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Latest votes:
Guts and Glory
QuakeGuy Skin
Duke Nukem  Kick ass! 5/5
Fort Doom  Hey not bad map man, Very chanlenging with average monster placement. the archvile trap was ver...
James Bond skin for Doom legacy

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QuakeGuy Skin - Massao
Ranger is back after killing shub-niggurath and armagon and the dragon, Ranger gets teleported to the arena eternal and etc, After fragging since 1999 Vadrigar sends Ranger back to his home, But something is wrong looks li...
Fort Doom - FlightPhoenix
This is my very first map, it's pretty short and not too hard. sorry for any mistakes, i hope you enjoy.
Eyedea_ - AlexMax
A small and extremely fast-paced 1on1 arena with a few tricks up its sleeve, second try.
WOOO 3: Too Good For the Mappers Who Made It - Various
"Here it FINALLY is! The EXCITING (citation needed) CONCLUSION (please god) to the CRITICALLY PANNED WOOO series! In this EXCITING (citation needed) installment you will be forced into MULTIPLE MAPS on a quest to AVENGE ...
Water Works - mrthejoshmon
"Oh no, looks like this buildings water works are over run with more damn demons. This would be less of an issue if this wasn't in a strategic location that would assist greatly in the liberation of planet Reaver from th...
2countrv - Jonathan Dowland
A 2-bit ripple counter, built using WadC. Based on the design of Fraggle's binary ripple counter from 2006. The code can generate counters of arbitrary bit-depth. I originally thought to upload a demo of an 8-bit counter (...
Russian DOOM - Julian Nechaevsky
My first translation attempt was in 2001. Back then I was a teen with out much knowledge, and overall quality of translation of original DOS executable was not very good. But we with my colleague, Sergey "Disctrich" Ivanov...
Industrial Warfare - Carlos Lastra
//********// Outside the perimeter of Corporate City, a huge old abandoned Factory lies in the middle of the unhabited streets. A few hours ago, some of its machinery began working again; but no corporative orders have bee...
Shadowmaker - Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier
This is my first attempt on making an Invasion map, hopefully it meets up to standards and expectations of a traditional invasion game. This map contains seven waves, in which the player will have to fight through mounds o...
Deliverance: ONI Facility Demo (stripped vers... - Elric Sulliva...
A simple one-level demo with three exits. This version fixes a lot of bugs and is stripped of music to comply with /idgames standards.
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