenge - Dac (and a motley crew of m...
The mission was simple: make a map with thirty monsters in it. In the end, sixty-four of them were made, for your personal enjoyment.
The Magenta Spire - Cole Bryden "thelamp"
A high ranking UAC communications technician travels to a far-remote research base to investigate mysterious untracable signals. Upon entering orbit your craft experiences massive guidance system failures. After narro...
Omega 297 - Dreamskull
I wanted to make a slaughter map that did not conform to tradition slaughter map game design. I would like to point out that this map was intended to be launched using TNT.wad on MAP 27
Deimos Anomaly - Codename_Delta
An E1 replacement that I made, it's on RC6.9, so I've gotta release it here now.
Haunted Helipad v1.1 - Bitchass McGrass
It's been a year since hell has invaded earth. You were picked up and shot to another planet to escape, and for humanity to rebuild on the surrounded planets and their moons. As a former UAC marine, your job is to fight ...
The Necrose Chambers - arsenalchan
THE STORY: Doomguy was walking on the road one day and stepped on a crack, leading him into a secret chamber deep within the earth. What's worse is that he just also just crushed a bunch of demons that were doing a ritual ...
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