Title: Scuba Steve's: Action DooM
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/action.zip
Size: 14.35 MB
Date: 07/03/04
Author: "Scuba" Stephen Browning
Description: Action Doom is meant to try and bring back the run and gun feeling from the old 2D shooters like Contra and Metal Slug. In the tradition of such games there are no bullet weapons, only projectiles. And just like Contra every enemy and subsequently you, all have but one hit point, aside from bosses and mini bosses.

To make the game feel more 2D and less frustrating, you will never be attacked from behind, and the level is entirely linnear.
Base: Maps From Scratch GFX Entirely Original, aside from the few graphics and textures mentioned above. Sounds: Misc locations or scratch Music Julian, Misc authors
Build time: Started Around September 2003, but the original "subject" had been started years ago. It was a simple patch that had you fire projectiles from the doom pistol while everything died in one hit.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Doom Builder, Paint Shop Pro 6, Soundforge 4.5, Photoshop 7, WadAuthor, XWE
Bugs: Due to extensive Dehacked work, I have encountered...

When you pick up the clipboards, you can never select them again. In order to avoid doom autoselecting them in battle I gave them 0 ammo, so it only allows you to pick them up but never select back to them.

Occasionally, the shots fired by the endboss will hit and not dissappear. This shouldn't interfere with gameplay at all.

Any other problems are probably your fault for using God mode.
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