Title: Mayan Temple
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/mayan667.zip
Size: 271.44 KB
Date: 12/13/94
Author: Paul Turnbull
Description: This is an upgraded version of Mayan666.

Mayan667 is based on the architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization. There is a large open area containing four buildings, three of which are pyramids. In the center is a sunken court where a kind of soccer to the death was once played. There are also four small underground areas off the large open area. See hint at the end of this file if you can't find the rocket launcher.

This is my attempt to create a level that works well for either deathmatch or single play. It has been play tested in all modes and tweaked for maximum fun.
Credits: Steve McCrea: the author of the amazing wad, Trinity, for the use his prbrik graphics patch. (My brick patch looked too new.)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, Deutex, RMB12, Idbsp
Bugs: None in 1.666 Major HOM in 1.2, you can't build a pyramid without two-sided lines.
Rating: (6 votes)
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A classic old wad. I'll give it 4 out of 5 because of its age. I remember playing this wad years ago... brings back memories. It's not bad on difficulty 4... bit tough. x
"soccer to the death" refers to ōllamaliztli, a Mesoamerican alternative to conventional warfare, with no exact idea of its rules in ancient times. Currently, it resembles something of volleyball, except the ball weighs a ton and you can only strike it with your hips. MAYAN667 is a decent diversion from '94 with psychedelic custom textures and some exploration, but too much of the level is dominated by the courtyard and ball court. You get a couple of large fights out of it, at least.x
Odd wad. Decent architecture for so old a map, at least in the more creative areas. Play is passable but a little dull. There are some odd teleports (if you get onto the throne and then step off, you get sent elsewhere, for example.) The textures are a mixed bag--some are nice, some are weird-looking, and for some reason there are a few of funerary masks of Egyptian Pharaohs (in a Mayan level?) Not really good, but better than a lot of shit that's out there.x
Nice for 1994. 4/5 - Optimusx
The readme mentions Mayan soccer; I am not sure if this is historically accurate. Still, the level was probably pretty impressive in 1994, with an open-plan layout and some textures from Trinity.wad (which means that these Mayan temples have brickwork from Trinity College, Cambridge, England). Nowadays it seems a bit dull - there's a decent lot of monsters, but you can dodge 'em - although it might be good in Deathmatch.x

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