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Voices of the Nether - SteelPH
A compilation of maps I've made previously, redone mostly from scratch, with a few new ones in there. Includes 14 levels; 12 + 2 secret levels. Unzip into your Doom 64 directory and use VOTN.bat to launch.
Metal Dragon - Andrea Rovenski
5 Maps with somewhat quizzical gameplay with a grungy metal aesthetic.
Never-Ending Floating Skull Rock - Cacodemon124
Survive endless waves of spawning monsters from the "Floating Skull Rock!" with your weapons and items...
Blight - Tim Robinette
As you step through the portal, it feels as if your body is being ripped in two. Like a two-edged sword, ‘piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow’. But the pain of Baphomet’s sig...
Judgment: Retrial - Rayziik
Judgment: Retrial is a 34 map MBF21 megawad that makes extensive use of Dehacked features to modify existing monsters and implement new monsters and mechanics.
Arriving Early - A2Rob
15-ish MBF compatible levels. This project serves as a little spinoff to my Running Late wads.
Escape From Sunveil Starport - A2Rob
10 level MBF21 compatible map set started in October for NaNoWadMo 2023. This set serves as a prequel to my last NaNoWadMo project, Machete.
Bloodsport - Amaruq Wulfe
Bloodsport is a 6 map WAD designed specifically for multiplayer deathmatch mode. The maps feature architectures inspired by gothic design elements, vanilla weapons reworked to be much more satisfying and powerful, 21:9 gra...
painloop - slowfade
An E1 replacement for vanilla Doom 1, centering around a technical gimmick, which actually is just the way the enter-secret-map and exit-secret-map functionalities work in the original game. So, this does not modify any ga...
Techbase Terror - Skullzrawk9
A UAC toxin processing base taken over by demonic forces.
Vlumpty's KFA - Vlumpty Vonty
Ever wanted to blaze through every Doom level, without any challenge whatsoever? Well, now you can! Shotguns no longer need to cock to fire again, plasma does more damage, chainguns fire at light speed! What more can you a...
Embraced - Treehouseminis
Embraced is a set of 3 mbf21 maps focusing on combat puzzle and slaughter. Lots of green and wood textures. Id put overall difficulty at "Medium" compared to today's top difficulty standard. Dont be afraid to drop down to ...
Extra Beany Canned Doom - Stupid Bunny
******************************************************** --- IMPORTANT --- COMPATABILITY SHIT ******************************************************** * Play in any limit-removing port ** But primarily tested in/targ...
Never-Ending Demon Witch - Cacodemon124
Survive endless waves of spawning monsters in this huge arena! With your weapons & items...
Polish Community Project - Polish Doom Community (see CR...
A classic Doom gameplay made by the members of Polish Doom Community. Run with -complevel 9, NO jumping. Freelook is recommended disabled.
In and Out - ElSincho
This is my first map for DOOM 2. Please enjoy!
Fairchild Island - Lawrence
The ruins on Fairchild Island were famous. It was believed that an ancient water shirne lay deep within the heart of this place. It's also a great fishing spot. Another boat has to be somewhere around here ... ...right?
Revenant Hallway - Meowgi (Lead) 4shockblast, AltimaMantoid, Ber...
Welcome to Revhallway.wad! Maps must contain Revenants. Maps must contain a hallway. That's it. (Maps 49-51 are inaccessible through normal play. They are also impossible to run) (Secret exit on MAP13 exits to 52, to 53,...
Waffle House - myolden et al.
Waffle House is a set of 9 MBF21 maps by a small group of people who decided to get together and answer a simple question: "What is bro waffling about?". Maps are balanced for pistol start, target port is DSDA, and difficu...
Rise of the Triangles - Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)
Low budget alert! It has gotten so bad the environment, and even your head have turned into the least cost-effective shapes to draw; triangles, with each map only using 100 linedefs. You must find the bottle reusing center...
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