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Abandoned Mansion
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#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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Haunting Outbreak - Omniplex
There are 4 episodes in this WAD, each containing 8 levels and a secret level, containing a total of 36 levels
In Loving Memory - MidnightMage
4 dark, difficult maps inspired by heavy metal music and the Nanowad challenge of 2020.
Trousled - A.o.D. (redacted)
A concept map featuring a lot of ACS scripting that focuses on environmental features and cosmetic changes. This is basically a self tutorial on how to implement basic scripting into a Doom map. This is a fist-only Tyson m...
CRUD - Moustachio
Four short, simple maps for vanilla Doom II. The brawls start out relatively easy, but reach early-Plutonia levels by the end of MAP04. CRUD is 100% vanilla-compatible, and has been tested with DOOM2.EXE v1.9 through DOSBo...
Broke - PuncherSponge
Just a little test map made for fun
First Blood - Keagan Dunn ("Dunn & Dunn")
--- A set of 14 Boom-compatible maps designed for pistolstart. The difficulty starts off like Episode 1 of Doom 1, then ramps up to some Plutonia / late TNT difficulty near the end. I definitely recommend pistolstarting ea...
RAVEN MIDI Pack - Jimmy & various
Doomworld's composers band together to write more another community-made album of custom MIDIs. This time we're writing for one of the original commercial sets - none other than "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders". T...
Atlantis - Bjornar Johansen
Single player map of a lost base in an oceanic setting.
Atrocity - Bjornar Johansen
Massive single player map.
Hellbolt - Bjornar Johansen
Single player map with some cyberdemon surprises.
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