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Abcess - Steve Duff aka Steve D
A mapset I finished in 1998, never before released. See info below. Mapset is optimized for pistol start, although it was originally meant for continuous play. The Blue Armor in Map01 is the only item that still helps only...
Bijou Doom - Philnemba
Bijou Doom is a little mapping exercise/project where I basically recreated the first 3 episodes of Doom in tiny 384x384 playable spaces with a bonus Episode 4 thats in a 128x128 playable spaces.
Beta Labs 2 - Serious_MOod, Chaingunner, Brain
6 alpha inspired levels for Ultimate Doom.
Greymood - MysteriousHaruko
This is my first map added in idgames database. Main layout was made in one day and after that I polished everything and fixed main issues. I tried express my depressive feeling through grey, brown and white textures. Mu...
Action Time - dmg_64
Beat 'em up level for Action Doom 2, Comic feel, Cel shaded, and fun to play with few secrets.
Jeem I - Mechazawa
3 level map pack meant for gzDoom. May work with zDoom, have not tried it. Jumping is enabled though jumping is not meant to be used, everything can be 100%ed without jumping. Difficulty levels are not implemented either. ...
Fork And Knife In the Road - Aaron Nemoyten
Fork And Knife In the Road is a single level for Doom 2. It's my first released level, and I really hope you enjoy it. I've only tested it in GZDoom, but I haven't used any fancy stuff so it should work fine in other engin...
Antarctica Excavation - Abe87
The episode takes place in Antarctica. UAC found some mysterious shit deep under ice, and established a base around it. You are a marine positioned to guard the surface part of the facility. One day something goes seriousl...
Illuminatus v1.0.0 - Cory Scott (NiTROACTiVE)
This is my first megawad Illuminatus. It took me a while to get the full version out due to problems with the beta testing as well as some personal things, but now I finally got the full official version out. I did release...
The Molehill - Jimmy
Broke a spate of complete creative inertia suddenly with this map, started at 22:22 late one Monday night, wrapped up the following day, then polished over the next couple days. Tested in Pr/GLBoom+, Q/GZDoom, and Eternity.
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