Title: The Classic Episode
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/class_ep.zip
Size: 449.91 KB
Date: 08/31/02
Author: Jan Van der Veken
Description: An episode in the classic Doom style. The goal is to recreate as accurate as possible the atmosphere of the original id levels. This is a collection of the previous classic releases (classic1 - classic7) plus two new levels. All maps support coop play and maps E2M1, E2M2, E2M6, E2M8, and E2M9 are recommended for deathmatch modes.
Credits: Special Thanks to Vincent Catalaà and Chris 'Ryback' Ratcliff whose detailed feedback allowed me to properly create an updated version of The Classic Episode.

Also: Adam Williamson, Radek Pecka, Drew Devore, Joel Murdoch, Joe Pallai, and Xit Vono for providing useful feedback that was implemented into version 2.0

The Darkening Team

André Majorel

Tim Wright (Argh!) - argh@ntplx.net - whose level for the Doom3d project inspired the red key area in classic7. It can be found at: http://www.planetquake.com/Doom3d/

Doug Merrill (Opulent) for playtesting classic6.

Everybody who contributed ideas and feedback: John Romero, Matthew Dixon, Paul Corfiatis, Michal Mesko, Brad Carney, Martin Friberg, Lee Szymanski, Arno Slagboom Ismail Saeed, Andrew Bassett, Derek Mac Donald, Jani Saksa, Christian Hansen, and Laszlo Vecsei.

Jan, who Anthony would like to thank for being such a great talent and nice guy. Jan, I've been captivated by your levels since Dawn of the Dead. I was excited when you allowed me to be a part of The Darkening. I am privileged to have brought your classic series to completion. Thank you, Jan.

And id software for bringing us this great "classic" we call "DOOM".
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