Title: REoL TOUGH: Total War
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1fifwar.zip
Size: 115.85 KB
Date: 08/04/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: CHAPTER 1: TOTAL WAR 1, First ever REoL TOUGH level.

This is a remake of WAR.WAD, the first ever DOOM level made by me. As you will see, the construction is very shoddy, and of poor quality. Your first mission is to destroy all the end bosses (and some regulars). In spite of lousy construction, the level is pretty tough to do, yet just about anyone could do it after some practice.


After kicking major butt in your first mission, the millitary forces in Hell were PO'd big time! They vowed to get even, and will increase resistance up to 200 TIMES! You start in a dark hallway. After grabbing your guns and ammo, you head to the first room. It's somewhat large, and there are (up to) HUNDEREDS of enemies waiting for you! Oh, Did I also mention that there are (up to) 16 barrons joining forces with them?????? You fight like hell through the first few areas of the game, then all of a sudden, in red letters, the word "WAR" was lit up on the floor. A loud voice is heard saying: "You survived the training, now it's onto the REAL THING!". All that work, and it wasn't the TOUGH part! You open the door, and you're greeted by (up to) 50 daemons, troopers, imps, and sargents, up to 200 enemies coming at you as soon as you open the door! In Deathmatch, you're all in the warfield. you have your own arsenal layed out in front of you.

CHAPTER III, Revenge Of the big suckers!

This level is ID SOFTWARE'S E1M8, with many additions added to it. At the "end", there's a red keycard and you'll have to retrace your steps working your way almost to the start, going through "hidden" passages to open up the way to the exit.
Credits: T. Welch (my DOOM partner-in-crime) and R. Fisher for being testers/cannon fodder.
Base: Unknown
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Unknown
Bugs: Well, just that the walls in the "star room" now don't go down when you kill the barrons, so a switch is in one of their booths that will lower it.
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I think thatx
Chuck Norris played this.x
The word "bad" doesn't even begin to describe this turd. -uhboohx
a 1994 piece of shit. I only want play E1M8 even it's a modified iD map. E1M1 and E1M2 are just shit at all. 2/5 -playerlinx
Meh. E1M1 is simply a large arena with a bunch of monsters that infight, and is only there to get some ammo for E1M2 where the real fray is. Nothing special, just a HR-like fragfest. I doubt that was playable in 1994 though.... and E1M8 is merely a modified E1M8, so this shouldn't even be in the archives. All in all, this defines "1994". 1/5 -Maesx

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