Title: Bijou Doom
Filename: levels/doom/megawads/bijou.zip
Size: 131.42 KB
Date: 08/18/17
Author: Philnemba
Description: Bijou Doom is a little mapping exercise/project where I basically recreated the first 3 episodes of Doom in tiny 384x384 playable spaces with a bonus Episode 4 thats in a 128x128 playable spaces.
Credits: Id for Doom, certain Doomworld forum members giving me excellent feedback when I first initialy started this last year, FuzzballFox for suggesting the name & Cycloid's Congestion 384 which was my main inspiration for this attempt speedmap set I try to create for fun :)
Base: Scratch
Build time: Most were made in January to Febuary 2016 while E3M5 to E3M8 was made in July to August of 2017. Episode 4 was roughly made around 6 to 7 hours in one day.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2 & Slade 3
Bugs: Exit bars sometimes doesn't open when Cyberdemon is killed in E4M6 due to map's crusher squishing the body before death animation is finish. This sadly can't be fix because of the limitations of the 128x128 map format so its more of a trial & error to get the timing of killing the cyberdemon BEFORE the crusher cancels the death animation.
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