Title: Bloody steel
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bldstlp.zip
Size: 40.18 MB
Date: 08/23/14
Author: Big Memka
Description: 10 level's wad for boom.The action takes place in the modern world of alternative
Credits: Thanks for Doom Power, Doomworld, Realm667, id Software, Raven Software, Monolith Productions. Special thanks for VladGuardian (tester and reviews), VETERAN[iddqd] (tester),Lainos (tester) and other players who played in this wad :-)


Doom2.wad Doom.wad Hexen.wad hexen2tx.wad Heretic.wad bloodrpb1.wad plutonia.wad anoxtex.wad AV.wad GOTHICTX.WAD medivltx.wad mortres.wad 2mbrown.wad RDCP_res.wad vg.wad cheogsh.wad NeoDoom.wad strnghld_v1.pk3

Doom3 textures, Wheel of Time textures, Half Life textures texturen.thorsten-willert.de, junior3d.ru, cgtextures.com and other wads and sources.


INTERPIC, TITLEPIC - Culture Beat - Anything MAP 01 - Kavinsky Roadgame - Hitman absolution MAP 02 - Quake2 - Theme MAP 03 - tutnt-v106.pk3 - D_TNT01 MAP 04 - AV.wad - MAP24 MAP 05 - Marco Beltrami - A day in the life MAP 06 - Viktor Zinchuk - Zelenye rukava (Greensleeves) MAP 07 - James Newton Howard - Warriors on the beach MAP 08 - Jerry Goldsmith - End of a dream MAP 09 - Castlevania Symphony Of The Night - Dance of Pales MAP 10 - Quake2 - Theme 2
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 29.03.12 - 28.04.14 v1.0 from 29.06.12 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-03) v1.1 from 13.09.12 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-04) v1.2 from 11.11.12 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-05) v1.3 from 11.04.13 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-05 with hi-res textures) v1.4 from 22.10.13 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-07 with hi-res textures) v1.5 from 13.12.13 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-10 with hi-res textures) v1.6 (final version) from 28.04.14 in iddqd.ru (MAP01-10 with hi-res textures)
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, DoomBuilder1-2, XWE, SlumpEd, Format Factory, Paint
Bugs: In other ports the correct textures not guaranteed
Rating: (67 votes)
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