Title: From the Ashes of Fear
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fear_ash.zip
Size: 680.78 KB
Date: 12/18/07
Author: Rex Claussen
Description: Map15 is a base-themed map, that gets progressively difficult. The map is somewhat non-linear in that it provides alternative paths, and involves back-tracking. Map31 is a castle-type map that brings the player back to areas visited earlier in the map's progression. Map32 is arena combat at its fiercest - battle your way past hordes of enemies that get increasingly tougher. Each map playable from a pistol start. Tested with ZDooM and GZDooM.
Credits: Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand for beta-testing the map and providing excellent suggestions; id Software
Base: Maps15 and 32 are from scratch; Map31 uses a few areas from my map for the New DooM Community Project
Build time: 9 months off and on. Mostly off.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor for maps, XWE to insert multiple maps into the wad
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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Map31 is clear modification of NDCP2-32, but I liked Map15 and 32 a lot. 4/5, voted 5 due to low average rating.x
Yeah, it's well-done - it looks decent, gameplay's balanced, architecure's OK, and all that. But unfortunately, it's also *bland* - it's just *boring*. I'm sorry, I'm sure the author put lots of effort into it, but to me, it's lacking artistic merit; it's no different from any of hundreds or thousands of WADs I've played before. There's nothing novel about it, nothing interesting, nothing that stands out or that will make me remember this WAD for more than five minutes. Sorry.x
I had lots of fun playing these nicely designed maps, esp Map15 and 31. 4 Stars -PCx

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