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DECASTLE - Sophie Kirschner
The Illuminati did it again! A small adventure in a haunted castle. Tested with Zandronum. Please don't jump or crouch.
A Tale of Two Houses and a Small Fortress (Tw... - Guy M. Babin ...
This edition combined the three wads together with added new sky and music. GZDoom features like 3D floor, mirrors, and swimmable water. A simple fortress wad and two simple house wads. MAP01: Known as "The Dark Fortre...
Unknown1 - SuperDoomer
How did I end up here? My mind can't remember anything. I have to find my way out of here!
Dark Labs - Carlos Lastra
IT's a level made with textures converted from Doom 3 by "hidfan". They can be found here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/92309-doom-3-textures-for-doom/ I wanted to learn using custom textures with Doom for the...
UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot - DooMknight
The map is about a Marine who must infiltrate a large base of the UAC corporation because there are indications that secret experiments related to portals and Satanism are taking place. The protagonist hides in a UAC truck...
Office Building - JagDogger2525
This is my second single player map. My VERY first single player map has been lost in the abyss forever, but I did make a mock up, which I hope to upload shortly after this one. This Office Building map, I hope you enjoy b...
Northern Powerhouse - Zan-zan-zawa-veia
An abstract tech facility that has drained and wrecked the once-green hills and moors. If you grab or go near the initial chaingun, the entire British army will appear after five minutes. This doesn't make the map impossib...
JagDogger's Very First Level [Mock-up] - JagDogger2525
This is a mock-up of my VERY FIRST level I ever made. I named it JDTags because tags helped with making the mock-up.
Speed: The Freestyle Enigma - Spie812
This is a set of nine Boom-compatible (-complevel 9) speedmaps that I made in roughly three hours each. I was originally hoping to release this once I hit ten maps, but I haven't really had the motivation so I've decided t...
REKKR - Revae
REKKR is a total conversion for Ultimate Doom v1.9
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