Title: Deus Vult
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dv.zip
Size: 6.05 MB
Date: 05/28/04
Author: Huy Pham, AKA Converted Doomer
Description: My first map.

A large, two-themed level created for Co-op, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fights. Exceptionally calibrated for Single Player.

Deus Vult starts you off in an underground tech base and will eventually plunge you into the depths of Dante's Inferno in front of your eyes. Difficulty holds up to the extremes of HR. Legions of monsters. 150 minute [estimated] par time.

The map can be played in two distinct configurations:

Config 1 - Split into four sublevels for people who do not have patience to play through large maps, or do not own a high-end PC (<1.8 GHZ). Also good for co-op play, since smaller levels lag less. Designed to be completable from scratch. *Runs from Map 01-04.*

Config 2 - The full monty, the unabridged version of Deus Vult, for people who likes big maps. Designed to be completable from scratch. WARNING: Needs an EXTREMELY STRONG LIMIT REMOVING SOURCEPORT. *Runs on Map 05.*
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