Filename: levels/doom/d-f/escape4.zip
Size: 171.82 KB
Date: 05/12/24
Author: Jason Beaudreau (RUSHGOD) Kevin Beaudreau (TULKAS)
Description: See SCENARIO.TXT
Credits: All the great programmers out there that have made add-on utils like DEU, DHMERGE, DEHACKED, DMGRAPH & DMAUD, BSP, and DMADDS; Authors of DMFAQ56.TXT; System Administrators at infant2.sphs.indiana.edu and ftp.uwp.edu; RPM for help with slop.deh; The guys who put Predator.Wad together, Dream Warrior & Time Traveller (Get it, it's cool.) Contributors of Fun With Dehacked; ************** id Software ************** ~~~~~~~~~~~
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 120 hrs
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2, and BSP for Node Building
Bugs: I haven't found any.
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