Title: Doom the Way id Did
Filename: levels/doom/megawads/dtwid.zip
Size: 1.91 MB
Date: 02/21/12
Author: Various
Description: "At some point in time I got the idea that it would be really fun if John Romero dusted off the ol' doom editor and made another map for Doom episode 1 for old time's sake. He once replied to an email saying 'maybe I will!' but never did get around to it as far as I know.

This project asks the contributors to carefully study the original maps and try to make them as John Romero and Sandy Petersen did.

The guiding principle in the project is to pretend that id Software initially intended to release Doom as a three episode, 30 level game, but somehow lost three levels; one from each episode.

The mappers for the project are trying to create those lost tenth levels, except we are extending this concept to be a full 3 episode replacement.

Our goal is to make the 'lost' maps as authentically as possible to be convincingly mistaken for original levels from the game, to recreate Doom the Way id Did."

Credits: Founder: Hellbent

Project Managers: Hellbent, Xaser, ellmo

Artist: Kracov

Mappers: Alfonzo, Captain Toenail, Daimon, ellmo, Esselfortium, Hobomaster, Icytux, iori, Lutz, Marcaek, Megalyth, Pcorf, Phobus, Processingcontrol, Stewboy, Use3d, Xaser

Other contributors: 40oz, Bruce, Bucket, C3ON9, Mr. Chris, Cyberturtle, Dannebubinga, Doomhero85, Dragonsbretheren, Foodles, Mr. Freeze, Lawstiker, Matt534dog, Megasphere, Memfis, MithranDenizen, NaturalTvventy, Nuxius, Phobosdeimos1, RDmonkey, Shadesmaster, UltimateCarl, UltimateLorenzo, Vaporizer, XenoNemesis

Special Thanks: Balames87, Chubz, Marnetmar, The Odamex crowd for lots of DM testing, especially Ralphis, HeX9109, RjY, and Minigunner (for hosting, support, and showing up at nearly every session). The ZDaemon crowd for co-op testing and some frantic Nightmare Survival action.

Mapping Advice: John Romero

Dedicated to: Our friend Engineer, who was mapping for this project, died on September 26th, 2011 at the age of 23. May he rest in peace.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 year (over 3 years if you count the project's unofficial start in '08!)
Editor(s) used: Various
Rating: (154 votes)
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